Martial God Asura - Chapter 3745

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Chapter 3745

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Although the battle between Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei seemed to have reached an equilibrium again after using martial skills and Immortal Techniques, Linghu Hongfei’s disadvantage seemed to have lessened as the distance between them increased .

That said, those that were more attentive were able to tell that he was still at a disadvantage . Furthermore, his disadvantage was growing greater and greater .

At the beginning, a small portion of people with strong cultivations were able to see Linghu Hongfei being at a disadvantage, but later on, even the people with cultivations inferior to Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei took note of Linghu Hongfei being at a disadvantage .

Judging from their oppressive might, they all felt that it was very possible for Linghu Hongfei to be suppressed by Chu Feng .

After all, the energy ripples that filled the sky were no longer balanced . Instead, they were leaning towards Chu Feng .

Chu Feng’s attacks became stronger and stronger . They actually started suppressing Linghu Hongfei .

No matter what sort of ability Linghu Hongfei used, they were all suppressed by Chu Feng .

If Chu Feng’s oppressive might was still that of a boundless sea, then Linghu Hongfei’s oppressive might had been reduced to a large river .

The disparity between them was definitely vast .

“Chu Feng, are you thinking that victory is within your grasp now?”

To everyone’s surprise, Linghu Hongfei suddenly let out a mocking voice .

Even though he was clearly the one being suppressed, he was speaking as if victory was within his grasp .

The confidence in Linghu Hongfei’s voice made the crowd realize that he was most definitely not limited to the abilities that he had shown so far .

Linghu Hongfei must still have hidden trump cards he had yet to use .

“Sure enough, didn’t I say that Linghu Hongfei wouldn’t be so easily suppressed?”

“It would appear that there’s going to be a show to watch . It might be possible that this match will be settled . ”

After hearing Linghu Hongfei, many people became excited .

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Due to Exalted Heavenly Fate’s prophecy, they knew the outcome of the battle from the very start .

On top of that, Linghu Hongfei currently possessed a special status . Thus, the great majority of the people not only knew that he would win, but they also hoped for his victory .

In other words, they were not there for the sake of watching an exciting showdown . They were also there to personally witness how Chu Feng would be killed .


Suddenly, Chu Feng, who was holding superiority over Linghu Hongfei, did not continue to attack . Instead, his expression grew distorted, and he then stopped his attacks toward Linghu Hongfei .

He was retreating!!!

“What’s going on?”

“What is Chu Feng doing?”

“Could it be that Chu Feng is frightened of Linghu Hongfei?”

“Could Chu Feng be getting cold feet, and planning to flee?”

The crowd all felt confused by his sudden reaction . This was especially true in regards to his current expression . It seemed like he had encountered some sort of trouble .

At that moment, all sorts of guesses were being voiced nonstop .

“Chu Feng, what’s wrong?”

At the same time, there were countless voice transmissions reaching Chu Feng’s ears .

Those voice transmissions were from Grandmaster Liangqiu, Gu Mingyuan, Chu Lingxi, Chu Xuanzhengfa, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and many other Chu Heavenly Clansmen .

They were all worried about Chu Feng . They were worried that he had encountered some sort of trouble .

In fact, their worries were correct . Chu Feng was indeed in trouble .

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Inside Chu Feng’s dantian was the Sacred Tree Seed .

Should his bloodline power attack it, his cultivation would be affected .

Right at that very moment, Chu Feng’s bloodline power had decided to attack the Sacred Tree Seed again .

With the situation being like this, it was impossible for Chu Feng to not be affected .

Currently, his cultivation was being suppressed, and was decreasing .

“Girl, I might need for you to take over . ”

As Chu Feng spoke, he opened his world spirit gate .

Chu Feng knew that he was no longer able to continue the battle against Linghu Hongfei .

No matter how unwilling he might be, there was nothing he could do .

Fortunately, Yu Sha had awoken . Furthermore, she possessed the cultivation to take on Linghu Hongfei .

This could be considered to be great fortune among great misfortune .

“What’s wrong with you?” Yu Sha asked .

“It’s nothing . I’m going to hand him over to you," said Chu Feng .

“Oh . " Yu Sha had evidently realized that something was amiss . However, since Chu Feng was unwilling to tell her what was happening, she did not ask too much about it either . Instead, she directly walked out from the world spirit gate .

“It’s her . It’s that world spirit again . ”

“Back in the Nine Dragons Upper Realm, it was precisely that world spirit that fought Linghu Hongfei to a tie . ”

After Yu Sha appeared, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar .

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Yu Sha was no ordinary world spirit . She was simply too famous . After all, from the battle in the Nine Dragons Upper Realm, Chu Feng had managed to become the first ranked of the Ancestral Martial Starfield alongside Linghu Hongfei all because of her .

Yu Sha’s strength had already obtained the crowd’s acknowledgement . In fact, she had become a legend to many people .

After all, back then, Yu Sha was only a rank one Exalted when she managed to tie with Linghu Hongfei, a rank two Exalted .

If one must say it, Yu Sha would actually be stronger than Linghu Hongfei .

After all, if they possessed the same cultivation, Linghu Hongfei would not be her match .

Most importantly, her current cultivation was far more powerful than before .

Everyone present could sense that her current cultivation was no longer that of a rank one Exalted . Instead, it was that of a rank four Exalted .

Back then, Yu Sha was able to tie with a rank two Exalted Linghu Hongfei as a rank one Exalted .

With this, it might be possible for her to defeat the rank five Exalted Linghu Hongfei as a rank four Exalted .

Although Yu Sha was a world spirit… she was indeed capable of being counted as a formidable opponent for Linghu Hongfei .

“It’s a bit interesting now . ”

“Never would I have imagined that I’d actually be able to see you again . ”

Linghu Hongfei was also rather surprised to see Yu Sha . The reason why he was surprised was likely because he did not expect her cultivation to have increased so much .

His own cultivation speed was already extremely fast .

Even if Chu Feng was able to catch up to his cultivation, he did not think that a single world spirit would be able to catch up to him .

That was the reason why he felt so surprised .

That said, after feeling surprised, a look of excitement blossomed on Linghu Hongfei’s face .

Back then, if it wasn’t for that world spirit, Chu Feng simply would not have been able to contend against him .

It was that world spirit that had made Chu Feng equally as famous as him .

Linghu Hongfei felt that to be a sort of humiliation .

This humiliation was all brought upon him by Chu Feng's world spirit .

Because of that, Linghu Hongfei felt deep hatred for Yu Sha .

“Perhaps today… will not only be a day where the outcome will be determined . ”

“Instead… it’ll be a day where life and death will be determined . ”

A cold smile appeared on Linghu Hongfei’s face when he saw Yu Sha .

Sure enough, he was thinking of killing Yu Sha the moment he saw her .

However, Yu Sha did not respond to Linghu Hongfei . She merely looked at him with a cold gaze . Furthermore, there was a trace of contempt in her gaze .

She actually did not place Linghu Hongfei in her eyes at all .


Suddenly, Linghu Hongfei unleashed his attack .


Golden radiance covered the sky and earth . That was no ordinary martial power . Instead, it was a very powerful Immortal Technique .

At practically the same instant as that golden radiance appeared, boundless black gaseous flames erupted out of Yu Sha’s body like a volcanic eruption .

Yu Sha not only released the black gaseous flames, but she had also unleashed her black warhorse .

She mounted the horse and held a spear in her hand as she collided with Linghu Hongfei .