Martial God Asura - Chapter 3497

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Chapter 3497

While the Ancestral Martial Decastars could be changed, having ten people was a must .

Thus, after Linghu Tiemian was eliminated, a new person had to take his spot .

Thus, after another series of matches, the ultimate rankings of the Ancestral Martial Decastars was finally determined .

Ultimately, Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei were ranked first place .

Linghu Yueyue was still ranked third . Tantai Xing’er was still ranked fourth . As Linghu Tiemian, the fifth ranked, was eliminated, the people ranked below him were all able to rise a rank .

Thus, Linghu Mingye was ranked fifth, Linghu Lun was ranked sixth, Mengyan Wushuang was seventh, Tongtian Yuanming was eighth and Tang Zhenghao was ninth .

As for the reason why Linghu Yueyue was ranked third, it was because Wuma Shengjie earned the opportunity to compete for the rankings in the new series of matches .

Wuma Shengjie revealed her capability, and defeated Linghu Yueyue to seize her second ranked spot .

Wuma Shengjie was originally a rank six Martial Immortal . The reason why she was able to defeat Linghu Yueyue, a rank seven Martial Immortal, was not because Linghu Yueyue was too weak . Instead, it was because she had gained martial comprehension when exiting the hidden path of certain death .

While in the middle of the competition, she had, before the crowd’s very eyes, made a breakthrough to rank seven Martial Immortal . It was because of that that she was able to challenge Linghu Yueyue .

Of course, Linghu Yueyue was absolutely not a pushover either . Although the match between the two of them could not compare to that of Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei, it remained a very world-shaking confrontation .

Even though Wuma Shengjie ultimately gained victory, her victory was won by a narrow margin .

If the two of them were to fight again, not even Wuma Shengjie could be certain that she would be able to defeat Linghu Yueyue again .

Although she had won, she had to admit that Linghu Yueyue was a very powerful opponent .

However, at the very least, she managed to win the match, and gain second place in the Ancestral Martial Decastars .

Although everyone already felt that the legendary prophesied child was not Wuma Shengjie, but rather Chu Feng, her performance had made it so that everyone remembered her .

That genius from the Wuma Heavenly Clan was inferior to only Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei . With her talent, she would definitely gain extraordinary accomplishments in the future .

Although the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars had concluded, the curtains had yet to drop on the grand occasion .

Every time a selection concluded, the host of the venue would entertain all of the guests by holding a supersized banquet .

The Tantai Heavenly Clan, the host of that year’s Ancestral Martial Decastars, was naturally not an exception .

Furthermore, the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound was the place where the banquet was being held .

That said, the banquet was held at different sites .

The important people would not stay there . Instead, they were invited to the Tantai Heavenly Clan by the Tantai Heavenly Clansmen, and entertained with their grandest hospitality .

Of course, many people refused the invitation to the banquet . After all, many of the grand characters were very busy individuals . They were generally not fond of that sort of tacky matter that would squander their time .

For example, Grandmaster Liangqiu and Liangqiu Chengfeng had long since left .

In fact, it was not only the grand characters, as many of the younger generations also refused the invitation .

They included Linghu Hongfei, Linghu Yueyue, Linghu Mingye, and Linghu Lun, as well as Liangqiu Hongyue and Liangqiu Lanyue .

In fact, had it not been for the fact that he wanted to know about Bai Liluo’s whereabouts, Chu Feng would not have accepted the invitation to go to the Tantai Heavenly Clan again either .

However, for Bai Liluo’s sake, Chu Feng had no choice .

On the way to the Tantai Heavenly Clan, the crowd were all celebrating . As for Chu Feng, he gave the reason that he needed to cure his injuries and found a room in the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s warship to spend time alone .

Chu Feng was actually not injured . Instead, he was casting his consciousness into his world spirit space because he wanted to have a proper conversation with that female world spirit .

Upon entering his world spirit space, the first person Chu Feng looked to was Her Lady Queen .

This had become a habit for him .

Although Her Lady Queen was still not awake, he felt at ease after seeing that her aura was stable .

Then, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the female world spirit, and discovered that she was sitting cross-legged on the ground with her eyes closed . Black gaseous flames were encircling her . Likely, she was treating her injuries .

That said, Chu Feng’s first reaction was not to survey her injuries . Instead… he felt that she was very beautiful .

That female world spirit was truly beautiful . This was especially true when she wasn't moving . Even though Chu Feng had seen countless beauties, he was unable to keep himself from taking a couple more glances at her .

Although she was not astonishingly and devastatingly beautiful like Her Lady Queen, and not gorgeously dazzling like Xue Ji, beauties capable of causing one’s heartbeat to accelerate just by seeing them, that female world spirit possessed her own distinct beauty .

It was an air of pride, a noble air that repelled others thousands of miles away . She was untainted by anything, and possessed a heroic air that usually belonged to men .

Compared to Her Lady Queen and Xue Ji’s seemingly illusory and unrealistic beauty, this female world spirit’s beauty appeared very real .

She looked more like a female warrior, an exceedingly beautiful, heroic, valiant and extraordinarily powerful female warrior .

In the world of martial cultivators, there were a lot of beauties that looked like saintesses and celestial fairies .

However, very few were like that female world spirit . Thus… she gave off a special sort of attractiveness .

“What are you looking at?”

Suddenly, the female world spirit’s voice sounded . A pair of cold eyes were staring at Chu Feng .

“Eh… cough cough, let me help you,” said Chu Feng .

“No need,” The female world spirit immediately stood up . There was a trace of alertness in her gaze as she looked at Chu Feng .

Chu Feng understood that female world spirit’s temperament . Since she was unwilling to accept his help, it would be meaningless for him to try to force himself on her . Thus, he said, “Thank you for today . ”

“Don’t bother thanking me . I merely made a decision,” the female world spirit said .

“What decision?” Chu Feng asked .

“Since I am unable to return, I’ve decided to cooperate with you in searching for my young lady . ”

“I will help you with your growth before finding my young lady . You will also have to help me with my growth . After you've gained sufficient power, you must go search for my young lady . ”

“Well then, that’s all I wanted to say . You can go now,” After the female world spirit finished saying those words, she turned her sharp gaze to Chu Feng again . She asked, “Why are you still here? I do not wish to be disturbed while I’m treating my injuries . ”

“While I will not ask you why you suddenly changed your opinion, but since you’ve decided to cooperate with me, we should have an understanding of one another, no?” said Chu Feng .

“No need . We are merely using one another . There is no need for understanding,” the female world spirit said in a very cold manner .

“I should at least know your name, no? Otherwise, how am I supposed to address you?”

“You already know my name, It wouldn’t be fair for me to not know your name, no?” Chu Feng said .

Hearing those words, the female world spirit cast a cold glance at Chu Feng . Then, she said two words, “Yu Sha . ”

“Yu Sha?”

“Very well, I got it . In that case, miss Yu Sha, rest yourself properly . Oh, that’s right, don’t disturb Milady Queen,” After saying those words, Chu Feng left his world spirit space .

While Chu Feng was accompanying the Tantai Heavenly Clansmen to the Tantai Heavenly Clan to participate in the banquet, Linghu Hongfei was accompanying the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen to their Linghu Heavenly Clan .

Merely, at that moment, Linghu Hongfei’s situation was not very good .

He… was injured . Furthermore, his injury was very serious, much more serious than the injury suffered by that female world spirit, Yu Sha .

Inside a room in the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s warship . Only Linghu Hongfei and his guardian Linghu Yuhua were present .

“To be able to shatter your Cyan Nethersoul, that female world spirit is truly remarkable,” said Linghu Yuhua .

“It wasn’t her,” Linghu Hongfei gently shook his head .

“Not her?” Linghu Yuhua’s expression changed . “Could it be… Chu Feng?!”