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Martial God Asura - Chapter 3689

Published at 20th of September 2019 05:00:09 AM

Chapter 3689

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“Big brother Chu Feng, since you’ve agreed to it, shall we begin now?” Chu Lingxi asked . She was truly itching to spar with Chu Feng .

“Wait a moment . ” As Chu Feng spoke, he made hand seals and released spirit power from within his body . Like spring water, the spirit power moved throughout his body .

After being covered by his spirit power, the injuries that covered his body disappeared in an instant . Even his clothes were repaired .

“Sure enough, he was deliberately allowing himself to sustain injuries . ”

Upon seeing that, the crowd verified that the injuries Chu Feng had sustained fighting those experts were taken deliberately .

After all, since Chu Feng was able to so effortlessly cure those injuries, it meant that those injuries were not serious at all .

“Let’s begin,” Chu Feng said after curing his injuries .

“Big brother Chu Feng, let me experience your sword techniques first . ”

Chu Lingxi flicked her wrist, and a pink sword appeared in her hand .

That sword was extremely exquisite . It seemed like it was especially created for her .

Most importantly, that sword gave off an overwhelming aura . That sword was not only an Incomplete Exalted Armament, but it was a top quality Incomplete Exalted Armament .

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“Come . ”

Chu Feng held the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword and pointed it at Chu Lingxi .


In the next moment, Chu Lingxi disappeared . When she reappeared, she had arrived before Chu Feng .

The pink sword in her hand was thrust towards Chu Feng’s neck .

Her thrust was extremely fast, extremely accurate, extremely fierce and sharp .

Before the sword reached Chu Feng, the aura emitted by the sword had already arrived . Chu Lingxi was not playing around . She was serious in her match against Chu Feng .

However, Chu Feng was no ordinary individual either . He did not use the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword in his hand to block the incoming attack . Instead, he thrust his Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword toward Chu Lingxi’s neck .

In the blink of an eye, Chu Lingxi’s sword had arrived before Chu Feng . However, with a slight movement of his body, Chu Feng dodged the sword thrust .

At the same time as he dodged the attack, Chu Feng’s own sword arrived before Chu Lingxi’s neck .

Faced with such a fatal attack, Chu Lingxi only moved her body slightly, and also easily avoided it .

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Seeing that, Chu Feng praised her . “Say, Lingxi, your techniques have gotten much stronger . ”

“Big brother Chu Feng, it has only just begun . If you want to praise me, it wouldn’t be too late to praise me later . ”

Chu Lingxi smiled sweetly . Confidence filled her beautiful face .

Although the two of them were talking cheerfully and sounding like they were play fighting, their weapons were not playing at all . The two of them were exchanging sharp attacks against one another . Momentarily, they were stuck in a stalemate .

At that moment, Chu Feng felt increasingly surprised .

Chu Lingxi’s progress was simply too fast . Even though he did not go all-out, he still fully acknowledged her strength .

Chu Lingxi’s sword techniques were extremely marvelous, and not ordinary attacks at all . It was obvious that she had fully focused herself on mastering sword techniques .

To be able to gain such a high mastery over sword techniques fully revealed how extraordinary her comprehension ability was .

However, that was not what was important . The main point was that Chu Lingxi’s battle power was extremely strong .

Chu Feng’s Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword had a similar attribute to Chu Lingxi’s Incomplete Exalted Armament .

However, even though their weapons were so similar, neither he nor she were beaten back when their weapons collided .

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This meant that Chu Lingxi had extremely strong battle power . Even if her battle power was weaker than Chu Feng’s, it would only be slightly weaker .

At the very least, her battle power was much stronger than those geniuses from the Three Cities .

In fact, her battle power was even much stronger than Nangong Yifan’s .

Chu Lingxi’s battle power had practically reached the peak of rank three Exalted .

“It would appear that I cannot continue to go easy on you . ”

Seeing that it would be difficult to reach an outcome if the current situation were to continue, Chu Feng decided to go all-out .

“Clank, clank, clank~~~”

Chu Feng changed his attack patterns . He began to force Chu Lingxi to have no choice but to block his Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword with her Incomplete Exalted Armament .

With that, the two weapons began to collide and send forth sparks repeatedly . Chu Lingxi was also being beaten back .

Even though Chu Feng’s battle power after using his full strength was only slightly stronger than Chu Lingxi’s, it was sufficient to cause Chu Lingxi’s arm to go numb . If this were to continue, she would find it very difficult to persist against Chu Feng .


Suddenly, a Heaven character started to flicker on Chu Lingxi’s forehead .

Once the Heaven-level Lightning Mark appeared, Chu Lingxi’s cultivation immediately increased .


At practically the same time, a Divine-level Lightning Mark appeared on Chu Feng’s forehead .

The two of them had increased their cultivations from rank three to rank four Exalteds at the same time .

“Damn it . Big brother Chu Feng, you’re simply bullying me . ”

Even though their cultivations had both increased by a level, the battle only grew more difficult for Chu Lingxi .

There was nothing that could be done about that . After all, the Divine-level Lightning Mark had a suppressive ability towards Heaven-level Lightning Marks .

“There’s nothing that I can do about that . This is the Mysterious Technique that I trained in . You can’t possibly tell me to not use it, no?”

Chu Feng replied with a beaming smile . That said, his smile was truly vile .

“Humph, don’t you act so pleased . Although I am no match for you in terms of my Heavenly Bloodline, I still have other tricks up my sleeve,” Chu Lingxi said .

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