Married By Mistake: The CEO's Destined Wife

Married By Mistake: The CEO's Destined Wife
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Bedroom Scene:

She only stirred when she felt something was on her chest and it was tingling her, awakening her senses. It was warm and now, it was pinching the side, as if testing its softness.
In a drowsy state, she asked: What’s happening?
She suddenly opened her eyes and they widened when the realization struck her. She screamed “Pervert!”
She pulled away from his embrace and moved to the other end of the bed.
“What are you doing?” she asked angrily.
He nestled his head on his palm and answered nonchalantly “Measuring it.”
Later, he declared.
“You need D cup wife.”


On April Fool’s Day, Dr. Yan's life turned upside down.

Overnight, Yan Shi (Blythe Ricci) quit her residency program, packed her bags to travel the world and chase her designing dreams.

But her Fool’s Day bad luck has followed her when a marriage contract fell on her hands instead of the recommendation letter she needed to join the WDN Designing Contest in Monaco.

Now, she has to accompany her ‘weird’ husband to attend a family wedding, sailing from Croatia to Greece on his 'Destiny'.

His heartbeat the first time he'd seen her. He finally got the chance to marry her yet, she handed the ultimatum.

Will Nicholas Li (Li Jie) be able to sweep Yan Shi off her feet as they sail the Adriatic Sea to the Mediterranean before the contract expires?

How can a man with a compulsion to touch a female body restrain himself in front of the person he desires?

How can a woman living on a borrowed time accept his love wholeheartedly?

At the same time, in the pursuit of her dreams, will this strong person be able to fulfill everything before her time runs out?

Let's uncover their love story that will span countries to develop.

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