Martial God Asura - Chapter 3749

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Chapter 3749
Chapter 3749 - The Descent Of The Four Symbols

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“His cultivation actually increased again?!!!”

Seeing the current Linghu Hongfei, the crowd felt incomparably complicated .

There were a lot of Exalted-level experts . . .

Among them, many possessed Heavenly Bloodlines or Divine Power .

However, not all cultivators were capable of increasing their cultivation through the power of their bloodline or Divine Power .

Linghu Hongfei possessed a Heaven level Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and the Cyan Nethersoul . With them, he was able to increase his cultivation three times in succession . That was already the limit for martial cultivators .

Yet, he had actually managed to increase his cultivation by another level .

Naturally, the crowd would feel completely astonished .

Furthermore, the transformation to Linghu Hongfei was very terrifying .

He no longer resembled a person . Instead, he seemed like a fierce demon .

The aura emitted by Linghu Hongfei did not resemble the power of Bloodlines, did not resemble Divine Power, and also did not resemble the power of a treasure .

If one must describe the aura emitted by Linghu Hongfei, it seemed more like a nefarious aura, a taboo aura… the aura that one would emit after taking a forbidden medicine .

“Could it be, Linghu Hongfei took a forbidden medicine?”

This thought came to many people .

“Forbidden medicine? Fools, this is our Heavenly Demon Body!!!”

“It is a power even more noble, even more powerful than Divine Power . It is a power from the Ancient Era,” Linghu Hongfei said . Even his voice had changed .

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His voice sounded like that of a ferocious beast . It was very forceful, very imposing . At the same time, it was filled with killing intent .

It seemed like he would be able to kill a person at any given time and place .

“Heavenly Demon Body?!!”

“How come I’ve never heard of that sort of power?”

The crowd felt even more confused upon hearing Linghu Hongfei’s explanation .

Both bloodline power and Divine Power were sacred powers .

But even if one possessed bloodline power or Divine Power, it did not mean that one would definitely be very powerful .

It would depend on the cultivator himself as to exactly how much power he would be able to unleash . Because of that, both bloodline power and Divine Power were acknowledged by others .

That was also the reason why the crowd felt that Chu Feng, Linghu Hongfei and Chu Lingxi were all demon-level geniuses .

The reason for that was because they’d relied on their own bloodlines to increase their cultivations . Even if they’d relied on treasures as well, those treasures were not things that just anyone could subdue .

However, forbidden medicines were different . Anyone could use forbidden medicines . Furthermore, after using the forbidden medicine, their cultivations would increase .

Thus, taking forbidden medicine was looked down upon by everyone . It was an action of desperation, an action of someone driven to helplessness with no other alternative .

Taking forbidden medicines was unrelated to one’s own cultivation, unrelated to one’s own talent . As long as one possessed a forbidden medicine, anyone could take it . At the very most, one would suffer a backlash after taking forbidden medicine .

The aura emitted by Linghu Hongfei at that moment was precisely that .

Even though he appeared very frightening, even though he had indeed increased his cultivation by an entire level, when Linghu Hongfei said that his Heavenly Demon Body was a power more precious than Divine Power, no one believed him .

“I got it . That is precisely the feeling I had when Linghu Hongfei suppressed me with his oppressive might . That is precisely the power that restricted my own power,” said Chu Lingxi .

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“Too strange . That is most definitely not a pure power . Instead, that’s some sort of corrupt method," said Gu Mingyuan .

Actually, there were a lot of people that felt the same way as Gu Mingyuan .

However, that was not important . What was important was that Linghu Hongfei’s cultivation had increased again . With this, exactly how was Chu Feng supposed to respond?

“Linghu Hongfei, that power of yours does not seem like a Heavenly Demon Body . Instead, it’s more like a Clown’s Body . ”

“Use that Exalted Taboo: Vast Heavenly Lens to look at yourself . The current you truly resembles a clown,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile .

“What is Chu Feng doing? Has he gone mad?”

Seeing that Chu Feng was not panicking and was instead mocking Linghu Hongfei, the crowd all felt that he had gone mad .

Since they’d already signed the life and death contract, if Chu Feng were to infuriate Linghu Hongfei, what awaited him would only be a miserable death .

After all, the person Chu Feng was facing at that moment was not a martial cultivator . Instead, Linghu Hongfei was a true monster .

“There is indeed a clown here . However, that clown is not me . Instead, it’s you . ”

Suddenly, Linghu Hongfei let out a roar .

The next instant, violent wind visible to the naked eye was sent forth from his mouth and swept toward Chu Feng .

In an instant, the surging wind completely engulfed Chu Feng .

That was no ordinary wind storm . Instead, it was a storm of death .

“Sure enough, Exalted Heavenly Fate’s prophecy cannot be mistaken . ”

At that moment, the crowd were sighing nonstop . At the same time, they were feeling pained .

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Naturally, they were feeling pained for Chu Feng .

Chu Feng’s performance was close to perfect . Witnessing his strength, the crowd came to a realization as to why Chu Feng would dare to show up, even knowing Exalted Heavenly Fate’s prophecy .

Chu Feng’s strength was indeed superior to that of ordinary people . With the same cultivation, even Linghu Hongfei was defeated by him .

Unfortunately, Linghu Hongfei still had a trump card in his hand .

Regardless of how Linghu Hongfei had obtained his Heavenly Demon Body, it was undeniable that he was indeed capable of killing Chu Feng .

“Linghu Hongfei, what are you doing? Are you tickling me?”

Suddenly, a voice was heard . It was Chu Feng’s voice .

Hearing that voice, the crowd all turned their gazes back to where he had stood previously .

The reason for that was because they’d not only heard Chu Feng’s voice, but they’d also heard confidence and ease in his voice .

Faced with such a terrifying Linghu Hongfei, how could Chu Feng be so relaxed?


At the moment when the crowd were feeling confused, a transformation occurred in the sky .

A sea of golden clouds appeared in the sky . The clouds were emitting a golden light . .

The golden light sealed off the sky and enveloped and basked the surroundings in gold .

Seeing the golden clouds that sealed off the sky, the crowd all exclaimed in astonishment .

To the crowd’s surprise, there were four giant creatures galloping in the golden clouds .

Those four giant creatures were none other than the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise, the Four Great Divine Beasts!!!


After the Four Great Divine Beasts appeared, they roared at the same time .

Their roars were extremely intimidating . Not only were they deafeningly loud, but they also brought fear to the crowd’s hearts .

It seemed like the four giant beasts were capable of devouring everyone present should they wish it .

The oppressive might emitted by the Four Symbols Divine Beasts was simply too strong, so strong that everyone felt fear toward them .

The might of the Four Symbols Divine Beasts was different from any others .

They were both powerful and divine . They appeared like sacred beings, gods even .

It was as if the four of them were creatures of a higher caliber than the people present .

“What are those? What sort of ability is that? What a terrifying might . ”

Seeing the scene in the sky, the crowd were all endlessly astonished, and crying out in alarm .

“It’s Divine Power . ”

Suddenly, a voice was heard . The person who said those words was Grandmaster Liangqiu .

Hearing those words, the crowd felt completely tensed . They felt as if their heads were about to explode .

Divine Power???!!!