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Chapter 91

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The youngsters of the Yan Family were all powerful before they turned adults. After they became adults, Mother Yan worried about their relationship problems the most. Each one of them rejected her offer, saying that they needed to work on their careers and refused to let her set up blind dates, keeping her words one ear in and one out the other.

They were all in their thirties and were known as prime bachelors within the capital. Mother Yan was incredibly anxious, but there was no use. Father Yan was on the same side as the guys and believed that having capabilities was much more important than anything else.

Right, right. That is true. The point was that although they were now capable and powerful, they didn’t have a lover support them silently from behind. They’d be doing this to no avail then.

Mother Yan couldn’t win against them, so she could only act moody.

She thought about it and felt that her youngest son gave her the least worry since he had gotten married and settled down.

Yan Cheng was lucky, being able to marry Chen Jinyao. It really depended on one’s luck. Some married into a peaceful family, and others a family of disorder.

“Xiaoting got a grandson last month.” Mother Yan kept her eyes down and continued to say.

Gu Xiaoting was neighbors with Mother Yan and her best friend.

Mother Yan sighed. “I can’t depend on your brothers and sisters.”

“Don’t try to find an excuse. You must bring Yaoyao home for dinner tonight.” She changed from a weak to forceful tone, determined.

She was embarrassed to tell Yaoyao about this. She also knew that women were usually bashful. However, she could tell Yaoyao to come home and give her some hints.

Mother Yan exclaimed, “I can help you look after your kids since I’m still healthy and nimble right now.”

“…” Yan Cheng tugged his tie and slightly narrowed his eyes.

He looked up to see Chen Jinyao glancing at him questioningly. After a while, he shrugged his shoulders and revealed a helpless expression.

Then, he covered the speaker on his phone, blocking out Mother Yan’s nagging. “My mother wants us to come home for dinner.”

Chen Jinyao supported her chin and said smiling, “Sure.”

She paused and then looked down to clean up her desk, placing the patient’s information in a file. She then turned off her computer. “Tell your mother that we’ll come after I get off work.”

Yan Cheng was at a loss of words right then. He knitted his brows, wanting to say something but he didn’t in the end.

Mother Yan won the first battle. “If you guys are coming back, then stay here for the night.”

After that, before Yan Cheng could reply, she hung up in satisfaction.

He had happily reserved a suite half an hour ago in the middle of the mountains, and now he had to cancel the booking. He was clearly going to have his way, but then this incident happened! Yan Cheng looked down and lazily ‘tched.’ Just that simple word revealed his regret greatly.

Chen Jinyao removed her lab coat and hung it in the wardrobe. She smiled and comforted, “Be open-minded. That’s how life was. There are ups and downs.”

It was easier said than done. Yan Cheng stared at Chen Jinyao, secretly cursing her out for making it sound so simple. Of course, he was unhappy not because they didn’t get to put the suite to use, but because he pitied the silly girl in front of him. After all, he wasn’t that much of a pervert. He stayed silent for a bit before lifting his brows, acting like he was taking pleasure in her misfortune.

He took out a small box of gum from his pocket and grabbed a packet. He slowly removed the wrapper and folded the gum in half, shoving it in his mouth. As he chewed on it, he didn’t forget to give Chen Jinyao a heads up, his words unclear, “I’m just scared that only you’d become close-minded later on.” He added, “I’m doing this for you.”

“You have to know what we’re going to face if we go back for dinner tonight!”

He exclaimed this with a serious expression, acting like his wife was more important than his mother. He maintained his image of a good man and also a scumbag son.