Martial God Asura - Chapter 3451

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Chapter 3451

“Is that important person really Chu Feng?”

“Could it be someone else? Could it be that Xu Morong and Gong Mingyue just so happened to offend that person before coming here?”

Even though the crowd had begun to suspect that Chu Feng might be Tantai Xing’er’s important guest, they were still skeptical, because they felt that it was truly too unreasonable for Chu Feng to be that important guest .

That was also the reason why the crowd was so astonished after suspecting that Chu Feng might be the important guest .

At the moment when the crowd was making all sorts of guesses, Chu Feng opened his mouth, “Miss Tantai, let’s forget it . ”

After Chu Feng spoke, not only did Tantai Xing’er retrieve her sharp and cold gaze from Gong Mingyue, but she even smiled sweetly at Chu Feng, “Since young master Chu Feng wants to forget it, we shall let the matter pass . ”

“Heavens! It really is him?!!!”

At that moment, the crowd burst into a complete uproar .

Their doubts from earlier were completely laid to rest .

The important guest invited by Tantai Xing’er was really Chu Feng .

The important guest that Tantai Xing’er went as far as to seriously injure Xu Morong to maintain her relationship with was really Chu Feng!!!

After verifying that the important guest was Chu Feng, the crowd felt more lingering fear than astonishment .

After all, they had shouted about teaching Chu Feng a lesson earlier .

At that moment, they were feeling so much regret that they wanted to ruthlessly slap themselves a couple times .

Originally, it was only a grievance between Chu Feng, Gong Mingyue and Xu Morong . Why did they decide to foolishly involve themselves in their business?

That was what the great majority of the crowd were thinking .

When even the crowd felt that way, there was no need to mention how Xu Morong and Gong Mingyue felt .

After being seriously injured by Tantai Xing’er, Xu Morong’s friends began to treat his injuries . However, when his friends heard the conversation between Tantai Xing’er and Chu Feng, they no longer dared to continue to treat Xu Morong’s injuries . They were afraid that… they would be implicated by Xu Morong .

Had it been before, Xu Morong would’ve already cursed them out .

Yet at that moment, he didn’t say anything . The reason for that was because he was afraid to say anything . He himself had completely panicked .

Suddenly, he forced his badly mutilated body up . Using an incomparably low tone, he said to Tantai Xing’er, “Miss Tantai Xing’er, I am truly sorry . I didn’t know that Chu Feng was the important guest you invited . If I had known, I definitely wouldn’t have dared to act so disrespectfully . ”

Xu Morong had apologized without any hesitation . Although he was arrogant and despotic, although he considered everyone to be beneath him, he knew very well that he could not afford to offend someone like Tantai Xing’er .

“Don’t apologize to me . The person you should apologize to is Elder Changfei,” Tantai Xing’er said .

“Elder Changfei?” Xu Morong revealed a look of confusion .

“If Elder Changfei hadn’t trusted you, he wouldn’t have made the mistake of thinking Chu Feng’s title plate was a fake, and been whipped as punishment,” Tantai Xing’er said .

“Ah? The title plate that Chu Feng had back then was real?”

“Turns out, it was Xu Morong that wrongly accused Chu Feng, and even implicated Lord Tantai Changfei?”

“I’ve heard that Lord Tantai Changfei is famous for his fiery temper . Now that he has ended up suffering a whipping because of Xu Morong, he will definitely not spare him . ”

Xu Morong was shivering as he heard the discussions of the crowd . His shivering was not caused by his serious injuries . Instead, he was shivering because of fear .

Compared to others, Xu Morong knew Tantai Changfei even better . He knew that since he had caused Tantai Chengfei to be punished, he would definitely not spare him .

At that moment, Xu Morong involuntarily looked to Chu Feng as complicated emotions filled his eyes .

It was only at that moment that he came to a sudden realization of why Chu Feng would say ‘you’re still alive?’ after seeing him .

Indeed, after harming Tantai Changfei, someone who definitely kept his grudges, someone who was vicious and merciless, it was a miracle that he, Xu Morong, was still alive .

Fortunately, he suddenly had something he'd needed to do at the last minute, and did not participate in the trial to enter the Ice Summit . That was likely the reason why he had managed to escape this calamity .

However, he was presently in the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s territory . Would he… still be able to escape calamity?


Thinking of this, Xu Morong’s legs grew weak, and he fell powerlessly onto his butt . Overwhelmed by nervousness, tears began to roll down his cheeks .

He was truly afraid . Fear had filled his entire body .

Seeing the Xu Morong at that moment, Gong Mingyue’s complexion became increasingly ugly .

Although Chu Feng’s cultivation was very weak, he possessed enormous backing . His background was so powerful that even someone like Lord Wuming Xingyun had ad relationship with him, even someone like Tantai Xing’er considered him an important guest .

However, what had she done to Chu Feng earlier?

She had publicly declared that it was impossible between them .

She had publicly declared that he was trash .

As matters stood, she finally realized that she was actually completely worthless before Chu Feng .

In fact, had it not been for Chu Feng speaking out for her earlier, she would’ve suffered the same fate as Xu Morong, and be lying in a corner seriously injured with her body completely mutilated after being punished by Tantai Xing’er .

At that moment, Gong Mingyue felt completely humiliated . The crowd’s mocking gazes that were focused on her felt like sharp blades cutting apart her ego .

It was the first time Gong Mingyue had felt what it meant to… have nowhere to hide .

“Well then . I have gathered everyone here today so that we can get together . As such, let’s not talk about unpleasantries . Since we’re all here already, let us have a proper get-together,” suddenly, Tantai Xing’er spoke . As she said those words, the anger on her face completely disappeared, and was replaced with a smile .

After she finished saying those words, the Tantai Heavenly Clansmen began to bring plates of exquisite refreshments and fine liquor from the entrance .

There were even beautiful singers and dancers that began to perform for the crowd . Compared to before, the peach garden had a feast-like atmosphere .

The crowd all heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing such a scene . It would appear that Tantai Xing’er was not going to continue to punish them .

“Young master Chu Feng, that is the Peach Garden Mystic Realm . There is martial comprehension contained within it . ”

“There’s a rule within our clan . All of our important guests are allowed to enter the Peach Garden Mystic Realm to observe its marvels . ”

“To me, young master Chu Feng is an extremely important guest . Thus, young master Chu Feng’s friends are also allowed to enter the Peach Garden Mystic Realm . ”

“I know that young master Wuma is young master Chu Feng’s friend . Merely, young master Chu Feng, is this young lady also your friend?” Tantai Xing’er glanced at Gong Qing before looking back at Chu Feng .

“Yes,” Chu Feng nodded .

“Since that’s the case, let us enter the Peach Garden Mystic Realm together,” Tantai Xing’er said .

“Wait, am I… really allowed to enter it too?” Gong Qing looked to Tantai Xing’er with eyes . She simply did not dare to believe what she had heard .

Seeing Gong Qing’s expression, Tantai Xing’er covered her mouth and chuckled . “You’re young master Chu Feng’s friend . Thus, you’re naturally qualified . Come, miss Gong Qing . ”

After she finished saying those words, Tantai Xing’er actually grabbed Gong Qing’s hand and pulled her into the Peach Garden Mystic Realm, and Chu Feng and Wuma Shengjie followed them .

At that moment, the crowd were all filled with envy as they looked at Gong Qing, who had entered the Peach Garden Mystic Realm .

The Peach Garden Mystic Realm was a place that they had wanted to enter their entire lives . Yet, Gong Qing was actually qualified to enter it just because she knew Chu Feng . Furthermore, she had received such cordial reception from Tantai Xing’er . Oh what luck did she possess?

Compared to the bystanders, the people from the Gong Heavenly Clan felt even more complicated .

That said, in terms of feeling complicated, the person that was felt he most complicated would be none other than Gong Mingyue .

As she stood, she felt as if she were a clown .

Chu Feng, the person that she had publicly rejected and even insulted, the person that she had called trash and unable to match her, had become the focus of everyone, and was even being shown the way into the Peach Garden Mystic Realm by Miss Tantai Xing’er .

Gong Mingyue felt very upset . Because of these numerous reasons, she was unable to keep herself from thinking . . .

Between her and Chu Feng, exactly who was unable to match up to whom?