Martial God Asura - Chapter 3623

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Chapter 3623

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“Miss Xian Yun is the leader?”

Hearing Kong Ci’s words, Chu Feng felt very surprised .

Chu Feng had originally thought that Kong Ci was going to be the leader . He had also thought that perhaps it might be the Starfield Master Realm’s geniuses that would be leading them . He truly never expected Xian Yun to be the leader . After all, compared to the others, that Xian Yun appeared too gentle .

“You don’t know how powerful my big sister Xian Yun is,” Kong Ci said .

Being praised by Kong Ci, Xian Yun’s face turned red . She was blushing with embarrassment . “I am truly ashamed . Although this Xian Yun is the leader, I am unable to lead everyone to victory . ”

“What’s there to be ashamed of? When we were being led by Wuming Yuanzhi, we lost miserably . However, being led by you last time around, although we were still defeated, we at least managed to keep a stalemate for a long time . Even though we were defeated, it wasn't that ugly, nor that miserable . ”

“Furthermore, Xian Yun, although you’ve meticulously studied the beginner chess strategies, I feel that you’ve already gained mastery over them . What we lack right now is experience . If we continue with this, we'll one day defeat the All-heaven Starfield,” said Kong Ci .

“I wouldn’t dare to think about that,” Xian Yun shook her head .

Kong Ci sighed . “Xian Yun, everything about you is great . The only ailment of yours is that you’re too modest . While it is fine to be modest, it’s not good to be overly modest . ”

“Am I right, little sister Long Ning?” Kong Ci looked to Long Ning .

“You’re right,” Long Ning blinked her large eyes and nodded her head . That girl was truly adorable .

After that, the three girls began to chat . As they chatted, they started to meticulously study the chess strategies again .

Due to the fact that they were so deep in their studies, they actually completely forgot about Chu Feng and Kong Tianhui .

It took a long while for them to finish chatting . It was only then that they suddenly remembered Chu Feng .

“What the hell? Why are you still studying that? What’s wrong with you? Do you really think you’ll be able to obtain instant success?”

Kong Ci discovered that Chu Feng was still studying that highest level strategy . Furthermore, he even sat down cross-legged as he read the scroll . He totally had the appearance of someone reading with keen interest .

“Little sister, that’s enough . Don’t bother with him . Just let him read . Everything’s good as long as my brother Chu Feng is happy,” Kong Tianhui said with a beaming smile .

“Fine fine . Even if he is to join the chess battle, he will only be a low-level chess piece . He can do whatever he wants . ”

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After saying those words, Kong Ci went back to studying their beginner chess strategies with Xian Yun and Long Ning .

As for Chu Feng, he grew more and more interested, the more he read .

Even though the Ancient Era’s Cultivation Chess was merely a recreational activity for cultivators, there were aspects of it that were identical to the path of martial cultivation .

The path of martial cultivation was long and indefinite .

Although Chu Feng wanted to ascend to the top, he didn’t know how long it would take him .

As for the Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess, it was different .

Practically the best method to increase one’s chess power and the greatest strategies were all recorded . Chu Feng felt that even if he could not gain mastery over them, he would be able to grasp their essence .

“Three little sisters, we’ve arrived . ”

Suddenly, a voice was heard . Following that, two people walked in .

They were two handsome men . Not only did they appear imposing, but their cultivations were also impressive . Like Kong Ci, Long Ning and Xian Yun, they were also rank two Exalted .

On top of that, Chu Feng saw the Starfield Master Realm’s title plates on their waists . Even without introductions, Chu Feng knew that the two of them must be the strongest geniuses of the Starfield Master Realm, Wuming Yuanzhi and Wuming Xiongmo .

“My, this person is…”

“Isn’t this Chu Feng?”

Originally, Wuming Yuanzhi and Wuming Xiongmo’s gazes were focused on the three beauties, Kong Ci, Xian Yun and Long Ning, after entering . However, their gazes soon shifted to Chu Feng .

When they saw Chu Feng, they reacted with great excitement .

“That’s true . I’m not seeing things, right?”

“Little sister Kong Ci, quickly, tell me if this person is truly Chu Feng,” one of the two men grew extremely excited . He looked to Kong Ci with a gaze of disbelief as he sought an answer .

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“If he’s not real, would he be fake then?”

“Wuming Yuanzhi, you are truly growing more and more mentally deficient,” Kong Ci rolled her eyes at that man . From her words, Chu Feng learned that the excited man was Wuming Yuanzhi . In that case, that relatively calm man would be Wuming Xiongmo .

“Wow! It really is you brother Chu Feng . Brother Chu Feng, it’s my pleasure to meet you . Oh, that’s right . I am called Wuming Yuanzhi . I’m from the Starfield Master Realm . ”

Wuming Yuanzhi leapt into the sky and landed before Chu Feng .

That fellow could be said to be very enthusiastic .

“I am Chu Feng . It is my pleasure to meet brother Wuming,” Chu Feng immediately got up and greeted Wuming Yuanzhi respectfully with his fists clasped .

“I am Wuming Xiongmo,” Wuming Xiongmo also walked over .

“My pleasure to meet you,” Chu Feng immediately greeted him .

“Brother Chu Feng, I am very straightforward . Thus, I’ll get straight to the point . ”

“I’ve heard that your world spirit techniques are very powerful, and your world spirit is also very powerful . Because of that, I’ve been very interested in you . ”

“Truth be told, I hold absolutely no interest in any of the other Ancestral Martial Decastars . However, you are someone that I wish to have a spar against,” Wuming Yuanzhi said .

“I am truly sorry . My world spirit is currently in training . She is unable to spar with you . ”

“If young master Wuming truly wishes to spar with me, would it be fine for us to reschedule it for another day?” Chu Feng said .

“Brother Chu Feng, you’re not giving me face . ”

Even though Chu Feng spoke very courteously, Wuming Yuanzhi’s smiling face immediately turned ugly .

This fellow was truly someone who turned hostile faster than one could flip the page of a book .

“That truly wasn’t my intention,” Chu Feng said .

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“Brother Chu Feng, if you insist on this, you’ll be forcing my hand,” Wuming Yuanzhi’s gaze turned vicious .

“If you don't believe me, there’s nothing I can do about it,” confronted with such a Wuming Yuanzhi, Chu Feng’s expression also grew cold .

He was not at all afraid of angering Wuming Yuanzhi . Instead, Chu Feng had a look of ‘do whatever you want . ’

“Humph, you are truly one who refuses a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit . You asked for this,” as Wuming Yuanzhi spoke, he shot forth a punch that was aimed directly at Chu Feng’s chest .

The punch struck Chu Feng’s chest and made him take several steps backwards . However, he was not injured .

A layer of light had surrounded Chu Feng . That was his spirit power .

Even though Chu Feng’s cultivation and bloodline power were both sealed, and Yu Sha was also in training, Chu Feng was still able to use his spirit power .

With his spirit power, Chu Feng’s battle power was on par with a rank one Exalted . With his Nine Dragons Saint Cloak, Chu Feng’s battle power increased to being on par against a rank two Exalted .

“That’s more like it . Brother Chu Feng, the two of us should stop wasting each other’s time . Directly send forth that world spirit of yours . Have her fight against me . ”

Upon witnessing Chu Feng’s abilities, Wuming Yuanzhi, who was originally angry actually grew excited .

“I can only tell you the same thing . My world spirit is currently training, she is unable to spar with you . ”

“Even if you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do about it,” said Chu Feng .

“Chu Feng, I truly never would’ve imagined you to be this conceited . You truly do not place me in your eyes?”

“Do you think I’m unqualified to be your opponent? Is that right?!” Wuming Yuanzhi asked coldly .

Chu Feng felt very helpless when faced with such a Wuming Yuanzhi . That fellow was truly someone who turned hostile faster than flipping a page .

He would become angry instantly and laugh the other instant . He suddenly decided to attack Chu Feng . However, after he attacked Chu Feng and was blocked, he not only started smiling, but he even began to address Chu Feng as ‘brother Chu Feng . ’ However, in the blink of an eye, anger filled his face again .

To say that Wuming Yuanzhi was bipolar would be extremely accurate .

“What I said is the truth . I'm definitely not thinking that you’re unqualified to be my opponent,” said Chu Feng .

“Very well . If that’s the case, I'll beat you till you release your world spirit . ”

It was obvious that Wuming Yuanzhi did not believe Chu Feng . Once again, he attacked him .

Furthermore, he used his ability to increase his cultivation .

When he was a rank two Exalted, Chu Feng was still capable of handling him . However, after his cultivation increased to rank three Exalted, Chu Feng was no longer capable of contending against him .


A punch struck Chu Feng and sent him flying, smashing him ruthlessly into the wall .

The powerful impact caused the entire palace hall to tremble violently .

Blood flowed from the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth .

“Are you still refusing to release your world spirit?” Wuming Yuanzhi asked again .

“Humph,” Chu Feng did not say anything . He only let out a light snort .

“In that case, Chu Feng, don't blame me for being ruthless . ”

As Wuming Yuanzhi spoke, his body shifted, and he arrived before Chu Feng again . He raised his hand and aimed it at Chu Feng’s face before smashing down .

Wuming Yuanzhi was holding back with his previous punch . It could be said that he was testing Chu Feng .

However, this punch was different .

Should this punch land, even if Chu Feng survived the punch, he would be seriously injured .


However, at the moment when that punch was about to land on Chu Feng’s face, a hand suddenly appeared and grabbed Wuming Yuanzhi’s fist .

It was Wuming Xiongmo .