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Martial God Asura - Chapter 3448

Published at 22nd of May 2019 02:30:04 AM

Chapter 3448: 3448

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The appearance of the Peach Garden Mystic Realm had caused everyone to make all sorts of guesses and gasp in admiration . Gong Qing was also doing the same .

However, Gong Qing did not continue to guess as to who that important guest might be . Instead, she began to ask her sister through voice transmission about what she was most curious about, “Big sister, is your fiance really called Chu Feng?”

“Mn,” Gong Mingyue replied .

“In that case… how does he look? Is his cultivation really that weak? Big sister, do you really not like him that much?” Gong Qing continued to ask .

It would appear that Gong Qing had heard the conversation between Gong Mingyue and Xu Morong . Because of that, she had come to a sudden realization about the name Chu Feng, and recalled why it sounded so familiar .

Because of that, she became very curious .

Gong Mingyue’s gaze became slightly annoyed after hearing Gong Qing’s continuous questions .

“Lil Qing, why are you asking me those questions?” Gong Mingyue asked .

“It’s nothing . I was merely curious,” Gong Qing replied .

“It’s best that you stop being curious toward someone like that,” Gong Mingyue’s tone became stern . After all, Chu Feng was someone that she did not wish to mention .

“Oh,” Gong Qing pouted her mouth in a wronged manner after being given such a stern response from Gong Mingyue .

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“Lil Qing, how is your Lil Thorn?” Gong Mingyue suddenly asked . She seemed to know that Gong Qing was feeling unhappy, and wanted to ease the situation .

“Lil Thorn is better already . An expert saved it,” as Gong Qing spoke, she took out Lil Thorn .

Seeing Lil Thorn, Gong Mingyue and the other Gong Heavenly Clansmen were all pleasantly surprised .

They all knew about Lil Thorn’s situation, and had all thought that Lil Thorn would not be able to survive . Yet, Lil Thorn was actually healthy and active . It did not appear to be ill at all . Evidently… it had achieved a full recovery .

“Who’s the expert that saved it? Could it be… you encountered those Saint-cloak World Spiritists?” Gong Mingyue asked . A slight bit of expectation was present in her eyes .

If Gong Qing had really encountered those Saint-cloak World Spiritists, and they really ended up saving Lil Thorn, it would mean that their Gong Heavenly Clan had managed to gain a relationship with those Saint-cloak World Spiritists . In Gong Mingyue’s point of view, that was a good thing .

“No, I haven’t,” Gong Qing’s reply caused Gong Mingyue to feel slightly disappointed .

“Then who was it?” Someone asked .

“Aiyah, we were all lied to . Actually, there was simply no need for a Saint-cloak World Spiritist to cure Lil Thorn’s illness . An Immortal-cloak World Spiritist was all that was needed,” Gong Qing said .

“That’s impossible . ”

“Not even grandfather’s friend was able to cure it, how could an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist possibly be able to?” Gong Mingyue shook her head repeatedly and spoke with a serious tone . After all, the friend that her grandfather had found to cure Lil Thorn was an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist, an existence stronger than Immortal-cloak World Spiritists .

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That was what anyone would logically think . If even an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist could not cure Lil Thorn, how could an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist possibly be able to?

“It’s true . I’m not lying . Because… I was the one who set up the spirit formation to cure Lil Thorn,” Gong Qing said .

“You cured it? Didn’t you say that it was saved by an expert?”

Gong Mingyue’s tone became even more stern . She felt that what Gong Qing was saying was starting to make less and less sense, and began to suspect whether or not she was messing with them .

“Big sister, I am truly not lying to you . An expert indeed helped me…” Then, Gong Qing began to narrate what had happened to Gong Mingyue and the others .

Seemingly afraid that they would not trust her, Gong Qing even began to personally set up the spirit formation that Chu Feng had taught her .

The completed spirit formation was extremely extraordinary . Not to mention Gong Mingyue and the others, even some bystanders were attracted by the spirit formation, and walked over .

Many people even began to openly praise Gong Qing’s spirit formation . This caused Gong Mingyue and the others to have no choice but to believe her .

After all, Gong Mingyue knew Gong Qing very well . She knew that… Gong Qing would definitely not have been able to set up such a powerful spirit formation before . Since she was capable of it, it meant that she must’ve indeed received pointers from an expert .

“Lil Qing, exactly who was that expert?” Gong Mingyue asked in a very serious manner . Furthermore, seemingly afraid that others might hear her, she actually asked using voice transmission .

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“Big sister, speaking of it, it’s quite a coincidence . That expert’s name was the same as your fiance’s . He was also called Chu Feng,” Gong Qing said .

“He’s called Chu Feng?” Gong Mingyue was very surprised . However, she did not think too much of it . She was purely surprised because the expert was also named Chu Feng .

“Big sister, say… could it be that the expert that helped me is your fiance?” Gong Qing asked .

“Impossible . How could that trash possibly be as amazing as the expert you described?”

“Lil Qing, don’t overthink things . There are a lot of people with the same name and surname in this world . It's likely only someone with the same name,” Gong Mingyue said .

“Mn, let’s hope that’s the case,” Gong Qing nodded . She was secretly delighted to hear Gong Mingyue’s response .

After seeing how much her sister disliked the person she was engaged to, Gong Qing would naturally not wish for the expert that had helped her to be her sister’s fiance .

After all, if they were the same person, it would make things difficult for her, being in between them .

However, if they weren’t the same person, she would not have to worry about that sort of thing .

“Fuck! That shameless bastard actually dared to chase us over to this place!”

Suddenly, someone from the Gong Heavenly Clan let out a low snarl .

While the crowd did not take note of his low snarl, the Gong Heavenly Clansmen around him had all managed to hear it .

They turned their eyes over to where that Gong Heavenly Clansman was looking . Upon doing so, all of the Gong Heavenly Clansmen, including Gong Mingyue and Gong Qing, revealed surprised looks .

They saw that two figures had entered through the entrance, and were currently surveying the peach garden .

Those two people were none other than Chu Feng and Wuma Shengjie, who had arrived for the gathering .

“Young master, look over there . ”

At the same time that the Gong Heavenly Clansmen noticed Chu Feng, the Xu Heavenly Clansmen also noticed Chu Feng, and immediately notified Xu Morong .

“Oh? This is truly what they mean by a clash between enemies on a narrow road,” Xu Morong revealed a wicked smile after seeing Chu Feng .

“Brother Xu, who are they?” Seeing the evil smile on Xu Morong’s face as he looked at the two newcomers, his gang of scoundrels all began to voice questions .

“That man over there is Gong Mingyue’s fiance,” Xu Morong said .

“Gong Mingyue’s fiance?” Hearing Xu Morong’s response, the crowd were all confused . However, they soon managed to recall who Gong Mingyue’s fiance was .

Upon recalling who it was, their expressions all changed to ones of surprised . In unison, they cried out, “That's Chu Xuanyuan’s son, Chu Feng?!”

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