Martial God Asura - Chapter 3639

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Chapter 3639
Chapter 3639 - My Apologies For Arriving Late

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It was not only the people in the third world that were anticipating Chu Feng's arrival . The people outside the chess formation were also focused completely on the third world, waiting for his arrival .

Under the crowd’s anticipating gazes, Chu Feng finally appeared in the third world .

Due to the fact that the crowd had been searching for him the entire time, he was immediately discovered by everyone the instant he appeared in the third world .

“Fucking hell, brother Chu Feng, you really managed to come in here,” upon seeing Chu Feng, Kong Tianhui became particularily excited .

He was not the only one . The others also had smiles on their faces .

If they still had a trace of skepticism about Chu Feng’s strength before, then it completely disappeared when they saw him .

At that moment, they had confirmed that he was most definitely a chess expert .

Otherwise… a newbie couldn’t possibly enter the third world .

This held even more true to enter the third world at that moment of all times .

They all knew that the earlier one entered the third world, the better it would be . As time passed, the requirement for the chess power one needed to enter the third world would increase .

This was done precisely to keep others from wasting time to increase their chess power, and then seeking to enter a higher level .

In simpler terms, if it were Kong Ci, Kong Tianhui and the others, they would not be able to enter the third world from the second world after so much time had passed .

However, Chu Feng managed to enter the third world . This fully proved that his chess power surpassed their own .


With a smile on his face, Chu Feng waved at Kong Tianhui . Without saying anything, he turned his gaze to the All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations .

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“My apologies for arriving late,” said Chu Feng .

“This guy, what does he mean by that?” The All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations looked to one another as confusion filled their faces .

They felt that Chu Feng seemed to have made the wrong greeting . He should be speaking to the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations . Yet, he started speaking to them after arriving .

‘Could it be that this idiot has mistaken his teammates?’

This thought was running through the All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations .

“What I mean is that I don't care about what you were doing before I came here . ”

“However, since I’m here now, this region will, from now on, be the territory of our Ancestral Martial Starfield . ”

“We, the younger generations of the Ancestral Martial Starfield, will assume control over this place,” Chu Feng said with a smile on his face .

“Motherfucker! Who gave you the nerve!?”

The All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations were furious upon hearing those words . The seven of them all flew toward Chu Feng to attack him .


However, before the seven of them could reach him, they were blown away by a strong burst of wind .

It was Chu Feng . Chu Feng had unleashed overwhelming chess power from his body . His chess power swept forth like a whirlwind, and overturned all seven of the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations .

“What powerful chess power . ”

Whilst Wuming Yuanzhi and the others had learned of Chu Feng’s reversal of the situation in the first and second worlds from Xian Yun, they did not know of his capabilities .

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Witnessing the overwhelming chess power emitted by Chu Feng, their jaws all dropped .

Even for them, it was the first time that they’d witnessed such overwhelming chess power .

“Boom, boom, boom~~~”

Following that, the earth started to tremble violently . The people were able to clearly see the earth splitting apart, and thick smoke rising into the sky . Most importantly, this sight filled the entire world .

From a glance, clouds of smoke were rising everywhere, and the earth seemed to be caving in .

“What’s going on?”

Even Wuming Yuanzhi and the others started to panic upon seeing such a thing .

“Don’t panic . It’s Chu Feng,” said Xian Yun .

“What? Chu Feng?”

Kong Ci, Long Ning, Kong Tianhui, Wuming Yuanzhi and the others were all stunned by Xian Yun’s words . Confusion was written all over their faces .

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at that moment, bright golden lights emerged from the overturned earth, and began flying toward Kong Tianhui and the others .

Those were naturally the chess power treasures hidden in the third world .

Seeing the chess power weapons, the All-heaven Starfield’s younger generations, apart from Nangong Yifan, all rushed up to snatch them .

However, the result was the same as that of the first and second worlds .

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After they approached the chess power treasures, they were repelled by enormous chess power, and some were even injured in the process .

Then, in an incomprehensible manner, those chess power treasures automatically arrived before the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations, landing on their bodies .

It was as if they were recognizing them as their masters .

Due to the fact that there were too many treasures, the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations each had seven or eight treasures .

The number was even more numerous for Kong Tianhui . He was actually clad in ten treasures .

There was a metal helmet on his head, a suit of armor on his body, and a pair of wheels of wind and fire on his feet . His left hand held a giant hatchet, and his right hand held a spear . However, that was not all . There was a sword on his waist, and two blades on his back .

Those were all chess power treasures .

The more chess power treasures one possessed, the stronger one’s chess power would become . Thus, at that moment, Kong Tianhui was the person with the strongest chess power amongst the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s younger generations .

One must know that, before that, he was the one with the weakest chess power amongst the twelve .

“Holy fuck! Little sister Xian Yun, could it be… this is all done by my brother Chu Feng?”

Kong Tianhui inspected the chess power treasures on him . His mouth was agape .

Kong Tianhui was not the only person acting in such a manner . Kong Ci, Long Ning, Wuming Yuanzhi and the others were also looking at Xian Yun with shocked expressions .

“Rather than asking me, why not ask young master Chu Feng directly?” Xian Yun replied with a smile .

Hearing those words, the crowd all turned their eyes to Chu Feng .

“How’s the fit of those treasures?” Chu Feng asked with a smile .

His words had revealed the answer to the crowd . Indeed, this was all done by Chu Feng .

Suddenly, Kong Tianhui, Kong Ci and Long Ning flew over to Chu Feng .

“Fucking hell, brother Chu Feng, how did you accomplish all this?” Kong Tianhui had a look of curiosity .

“Big brother Chu Feng, you are simply too amazing . You are simply my idol,” countless little stars were flickering in Long Ning’s eyes .

As for Kong Ci, she slapped Chu Feng’s shoulder fiercely and laughed, “Not bad, Chu Feng . I have truly underestimated you . Never would I have expected for you to be this well-concealed . ”

The Ancestral Martial Starfield’s crowd were praising Chu Feng nonstop . Their joyous atmosphere simply did not resemble people in a fierce battle . Instead, they seemed to be at a joyous gathering .

At that moment, they had completely forgotten the fact that they were still in a match inside the chess formation .

“What’s this? Do you all think you’ve won already?”

Suddenly, a voice filled with coldness was heard .

Hearing that voice, the smiles on Kong Ci and the others faces immediately froze . They immediately turned around .

The reason for that was because the person who had spoken was Nangong Yifan .

Furthermore, Nangong Yifan, who had not moved a single step since he had arrived in the third world, was currently slowly walking toward them .

Seeing that, Kong Ci and the others all started frowning .

Even though they were clad in chess power treasures that greatly increased their chess power, they suddenly lost all confidence upon seeing the confident-looking Nangong Yifan .

After all, Nangong Yifan was their actual nightmare in the chess formation .