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Martial Arts Master - Chapter 387

Published at 16th of June 2018 07:30:20 AM

Chapter 387: Doppelganger


As soon as Lin Que's right palm was hit, it bounced back and his arm began to shake and fling forth mechanically, drawing a beautiful curve towards the enemy's wrist .

After the miss, Xing Jingjing pulled back her fist and made an aerial cartwheel to avoid any further contact and the rival's catch .

Bam! Almost at the same time when her body moved, Lin Que's left leg tightened like a whip . His kick missed by a tiny little bit and touched the tip of her clothes .

If Xing Jingjing was a split second slower, she would have suffered the strike .

Watching her rolling away, Lin Que memorized the trend of her movement . As he curved and then immediately flicked his spine, his body was fired out after the enemy, giving her no opportunity to get up .

He understood the rival was able to affect air, bent light rays, and create illusions . He ignored the sudden disappearance of her figure and threw himself to the spot he had predicted she would roll to .

He had predicted her position based on the trend of her rolling . It was pretty much the instinct of a capable martial artist .

Bam! Lin Que suddenly stopped, switching from Yin to Yang and turning his kinetic energy into strength in his right leg . His kick charged forth to the spot where nobody seemed to be with a fierce wind and a crispy sound .

He was confident Xing Jingjing was there .

Phew! The sound of wind broke out when Lin Que's whip kick missed his target .

His eyes narrowed . He had a moment of doubt about his own judgment about the enemy's super power but soon he came to a realization .

"Yes, my prediction about Xing Jingjing's rolling trend is right . But is this location actually the spot I had foreseen in my head?

"Xing Jingjing can't cover the trend of her movement immediately after physical contact, but she can distort light rays to interfere with my sensations and move her landing spot in a horizontal direction . Hence, when I thought I was following the route in my head, I was actually inclined to one side or didn't move far enough . Of course my kick missed . "

A few meters ahead of him, the tall and slim figure of Xing Jingjing reappeared, her face cold and her eyes grim . She slid towards him, her left fist reaching out towards his lower stomach .

Lin Que's eyes were back to normal, but deeper and gloomier . He calmly inhaled, condensing all of his feelings at one particular spot within his lower belly, hollow and withered as if he no longer existed .

Bang! Like a volcano suddenly exploding, his Dan force dashed out and his right arm inflated and tightened, smashing forth like a massive hammer .

The 127th move of the Fighting Sect, Meteor Blast!


A bomb seemed to have detonated between them . Noticeable white waves appeared in the air, billowing to all directions from Lin Que and tearing Xing Jingjing's body into pieces at once . She disappeared instantly .

Seven to eight meters away to the right, a tall and slim figure appeared, and that was none other than Xing Jingjing .

Lin Que knew that the key to her superpower lay in the air, the communication medium for light rays, sound waves, and smells . She could create illusions that were extremely real, which he couldn't compete with but could destroy .

Shockwaves from the exploded Meteor Blast could put the air into a frantic status, making it hard, if not impossible, for Xing Jingjing to control it .

"Destruction is usually easier than construction!"

That was Lin Que's method to break the illusion . It was exhausting but effective . It was the last round and he had no other concerns left .

Among the rolling airwaves, Lin Que's waist lowered and bounced and his qi and blood shrank and released . The Double Explosion was completed .


With the cracking sound, he dashed towards Xing Jingjing to his right at full speed in an extremely secret and mysterious way .

The distance of seven or eight meters took this Dan stage martial artist no time to cross . In a split second, Lin Que arrived at the face of his rival .

He stopped on a dime about one meter away from Xing Jingjing and the dead silence was replaced by an ear-piercing noise of friction .

His body shivered to the unpleasant noise and he switched between Yin and Yang, his left fist reaching out fiercely, tearing apart whatever stood in the way .


Another intense explosive sound as he once again performed the 127th move of the Fighting Sect, Meteor Blast!

The airwaves took a physical form, rolling and billowing . Xing Jingjing's body shook violently and broke into numerous pieces . Less than two meters away from her figure, some hair was floating in the air and a human figure was appearing .

She had managed to make a slight movement and created an illusion during Lin Que's approach .

She didn't expect Lin Que to be this careful to use another Meteor Blast instead of a direct strike .

Right after the punch, Lin Que withdrew his qi and blood and completed the Triple Explosion .

Bam! Before the airwaves settled, he had already flown his strength to his right foot smoothly . He suddenly stamped the green tile as if he intended to damage it .


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The ground under Xing Jingjing shook abruptly and cracked open, shooting shards out . She lost balance and fell backwards .

The 16th move of the Fighting Sect, Earth Cracking!

Only until now, Lin Que slid forward rapidly towards the spot he had predicted in his head with the force coming back from the stamp, his eyes closed and his mind free from all the obstructions .

Bam! His right arm shook and his right palm reached out to catch his target and finish her with the Doomed Death .

In such a dangerous situation, Xing Jingjing gave up on the attempt to control her balance and let her body fall back to the ground, her right leg turning into a whip to launch a powerful upward kick .

In the meantime, she exerted her superpower to the fullest .

Lin Que's right hand paused, his body shivering gently and muscles on his thighs swollen, his knees straightened and insteps tightened . He quickly threw a kick to block the whip kick .


Their legs sprang back . Lin Que was about to throw another kick to finish the enemy when his back hair suddenly stood up and his skin and muscles felt a gentle tingle from a strike .

A few dozen centimeters behind him, Xing Jingjing's figure formed, her right fist reaching out to the center of Lin Que's back .

If it was another Dan stage martial artist, he would have taken on a defensive position or dodged when he sensed dangers through the Absolute Reaction . A miss would be better than a mistake . However, it was Lin Que . His face remained unaffected, eyes deep and introverted, very confident in his own judgment . His right foot rose, and this powerful kick was targeted at Xing Jingjing's collapsed body .


Xing Jingjing lifted her arm to take the kick . Her entire body was sent backward by the kick and she completely lost her ability to defend and react .

At the very same time, the Xing Jingjing behind him hit his back . A stream of force pushed the single-legged Lin Que out, close to a fall .

It was not a play or a fake move!

To be more exact, it was not a real false move!

Xing Jingjing's superpower had improved significantly in the past six months . It was now able to condense the air to create a minor explosion, which could then be combined with her illusions and create a doppelganger of herself in a fight . She was currently capable of creating two clones at the same time, each of which could throw one punch with the power of an average human . Truth and false became hard to tell, and fiction and reality seemed impossible to differentiate .

Lin Que normally wouldn't be affected much by such an attack . However, he had one foot in the air and lost his balance .

Withdrawing his qi and blood rapidly, Lin Que gently touched the ground with his right foot and managed to regain his balance with the Force Concentration . Xing Jingjing was still rolling, unable to get up .

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Bam! With his force concentrated, Lin Que stamped the ground with both of his feet and threw himself out .

He didn't aim at the rolling Xing Jingjing but slightly tilted his focus .


As his body stretched out into a side bump, a figure was pushed out of the void . That was none other than Xing Jingjing .

The moment when Lin Que lost his balance, she created another illusion to cover her physical form and got up with the Carp Jumping Move .

Lin Que strode forth, his shoulders exerting strength to throw his arms out . His hands stopped at Xing Jingjing's temples .

The referee looked carefully to make sure it was her actual body before making an announcement .

"Round four, Lin Que!"

"The final result of the match . . . Songcheng University Martial Arts Club wins!"

In Huahai's seating area, Ann Chaoyang burst into a quiet laugh, a bit upset . Piao Yuan knocked his bald head with his own fist .

Losing to Songcheng University left them one and only way out: fighting Shanbei, Capital or Guangnan to the death .

In the ring, Xing Jingjing asked bluntly after a moment of blankness,

"How did you figure it out in the end?"

He didn't destroy the illusion with another Meteor Blast . . .

Lin Que put down his hands, his eyes deep but less intense . He answered in an unconcerned way,

"The arena told me . "

Xing Jingjing was able to manipulate air, distort the propagation, and create illusions . However, the arena was another medium that couldn't be affected by her power . When they were close enough, Lin Que could hear how his rival got up from the ground and how the rolling figure in front of him had no actual weight .

"What did my cousin say? He looked so cool . . . " asked Yan Zheke out of curiosity after a wave of cheers . "Sister Jingjing began a conversation with him!"

"Looks like I should pick up some lip reading skills," joked Lou Cheng . Behind him, Li Mao and Sun Jian stood up, clapping and cheering for the victory .

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"Lin Que never fails to impress me! He scored another win when everybody thought he was exhausted . "

Yan Zheke pouted and complained quietly,

"I'm so annoyed . I didn't have a chance to get in the ring again!"

"Don't be upset . I'll probably go in last after you in the quarter-final . I would be very concerned if you had to fight with Sister Jingjing . " Lou Cheng comforted his girlfriend with a warm smile .

"As long as Xing Jingjing is still able to fight with her superpower, she makes a very hard rival for any professional ninth pin fighter . "

Yan Zheke looked about before getting close to Lou Cheng's ear . She lowered her voice in a timid manner .

"Cheng, I have a secret to share with you . "

"What secret?" Lou Cheng's interest was instantly aroused .

Yan Zheke bit her bottom lip gently and turned her head away .

"I told you the source of Sister Jingjing's superpower was her fear . It was real . I also told you she would feel too safe in front of me to perform her superpower fully . That was just my assumption . . .

"I made it up to embolden myself . . .  

"It has been many years since Sister Jingjing first discovered her superpower . She is probably able to manipulate it at will . "

Phew! Lou Cheng burst into a laugh . He found Yan Zheke extremely adorable and cute and wanted to kiss her so badly . He moved closer and lowered his voice,

"Ke, I also have a secret to share with you . "

"What is it?" Yan Zheke's eyes widened, filled with curiosity .

Lou Cheng answered with a smirk,

"I want to kiss you right now . "

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