Martial God Asura - Chapter 3445

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Chapter 3445

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The Tantai Heavenly Clan was the overlord of the Nine Dragons Upper Realm .

They possessed the largest territory amongst all the powers of the Nine Dragons Upper Realm .

Furthermore, the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s territory was a place that outsiders were not allowed to enter without permission . Compared to the Chu Heavenly Clan, the Tantai Heavenly Clan guarded their territory more strictly . No powers were allowed to garrison any troops within a thousand miles of the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s territory . Likewise, they were also not allowed to approach it .

As such, the people of the Nine Dragons Upper Realm began to address it as a dual-layer border .

However at that moment, people were passing through the dual-layer border in succession, and approaching the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s territory .

Moreover, those people were all people of the younger generation . Furthermore, they were all talented individuals . The great majority of them belonged to powers with relationships with the Tantai Heavenly Clan .

Those people of the younger generation naturally appeared there because of the gathering of the younger generation held by Tantai Xing’er .

That said, the location of the gathering was actually not within the Tantai Heavenly Clan . Instead, it was located outside the border of the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s territory .

There was an enormous mountain at that place . That mountain was so enormous that it appeared to be impenetrable . However, should one pass through the mountain, one would be met with an extremely beautiful peach garden, and find oneself in a place akin to paradise .

Reportedly, the scenery of that peach garden was so beautiful that even though the Nine Dragons Upper Realm possessed a whole lot of beautiful mountains and rivers, they would all be eclipsed by that peach garden . That peach garden located deep within the mountains was a true paradise on earth .

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Because of its location, the peach garden was called the Mountain Peach Garden .

That Mountain Peach Garden was precisely the place where the gathering would be held .

People from the Tantai Heavenly Clan were guarding the entrance to the Mountain Peach Garden . Whenever a person of the younger generation arrived with an invitation letter, they would bring them into the mountain through a teleportation formation . With that, the people of the younger generation were all able to pass through the mountain and enter the Mountain Peach Garden .

Although the mountain was enormous, the Mountain Peach Garden was not very large .

It was a place that could only contain several thousand people .

Although the Mountain Peach Garden was not very large, it was filled with exceptionally beautiful scenery . Even those members of the younger generation that had seen all sorts of beautiful scenery were unable to help themselves from being captivated by the scenery within the Mountain Peach Garden .

For the people of the younger generation, that place was sufficient to hold a gathering .

At that moment, there were already a lot of people from the younger generation gathered in the Mountain Peach Garden . It could be said that all of the people that were invited by Tantai Xing’er had arrived .

However, Tantai Xing’er herself was still nowhere to be seen . Because of that, some people started feeling slightly discontent .

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One such example was Gong Mingyue and the Gong Heavenly Clan’s younger generations, who had arrived in the Mountain Peach Garden for some time already .

“Why would Miss Tantai Xing’er still not show herself after inviting us here?” A Gong Heavenly Clansman spoke softly . There was a deep hint of displeasure in his voice .

“To dare say that sort of thing, are you trying to court trouble in the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s territory?” A cold voice suddenly sounded from behind the Gong Heavenly Clansman .

Once that voice was heard, that Gong Heavenly Clansman immediately turned deathly pale with fear .

Although what he had said was not spoken through voice transmission, it was spoken with an extremely soft voice . He had thought that only the people beside him would be able to hear him in such a noisy setting .

However, it was actually heard by someone else . The situation was extremely bad . After all, no one dared to really offend the Tantai Heavenly Clan .

“Don’t panic, it’s me . ”

At the moment when that Gong Heavenly Clansman started to panic, the voice from earlier suddenly changed . It was no longer cold . Instead, the speaker had even let out a slight laugh .

Upon inspecting the source of the voice, Gong Mingyue’s gaze turned to one of disgust . The reason for that was because she recognized the person who had spoken . It was not only Gong Mingyue who knew that person; the other Gong Heavenly Clansmen also knew that person .

The person who had spoken was the Xu Heavenly Clan’s Xu Morong .

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He was the person who had clashed with Chu Feng on the path up to the Ice Summit . He was also the one who had ordered the Xu Heavenly Clansmen to teach the Chu Heavenly Clansmen a lesson should they encounter them .

That Xu Morong was also someone who had been pursuing Gong Mingyue, and would pester her nonstop every time he saw her, bringing her immense headaches . On top of that, he was notorious for being a prodigal . Thus, Gong Mingyue and the Gong Heavenly Clansmen all felt extremely disgusted with Xu Morong .

Currently, following behind Xu Morong were not only people of the younger generation from the Xu Heavenly Clan, but there were also people of the younger generation from other clans .

While Xu Morong might be extremely notorious, he had quite a gang of scoundrels . Amongst the younger generation’s circles of the Nine Dragons Upper Realm, Xu Morong’s circle was quite powerful .

Upon discovering that the person who had arrived was Xu Morong, Gong Mingyue glared at him and turned around to ignore him . She did not wish to bother with him . In fact, she did not even wish to talk to him .

Xu Morong was not at all dissuaded by Gong Mingyue’s reaction . Instead, he smiled eagerly and continued to move toward her, eventually arriving before her with a sigh . “Little sister Mingyue, why didn’t you greet me after seeing me?”

“You need something? Furthermore, we’re not close or family, please don't address me as little sister,” Gong Mingyue replied coldly .

“Little sister Mingyue, what are you saying? The two of us have grown up together . Although we live in different places, it can still be said that we are childhood sweethearts . What’s wrong with me calling you little sister?” Xu Morong looked to Gong Mingyue shamelessly . His gaze was extremely dishonest, as he was indulging himself in places that people did not dare to look .

This caused the Gong Heavenly Clan’s younger generations to feel extremely displeased . Unfortunately, they did not dare to say anything .

“Xu Morong, I’m warning you, keep your distance from me!” Gong Mingyue glared at Xu Morong coldly . Then, she turned around to leave .

“Why are you acting so cold toward me? You couldn’t possibly really have fallen for that Chu Xuanyuan’s son, right?” Xu Morong asked . He had spoken very loudly . Thus, all the people present had managed to hear it .

Xu Morong was doing that deliberately!!!

Upon hearing those words, Gong Morong’s face immediately changed . She hurriedly rebuked, “Xu Morong, what sort of nonsense are you spouting?!”

Gong Mingyue really wanted to eliminate the marriage arrangement with Chu Feng, and did not want others to know about it .

Besides, it was not only the younger generations with status and strength from the Nine Dragons Upper Realm that were gathered in the Mountain Peach Garden . There were also quite a few members of the younger generation from other Upper Realms that were invited .

Gong Mingyue really did not wish for news of her engagement to Chu Feng to be spread in such a place .

Unfortunately, it was already too late . Xu Morong’s words had captured everyone’s attention . At that moment, the crowd gathered in the Mountain Peach Garden were all deliberately moving closer to where Gong Mingyue and Xu Morong were . Even those that did not move closer cast their gazes towards them .

Chu Xuanyuan’s son . Those words were enough to peak the crowd’s curiosity . Even those prideful younger generations that possessed both status and strength were no exception .

Faced with the crowd’s curious gazes, Xu Morong became completely unrestrained . He directly raised his voice and spoke again, “Little sister Mingyue, I’ve heard that you have a marriage arrangement with someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan . Furthermore, that someone is that Chu Xuanyuan’s son, Chu Feng . ”


The crowd immediately burst into an uproar once Xu Morong’s words left his mouth .