Martial God Asura - Chapter 3547

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Chapter 3547

“Look, they’re right outside . Furthermore, they’ve personally witnessed us activating the Starfall Holy Stone, and attempted to breach it . Yet, they were simply unable to cause any harm to it . ”

“However, confidence now fills their eyes . In fact, they don't even place our Starfall Holy Stone in their eyes at all . ”

“Since they know that we are from the Starfall Holy Land, they’ve most definitely heard about the defensive power of our Starfall Holy Stone . Yet, they're still looking at us with such contempt . ”

“They either possess a method to breach our Starfall Holy Stone that they have yet to use, or they have reinforcements that are still not here . Likely, their reinforcements are stronger than themselves . I feel that the probability that they are waiting for their reinforcements is the highest,” the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Master said .

“Lord Holy Master, what should we do then?” The Starfall Holy Land’s Supreme Elders started to panic even more upon hearing their Holy Master’s words .

“We can only fight a life and death struggle,” said the Starfall Holy Master .

“Lord Holy Master, we absolutely cannot do that . Not only are your injuries still not healed, but you’ve also…”

“ . . . Lord Holy Master, you’ve also fought against them already . They have eighteen rank one Exalted-level experts, and all of them possess the means to increase their cultivation by a level . ”

The Starfall Holy Master was unable to take on eighteen opponents alone, and ended up being seriously injured . It was precisely because he was unable to defeat them that he activated the Starfall Holy Stone to protect everyone present .

Thus, when he was already no match earlier, how could he be a match for them now that he was seriously injured?

“It’s better that I go out,” right at that moment, a voice sounded .

Following that voice, a large group of people walked forth . Judging from their outfit, they were not people from the Starfall Holy Land .

However, they were also people from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, and possessed extremely high status .

They were people from the Ghost Sect Hall .

All of them were the peak experts of the Ghost Sect Hall .

The leader amongst them was the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master .

It was actually the people from the Ghost Sect Hall that had encountered the group of Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen first .

The people from the Starfall Holy Land just so happened to run into them being captured by the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen . Although they did not know that those people were Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen, they could tell that they were not from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm .

Although the Starfall Holy Land did not have a superb relationship with the Ghost Sect Hall, they were unable to watch idly as outsiders pushed around a major power of their Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm . Thus, after seeing it, they decided to help the Ghost Sect Hall without any hesitation .

However, in the end, not even the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Master was a match for those Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen . That was why they ended up in their current situation .

“What use is there in you all going out? Are you trying to throw away your lives?” asked the Holy Master .

“This matter is caused by us and unrelated to you all . Although we do not know why they want to capture us, I believe that they'll be willing to let you all go should we go out,” said the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master .

“Since when did you become this stupid?”

“Could it be that you still can’t tell that they are not targeting your Ghost Sect Hall at all? Instead, they are targeting all of us,” said the Starfall Holy Master .

“But…” How could the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master not be able to tell that group of people were targeting all of them? However, he did not wish to implicate the Starfall Holy Land . His decision to go out was a decision he made because he had no other alternative .

“Hall Master Gui, do you have your Ghost Sect Hall’s Soul-shattering Life-laying Pellet with you?” the Holy Master asked .

“What are you planning to do?” The Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master started to frown . He had a bad feeling .

“Lord Hall Master,” the Starfall Holy Land’s Supreme Elders also realized that the situation was bad .

“Don’t bother with the superfluous words . As matters stand, is there any other choice?”

“Do you all want to all die here, or do you want to fight to live? Besides, no matter how powerful the backlash of using the Soul-shattering Life-laying Pellet might be, it shouldn’t be enough to kill me,” the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Master said angrily .

Although the crowd found it difficult to accept, they were unable to think of a way to refute the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Master .

Perhaps their final hope truly lay with the Holy Master .

“Mn,” feeling helpless, the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master took out two medicinal pellets from his Cosmos Sack and handed them to the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Master, “Take the two of them at the same time . It will reduce the intensity of the backlash . However, the effect of the Soul-shattering Life-laying Pellet will shorten in time . Thus… you must get it done quickly . ”

“I will resolve it in the shortest time possible,” as the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Master spoke, he accepted the two medicinal pellets and directly swallowed them .


Once the medicinal pellets entered his body, dark purple gaseous flames started to emit from his body . Even his eyes turned dark purple .

After the dark purple gaseous flames appeared, the Starfall Holy Master’s celestial immortal-like aura immediately disappeared . At that moment, he resembled someone on a demonic path .

However, not only were his injuries completely healed, but his battle power had also increased .

“Everyone of the Starfall Holy Land, listen to my command . No one is allowed to exit this Starfall Holy Stone without permission . This includes even the people from the Ghost Sect Hall . ”

“I need all of you to safely stay here and wait for my return . ”

After saying those words, the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Master crushed a stone in his hand .

Once that stone was crushed, he disappeared . When he reappeared, he was outside the Starfall Holy Stone .

Once the Starfall Holy Master appeared outside, eighteen figures immediately rushed up to him and began to fight him .

Even though the Starfall Holy Stone looked like an enormous mountain when looking from the outside, the people were able to clearly see the situation outside when looking out from the inside .

Seeing the Starfall Holy Master taking on eighteen Exalted-level experts by himself, the people from both the Starfall Holy Land and Ghost Sect Hall all began to sweat cold beads of sweat worrying about him .

They were simply unable to clearly see the battle between Exalted-level experts . However, the energy ripples wreaking havoc made them realize that the Starfall Holy Master’s opponents still could not be looked down upon .

“Hahaha . You’ve turtled yourself up for so long only to suddenly reappear . Here I was wondering if you’d brought reinforcements . Turns out, you’ve taken a forbidden medicine . It would appear that the Starfall Holy Land is nothing much either . ”

The Starfall Holy Master’s opponents mocked him repeatedly as they fought against him . They did not place him in their eyes in the slightest . Instead, they were filled with contempt towards him .

Their arrogant words caused the people from the Starfall Holy Land to feel extremely furious . The person that they were insulting was their Holy Master! Since when could others show such contempt for their Holy Master?

This was especially true for the people of the younger generation . Being youthful, they were simply unable to tolerate the insults .

However, there was nothing they could do besides watching everything unfold before their eyes .

“They’d best not let me know who they are . Otherwise, once I grow stronger in the future, I will definitely exterminate their entire clan to wash away the disgrace today!”

Suddenly, a voice sounded from the people of the younger generation .

Hearing that voice, many people turned their eyes toward a person . Had it been someone else who said that, the crowd would definitely sneer at them .

However, the person who made that threat was someone that they did not dare to sneer at .

The reason for that was because the speaker was an extremely beautiful woman . Her beauty could simply be described as ‘celestial fairy . ’

As for her… she was the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Daughter, one of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s Three Great Beauties, Xia Yun’er .