Martial God Asura - Chapter 3449

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Chapter 3449

“Wasn’t it said that only people that possess Miss Tantai Xing’er’s invitation letter are allowed in here?”

“Trash like him shouldn’t be qualified to come in here, no?” someone asked .

“While it’s true that that fellow is trash in terms of martial cultivation, he knows a lot of despicable methods . Since he was able to escape from the Fire Prison, he would naturally also be able to sneak his way into this place,” Xu Morong said .

“Brother Xu, do you plan to have the people from the Tantai Heavenly Clan deal with him, or do you plan to dispose of that trash yourself?” One of Xu Morong’s friends that stood beside him asked .

“Regarding this, I would have to give face to my future woman,” Xu Morong smiled strangely . Then, he loudly asked Gong Mingyue, who stood far away, “Little sister Mingyue, that trash that’s engaged to you has come . ”

His loud shout resonated throughout the entire peach garden . Everyone present managed to hear it clearly .

Originally, only a few people had noticed Chu Feng . However, after his shout, everyone noticed Chu Feng .

“That bastard,” Wuma Shengjie felt displeased . She was planning to step forth and teach Xu Morong a lesson .

However, before Wuma Shengjie could do anything, Chu Feng grabbed her wrist and said quietly, “A bunch of jumping clowns . I shall see how long they can continue jumping . ”

Chu Feng said those words through voice transmission . Furthermore, he revealed a mischievous smile as he said that to Wuma Shengjie .

Seeing Chu Feng’s reaction, Wuma Shengjie rolled her eyes and said no more . After hearing Chu Feng’s words, she suddenly became interested in seeing what Xu Morong and the others could possibly do .

Gong Mingyue and the others had no idea about the scheme between Wuma Shengjie and Chu Feng . The moment she saw Chu Feng, Gong Mingyue felt a major headache .

After sensing the gazes that were focused on her, she felt even more pressure .

She knew that she must make a decision regarding this matter .

“That bastard actually dares to continue to tangle with you . I’ll go and drive him away,” sensing the difficult situation Gong Mingyue was placed in, a Gong Heavenly Clansman stood forth .

“There’s no need,” however, Gong Mingyue raised her hand to stop him .

“Mingyue, are you planning to ignore him?” That Gong Heavenly Clansman asked .

“I will handle this matter myself,” after Gong Mingyue finished saying those words, she, before the crowd’s eyes, began to walk toward Chu Feng .

Gong Qing immediately ran after her . Quietly, she asked, “Big sister, he couldn’t possibly be that fiance of yours, right?”

“Mn,” Gong Mingyue was currently very agitated . Thus, she only nodded, and did not provide much of an explanation .

However, her action stunned Gong Qing . At that moment, Gong Qing, like Gong Mingyue, also started feeling a headache .

On the one side was her older sister that she has grown up with . On the other side was her benefactor that had saved Lil Thorn . Gong Qing did not wish for them to become enemies .

However, if she had to make a choice, she would have to stand on Gong Mingyue’s side . Thus… she did not follow Gong Mingyue . Instead, she stopped moving, and stood where she was . She was at a loss as to what to do .

“Chu Feng, there are things that we must make clear eventually . I might as well make things clear with you today,” Gong Mingyue said .

“Go ahead,” Chu Feng responded very calmly .

“It’s impossible between you and I . Please stop pestering me,” Gong Mingyue said .

“Pester?” Chu Feng chuckled, “Do you have some sort of misunderstanding here?”

“It would appear that I am not being clear enough . Let me make things more clear then . I, Gong Mingyue, am only interested in someone with both top moral character and cultivation talent . I'm absolutely not interested in despicable scum like you,” Gong Mingyue continued .

Wuma Shengjie revealed a look of anger upon hearing those words . However, Chu Feng was not at all enraged . Instead, he revealed a smile on his face .

Chu Feng was smiling because he felt that Gong Mingyue was truly laughable .

However, others did not see his smile in the same manner .

“He’s actually smiling? Does he not know shame? Likely, that’s what happens when someone reaches the apex, the highest level, of being shameless . ”

“He is truly too shameless . ”

Many people began to lash out at Chu Feng .

… . . .

. . .

“Big sister . ”

Suddenly, a figure ran over to Gong Mingyue .

“Aiyo, girl, what a coincidence, we meet again . How was it, is your little hedgehog cured?” Upon seeing Gong Qing, Chu Feng immediately greeted her .

Gong Mingyue glared fiercely at Chu Feng . Then, she turned to ask Gong Qing, “Lil Qing, you know him?”

Her tone was very strange . It was as if she was waiting for Gong Qing to deny it . As long as Gong Qing told her that she did not know Chu Feng, she would immediately take care of him .

Unfortunately, Gong Qing gave her a disappointing answer .

“Mn . Big sister, he’s actually… the person that taught me the spirit formation to save Lil Thorn,” Gong Qing said .


“That trash is the expert that girl mentioned?!”

Not to mention Gong Mingyue and the other Gong Heavenly Clansmen, even some bystanders revealed looks of astonishment .

Before that, no one had associated the expert Gong Qing spoke of with Chu Feng .

If Chu Feng was truly that expert, it would mean that he was not trash .

“It’s really him?” Gong Mingyue asked .

“Big sister, it’s really him,” Gong Qing re-emphasized .

“If it really is him, then you must’ve been scammed by him . How could someone like him possibly possess such capability?” Gong Mingyue said .

She was not deliberately trying to distort the truth . Instead, her attitude made it clear that it was what she believed from the bottom of her heart .

She looked down on Chu Feng from the bottom of her heart, and was filled with disgust towards him . She believed that there was no way he could possibly accomplish anything astonishing . If it was truly related to Chu Feng, then it would mean that everyone must’ve been deceived by him .

“But, big sister, Lil Thorn is cured . That’s the truth,” Gong Qing attempted to explain .

“Lil Qing, it’s enough . You’re my little sister, I don't wish for you to continue to associate with this despicable person,” Gong Mingyue spoke with a stern expression . Then, she turned her eyes back to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, I’ve already said everything that must be said . I hope that you can stop tangling with me in the future . I also hope that you can keep your distance from my little sister . Otherwise, don't blame me for becoming impolite . ”

“Miss Mingyue, can I say a couple things?” Finally, Chu Feng opened his mouth .

“I have not come here to find you . There is simply no such thing as me pestering you . ”

“Besides, my clan chief never mentioned our engagement to me either . Had it not been for the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief mentioning it to me, I would’ve never known that there was such an arranged marriage . ”

“Lastly, you're not my type . Thus… you have truly misunderstood . After all, even if you agreed to it, I would still only reply with a single word… . ”

“ . . . Im…”

“ . . . pos…”

“ . . . sible!!!”

“What?! Impossible?!” The crowd, including Gong Mingyue, were all astonished by Chu Feng’s words .

At that moment, Gong Mingyue had an extremely embarrassed expression as she stood before Chu Feng .

While she was fine with rejecting others, she was never fond of being rejected . Yet, Chu Feng actually dared to publicly reject her before all those people . This caused her to feel extremely upset, and in turn extremely embarrassed .

‘Turns out, this trash actually didn’t fancy me?’

‘This trash actually looked down on me, this…’

Gong Mingyue felt more and more unwell the more she thought about it .

“Clap~~ Clap~~ Clap~~”

“Well done . What a beautiful performance . ”

Suddenly, applause was heard . Turning toward the source of the sound, one could see that Xu Morong and his gang of scoundrels were slowly walking toward Chu Feng .

“Young master Chu Feng, you’ve truly broadened my horizons today with the perfect illustration of the highest level, the apex, of shamelessness,” he said .