Martial God Asura - Chapter 3755

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Chapter 3755

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“Why would this be happening?”

Gu Mingyuan and the others all turned their gazes to Chu Feng.

They all wanted to know why the protective formation would suddenly start shattering.

However, not even Chu Feng knew what was happening.

It was like he was losing control over the protective formation.

With the situation like that, it was already impossible for him to kill the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen with it.

Helpless, Chu Feng used the protective formation to shift the Chu Heavenly Clansmen imprisoned in the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s warship over to his side.

Since he was no longer able to use the power of the protective formation to kill the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen, he could only maintain the power of the protective formation so that he could barely protect himself and the others.

Suddenly, a shattering sound was heard.

It was Linghu Zhishi.

Linghu Zhishi had managed to shatter the protective formation around him with a punch.

Even though he was simply unable to contend against the intact protective formation, the shattered protective formation was simply unable to withstand a single blow from him.

“They’re doomed. It seems like Chu Feng’s protective formation cannot be used for long.”

“Chu Feng is going to suffer now.”

Seeing that scene, the crowd’s expressions became complicated.

All the things that had happened were simply too shocking.

When they felt that Chu Feng was doomed, he had unleashed the protective formation.

Through the overwhelming power of the protective formation, he had not only crushed Linghu Hongfei to death before Linghu Zhishi, but had also nearly exterminated the entire Linghu Heavenly Clan.

However, at the moment, when the crowd felt that Chu Feng would be able to extinguish the Linghu Heavenly Clan through that protective formation, the protective formation started to shatter.

Without the protective formation, how exactly was Chu Feng supposed to contend against Linghu Zhishi?

It was simply impossible for him to do so.

Judging from the current situation, it was no longer the Linghu Heavenly Clan that was forced into a corner. Instead it was Chu Feng and the Chu Heavenly Clan.

“Chu Feng’s protective formation is done for! Look at that stick he’s holding in his hand!”

At that moment, the crowd turned their gazes to the stick Chu Feng held in his hand.

They could see that the white light originally emitted by the stick was dissipating, and the strange runes and symbols were also dimming. The great power of that stick seemed to be disappearing.

Seeing the change to the stick, Chu Feng shouted in his heart, “Don’t play this sort of joke with me at a time like this!”

Chu Feng was more nervous than anyone else. Even though he was trying his hardest to maintain the power of that protective formation…

… he was simply incapable of maintaining it.

Rather than saying that he was no longer able to continue to control the power of the protective formation, it was more accurate to say that the power of the protective formation was disappearing.

“What is going on? I clearly didn’t feel that this spirit formation had a time limit before.”

At the same time as Chu Feng was panicking, he was also feeling very puzzled.

The reason why he was so confused was because he was certain that the protective formation could be used continuously.

However, the current result was completely different from what he had imagined.

The protective formation was acting like it had reached its time limit, and was shattering.

As for the reason why Chu Feng was panicking, it was naturally because the only way he could contend against Linghu Zhishi was using that protective formation.

It was as the crowd was thinking, if Chu Feng were to lose the power of the protective formation, he would no longer be able to contend against Linghu Zhishi. After all, no matter how powerful he might be, he was only an Exalted.

“Crack, crack, crack~~~”

Shattering sounds exploded simultaneously in the sky.

At that moment, glass fragments shattered all over the heaven and earth.

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All of the protective formations shattered at the same time.

As the white light that filled the sky started to sprinkle down like rain, all of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen revealed looks of despair.

Even the bystanders felt Chu Feng and the others to be doomed.

They were all able to tell by the way that things were looking...

The protective formation’s shattering actually had nothing to do with Linghu Zhishi.

At the moment when the protective formation shattered, the stick in Chu Feng’s hand returned to a dull and normal appearance.

The power of the protective formation had completely disappeared. Chu Feng’s strongest trump card had disappeared.

“Done for, they’re done for.”

The people that did not wish for Chu Feng’s death all became dejected.

No matter how the situation was previously, Chu Feng’s expression had remained unchanged the entire time.

Yet now, the crowd were able to witness panic on his face.

This made them realize that Chu Feng had been forced into a corner. Otherwise, he would not be reacting in such a manner.

“Chu Feng, I will dismember you into ten thousand pieces!!!”

Suddenly, a furious roar resounded throughout the sky. Linghu Zhishi’s oppressive might had once again begun to wreak havoc.

It was not only his oppressive might. What terrified the crowd the most was his ice-cold killing intent.

This was the third time Linghu Zhishi had shouted so furiously in a short period of time.

Both his oppressive might and his killing intent were extremely strong.

However, of the three times, this time was the most terrifying to the crowd.

After all, no matter how furious Linghu Zhishi was previously, the protective formation was still there. Because of that, there was nothing Linghu Zhishi could do to Chu Feng.

At that time, Linghu Zhishi’s furious roars sounded more like he was venting his helplessness, his unreconciliation.

However, it was different this time around. The current him was capable of obliterating Chu Feng and the others.

After all, the crowd all knew that even if Gu Mingyuan took those forbidden medicines, she would not be able to contend against Linghu Zhishi.

Although she was unable to contend against Linghu Zhishi, Gu Mingyuan still took out those forbidden medicines.

Even though she knew she would die, she still had to try to put up a final fight in this sort of situation.

However, to everyone’s surprise, at the moment when the calamity was about to hit, the expression of the frowning and panicked Chu Feng suddenly changed.

Not only did that frown disappear from his face, but he even revealed a look of joy!!!