Martial God Asura - Chapter 3115

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Chapter 3115

Chapter 3115 - Scheme

“Hahaha…” Tang Zhenghao started to laugh loudly .

After he finished laughing, he said, “One must not believe in what one hears until one sees it for oneself . Rather than hearing from others, I, Tang Zhenghao, would like to experience it for myself . ”

“Chu Feng, let’s not bother with anymore superfluous words . I believe you should already know why I, Tang Zhenghao, came here today . ”

“I will only ask you this: do you dare to take on my challenge and fight me?” Tang Zhenghao asked Chu Feng .

“Since I, Chu Feng, am already here, how could you not know my answer?” Chu Feng asked .

“Very well, you are frank and straightforward . Since that’s the case, let’s stop with the talking . Go ahead and reveal your abilities . Let us determine who is stronger . ”

As Tang Zhenghao spoke, he unleashed his Lightning Mark . With his Lightning Mark released, Tang Zhenghao’s cultivation instantly increased from rank seven Heavenly Immortal to rank eight Heavenly Immortal .

Immediately after, blue gaseous flames emerged from Tang Zhenghao’s body . As the blue gaseous flames revolved around Tang Zhenghao, they formed a pattern . It was a blue ferocious beast .

That beast was fierce, frightening and domineering .

At the same time, Tang Zhenghao gained a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation .

In other words, the current Tang Zhenghao was capable of fighting on par with rank nine Heavenly Immortals .

“Chu Feng, the blue gaseous flames emitted by that Tang Zhenghao are from a treasure . That treasure is similar to Li Anzhi’s Golden-grain Inner Armor . It is that treasure that grants Tang Zhenghao his heaven-defying battle power . ”

“Furthermore, from certain viewpoints, that Tang Zhenghao’s treasure is even stronger than Li Anzhi’s Golden-grain Inner Armor . Thus, you must be careful,” At that moment, a voice transmission from the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief entered Chu Feng’s ears .

“This junior understands,” Chu Feng nodded .

Actually, even without the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s warning him, Chu Feng knew those blue gaseous flames were no simple matter .

However, if that was all that Tang Zhenghao was capable of, then no matter how powerful he might be, he was not that much stronger than Li Anzhi .

The two of them were actually quite on par with one another .

Unless that Tang Zhenghao were to possess a cultivation a level above Li Anzhi, with only those abilities, Chu Feng was still confident in being able to defeat Tang Zhenghao .

“Since you’re not holding anything back, I, Chu Feng, will also not hold back . ”

As Chu Feng spoke, he unleashed his Divine level Lightning Mark, fused with his Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe, and took out an Immortal Armament .

Although Chu Feng’s cultivation was a level below Tang Zhenghao’s, Chu Feng’s battle power was already on par with Tang Zhenghao’s now that he had unleashed all of his abilities .

“Not bad . It would appear that your reputation is well-deserved . Since that’s the case, let us fight to our heart’s content . ”

As Tang Zhenghao spoke, he revealed his Incomplete Immortal Armament . Then, he turned into a flash of light . With an enormously powerful aura, he started to rapidly fly toward Chu Feng .

Seeing this, Chu Feng did not hesitate . He held his Immortal Armament in hand and flew toward Tang Zhenghao .

In the blink of an eye, the two of them collided . Neither of them were using any martial skills . Instead, they were only hacking and slashing at one another with their respective weapons .


As the two weapons collided, sparks and powerful energy ripples scattered everywhere .

Chu Feng did not retreat in the slightest . However, Tang Zhenghao was knocked several meters back .

No matter how powerful an Incomplete Immortal Armament might be, it would not be a match for the Immortal Armament in Chu Feng’s hand .

Tang Zhenghao’s weapon was being suppressed .


Seeing this scene, many of the people present began to cheer for Chu Feng .

They were not only people from the Chu Heavenly Clan . There were also people from other powers .

After all, Chu Feng’s opponent was the Tang Heavenly Clan’s Tang Zhenghao . Thus, Chu Feng represented not only the Chu Heavenly Clan, but instead the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm .

Right after the two fighters began fighting, Chu Feng gained the upper hand . As people of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, they would naturally feel joyous and proud of Chu Feng .

“Come, let’s continue . ”

However, after being knocked back, that Tang Zhenghao was not only not dejected, he instead seemed to have had his fighting spirit ignited . He clenched his hand around his Incomplete Immortal Armament and began flying toward Chu Feng again .

As for Chu Feng, he was naturally not to be outdone either . Holding his Immortal Armament, he rushed forth to face Tang Zhenghao .


However, as Chu Feng approached Tang Zhenghao, he suddenly felt an enormous sense of oppression .

That oppressive sensation gave Chu Feng an intense feeling of danger and unease .


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed . He looked to Tang Zhenghao, who had already approached him . There was a surprised expression in his eyes .

Tang Zhenghao’s aura had increased again . At that moment, Tang Zhenghao’s battle power was an entire level above Chu Feng’s .

Tang Zhenghao had actually concealed his aura .

It was unknown how he managed to do it . However, he had most definitely concealed his aura .

Tang Zhenghao’s actual cultivation was not that of a rank seven Heavenly Immortal . Instead, he was a rank eight Heavenly Immortal .

Seeing Chu Feng’s surprised expression, Tang Zhenghao’s lips raised into a smile of having one’s scheme succeed .

His smile seemed to be saying ‘Chu Feng, even if you’ve realized everything now, it’s already too late . ’

Too late; indeed, it was too late . At such a close distance, with such an enormous disparity in strength, Chu Feng was no longer capable of continuing his against Tang Zhenghao .

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was already restricted by Tang Zhenghao’s oppressive might . He could only look on helplessly as Tang Zhenghao’s Incomplete Immortal Armament slashed toward him .

Moreover, the Incomplete Immortal Armament Tang Zhenghao held in his hand was actually aimed at Chu Feng’s neck .

He… was planning to behead Chu Feng .

Tang Zhenghao was planning to publicly humiliate Chu Feng .

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