Martial God Asura - Chapter 3487

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Chapter 3487

“Brother Chu Feng, did you really think that you’d be able to defeat me using this spirit formation?” Linghu Hongfei asked .

“Young master Linghu, judging from your words, could you be looking down on my spirit formation?” asked Chu Feng .

“Whilst your spirit formation is powerful and can suppress me now, it cannot suppress me forever . ”

“Thus, I would like to ask brother Chu Feng what sort of method you have to contend against me once I breach this spirit formation?” Linghu Hongfei said .

“Mn . This is indeed a question worthy of consideration . However… young master Linghu would need to be able to breach my spirit formation first . ”


As Chu Feng spoke, he began to form hand seals single-handedly .

In the next moment, lightning began to circulate through Chu Feng’s fingers on the hand with which he was forming hand seals . Following that, the lightning covered him completely .


At the same time, inside the spirit formation, lightnings began to strike at Linghu Hongfei repeatedly .

In that sort of situation, Linghu Hongfei was unable to even stand firmly . Being attacked by the lightning, he began to sway left and right . The expression of pain on his face grew even more intense .

“What a powerful spirit formation . This is the first time that this old man has seen Linghu Hongfei being suppressed so miserably by someone . ”

“This is truly a rare sight . Not to mention when fighting against people of the younger generation, even when fighting against people of the older generation, Linghu Hongfei has never suffered like this . ”

Seeing that the untouchable Linghu Hongfei was actually on the verge of collapse under Chu Feng’s spirit formation, many people were unable to contain their emotions .

After all, Linghu Hongfei simply possessed an enormously high status in their hearts .

He was the most brilliant genius in the Ancestral Martial Starfield . Not only was he the strongest genius, but he was also the future face of their Ancestral Martial Starfield .

There were even people that felt him to be someone that had surpassed Chu Xuanyuan .

They felt that Linghu Hongfei would become the strongest person in the Ancestral Martial Starfield in the future . They felt that he was the person who would lead their Ancestral Martial Starfield to new heights .

The things Linghu Hongfei had experienced would become akin to legends .

Yet, at that moment, Linghu Hongfei was in a very difficult situation .

Because of that, the crowd were unable to accept it . Even though they were witnessing it with their own eyes, they were still unable to accept it .

“Grandmaster, is Linghu Hongfei really going to be defeated by Chu Feng like this?” Grandmaster Long Xuan asked .

“Chu Feng’s spirit formation has an extremely powerful sealing nature . Unless… the spirit formation is to be destroyed, otherwise… he will be unable to escape from the restraint of the spirit formation, and will be completely suppressed,” said Grandmaster Liangqiu .


Suddenly, Linghu Hongfei let out a roar .

To be exact, it was a howl of anger and pain .

Most shocking of all, after that roar was heard, an enormous oppressive might swept forth .

In an instant, both heaven and earth started to tremble as a strong wind blew past!!!

In the next moment, Chu Feng’s Octoforms Lightning Sealing Formation was forcibly shattered by the oppressive might .

“That is… Lightning Mark!”

“Linghu Hongfei has released his Lightning Mark!”

At that moment, many people noticed that a ‘Heaven’ character had appeared on Linghu Hongfei’s forehead .

Furthermore, Linghu Hongfei’s aura had also increased from rank two Exalted to rank three Exalted .

Linghu Hongfei had increased his cultivation by a level through the use of his Lightning Mark . With that, he had breached Chu Feng’s spirit formation .

“Grandmaster, what is going on?”

“Didn’t you say that Linghu Hongfei would not be able to escape from the restraint of the spirit formation unless it is first destroyed?” Grandmaster Long Xuan asked . Liangqiu Chengfeng and the others also looked to Grandmaster Liangiqu anxiously . They all wanted to know the answer .

“It shouldn’t be . It shouldn’t be possible . Young friend Chu Feng’s spirit formation possess an extremely powerful sealing nature . There should have been no way for Linghu Hongfei to turn the situation around . How was he able to unleash his Lightning Mark?” said Grandmaster Liangqiu .

“Master, could it be that someone is secretly helping him?” asked Liangqiu Chengfeng .

“No . I was worried that someone from the Linghu Heavenly Clan would secretly aid Linghu Hongfei . Thus, I have been keeping a close watch . No one did anything," said Grandmaster Liangqiu .

“Then what is going on?” Liangqiu Chengfeng and the others were completely puzzled .

Even Grandmaster Liangqiu was puzzled by the current situation .

“Amazing . As expected of Linghu Hongfei . And I had thought that he was truly suppressed by Chu Feng . Turns out, he was faking the entire time . Chu Feng’s spirit formation would simply collapse at the first blow before him . ”

“Brilliant! This is the elegance of the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s strongest genius . I have truly not come here in vain, truly not come here in vain . Linghu Hongfei is truly extraordinary . He is truly a genius that we cannot compare to . ”

“To be able to witness such elegance from Linghu Hongfei, I will have no regrets in death, simply no regrets in death!!!”

At that moment, many people began to cheer excitedly .

The crowd that were unable to determine how powerful Chu Feng’s spirit formation was had thought it was nothing more than a display, and that Linghu Hongfei was faking being suppressed by Chu Feng from the very start .

Thus, they began to praise Linghu Hongfei nonstop . Some people even went as far as to insult Chu Feng, thinking that he was taking joy too early . They believed that he was simply incapable of being compared to Linghu Hongfei the entire time .


Suddenly, Linghu Hongfei pointed his finger at Chu Feng . Following that, his oppressive might surged toward Chu Feng like a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses .

In an instant, that magnificent army suddenly stopped their explosive surge . From all directions, including the sky and the ground, they surrounded Chu Feng .

Chu Feng was now trapped . However, Linghu Hongfei’s oppressive might was not attacking him .

“What is the meaning of this?” Chu Feng asked .

“Brother Chu Feng, I don't wish to cause you harm . If you are to admit defeat right now, I will put a stop to this match right away,” Linghu Hongfei said .

Linghu Hongfei was only saying that on the surface, because at the same time as he said those words, his voice transmission reached Chu Feng’s ears, “You’re still too inexperienced to fight me . You should go and call your father here . Otherwise, with only you, you will not be able to match up to me, Linghu Hongfei, in your entire life . ”

“Perhaps you might be a genius before others . However, before me, Linghu Hongfei, you can only be a dog, being stepped upon by my foot . You'll forever be unable to turn the situation around, forever remaining a dog . ”

“Regardless of how brilliant you might be in the future, you'll forever be underneath me, forever be stepped upon by me . ”

Insult . Linghu Hongfei was secretly insulting Chu Feng .

On the surface, Linghu Hongfei appeared very righteous and magnanimous .

However, he was actually a person with a very filthy heart, someone extremely vile and ruthless .

However, Chu Feng showed no trace of anger at Linghu Hongfei’s insults .

That said, he also did not reach any terms with him . Instead, through using voice transmission, he fought back, “Linghu Hongfei, you yourself know very well how capable you really are . ”

“Look at your current age and your cultivation . What cultivation did my father possess at your age?”

“My father was already the strongest expert in the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield, and completely unmatched at the age of twenty-nine . ”

“When mentioning my father, those of the older generation will all show respect . Which of those from the younger generation could possibly compare to him?”

“As for you, you’re nearing fifty already . You who are already nearly fifty, do you even possess the cultivation my father did when he was twenty-nine?”

“Whilst it's true that for the majority of cultivators, a year’s worth of time is but an instant . It is a very short duration . However… that is only true for the great majority of martial cultivators that possess mediocre talent . ”

“For people with outstanding talent for martial cultivation, not to mention a year, even the difference of a single day is extremely vast . You are so much older than me, and have trained for so much longer than me . Yet, you were nearly defeated by me today . ”

“Compared to me, you possess absolutely no superiority at all . ”

“Thus, how could someone like you possibly be qualified to be compared to my father?”