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Martial God Asura - Chapter 3785

Published at 7th of November 2019 03:40:10 AM

Chapter 3785

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“Song Ge, I’ve heard that there’s a place in your Void Cleanse Monastery called the Fate-changing Bell?” Chu Feng asked curiously .

He was curious because Old Freak Tang wanted to meet Song Ge there . Thus, he wanted to know if that was a random place he had selected, or if it was an extraordinary place .

“Indeed, we do possess a Fate-changing Bell, how did you know about it?” asked Song Ge .

“Occasionally, I would hear others mention it . That’s why I’m curious," said Chu Feng .

“Speaking of the Fate-changing Bell, there’s a story behind it . ”

“Did you know that even though our Void Cleanse Monastery is not very large, we’ve existed for over thirty thousand years, and have had a total of eleven headmasters?”

“Our third headmaster is also the legend of our Void Cleanse Monastery . That’s because… she was the only female headmaster in the history of our Void Cleanse Monastery," said Song Ge .

“Is that so? She’s the only one?” Chu Feng reacted with greater interest .

“That’s right . She’s the only one . Furthermore, our third headmaster was also someone who worked very hard . ”

“However, you should also know that cultivation relies more on talent than hard work . No matter how hard one works, it would be very difficult to change that fact . ”

“Because of that, our third headmaster, due to her mediocre talent in her youth, was frequently bullied and humiliated by others . ”

“Even though she continued to work hard without complaint and never once refuted anyone, she was still unable to change the opinion others had of her . ”

“One time, our third generation’s headmaster was wrongly accused, and sentenced to be executed . ”

“At that time, the Fate-changing Bell was the location where people were executed . ”

“The Fate-changing Bell used to be called the Fate-seizing Bell . Once the bell sounded, a decapitated head would fall to the ground . ”

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“However, when the bell sounded, our third headmaster did not die . The reason for that was because someone had appeared before her . ”

“That person was not someone from our Void Cleanse Monastery . However, he was very powerful . He was a peak Exalted-level expert . ”

“One should know that peak Exalted is a level of strength stronger than all the headmasters in the history of our Void Cleanse Monastery . ”

“Because of that, when that expert appeared, the entire Void Cleanse Monastery felt great respect and veneration for him . ”

“Even our second headmaster went out of his way to personally welcome that expert . ”

“However, to everyone’s surprise, the peak Exalted-level expert actually turned out to be our third headmaster’s father . ”

“It turned out that our third headmaster had a very powerful father . However, she had never mentioned the fact that she was being bullied in the Void Cleanse Monastery to her father . She didn’t even mention that she had been wrongly accused . ”

“If her father hadn’t learned of her being falsely accused and set to be executed, if her father hadn’t rushed over in time, the third headmaster would’ve truly been executed," said Song Ge .

“Thus, her father cleansed her of the injustice she had received, and beheaded all those that had wrongly accused her?” asked Chu Feng .

“Not only that, the third headmaster’s father proclaimed before everyone that his daughter was absolutely not someone with mediocre talent . On the contrary, she was a genius martial cultivator . Merely, the people in their clan were all people that became geniuses later on in their lives . ”

“Sure enough, after several years had passed, the third headmaster transformed into a completely different person . She was able to learn everything rapidly . Her cultivation began to advance by leaps and bounds . Later on, she even became our Void Cleanse Monastery’s third headmaster . ”

“Because of that story, the Fate-seizing Bell stopped being the place where criminals were executed . Instead, it was renamed the Fate-changing Bell . ” Song Ge had a look of envy on her face as she explained everything .

Chu Feng naturally knew what she was envious about . Song Ge had never seen her father her entire life . However, she deeply longed to meet him .

To long for someone and be unable to see them, this was a feeling that Chu Feng knew very well . He had felt the same way back when he hadn't met his father . He was still able to deeply understand this sort of feeling .

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After all, even now, he still hadn’t met his mother, and did not know what she looked like .

Thus, after seeing how Song Ge was envious of the third headmaster, and how she had a father that protected her like that, Chu Feng seemed to understand why Old Freak Tang told him to bring Song Ge to the Fate-changing Bell in two days .

It would appear that Old Freak Tang had made his decision . He was planning to recognize Song Ge as his daughter .

At the same time, he was planning to change Song Ge’s fate like the father of the Void Cleanse Monastery’s third headmaster had changed her fate .

“Young master Luo, those two have been chatting nonstop like two sweethearts . They are simply paying no attention to us at all . ”

Chu Feng and Song Ge’s conversations were met with looks of contempt from the men .

After all, they believed Song Ge to be their plaything .

To see their plaything not being toyed around with by them, and instead chatting nonstop with someone else, they naturally felt very displeased .

“Don’t fret . For someone like him, we must plan meticulously . He will soon regret following us here,” Luo Zhi spoke with a ruthless tone .

They were naturally saying everything through voice transmissions .

However, without any exceptions, all their voice transmissions were intercepted by Chu Feng .

Unfortunately for them, their cultivations were simply too weak . Although they were deemed to be geniuses in the eyes of many, they were akin to ants before Chu Feng .

He was accompanying them purely to amuse himself by toying with them . Since he needed to accompany Song Ge anyways, he felt that it would be enjoyable to toy with the trash beside her .

It could be said that he was cleaning up the trash through special means .

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Not long afterward, someone walked in carrying a pot of tea .

The person that brought in the tea took a secret glance at Luo Zhi . Luo Zhi then turned his gaze to Chu Feng .

Chu Feng knew that this pot of tea must be what Luo Zhi had meticulously prepared for him .

Sure enough, after being directed by Luo Zhi, the man walked over to Chu Feng .

“Young master, this is our Cyan Bamboo Teahouse’s best tea . ”

“Please have a sample . ”

As that attendant spoke, he poured the tea into Chu Feng’s teacup .

However, right after the teacup was filled, Song Ge suddenly said, “Wait . ”

“How come that tea of yours smells a bit strange?” asked Song Ge .

“Strange? That shouldn’t be . ” The attendant immediately shook his head .

“The teas from your teahouse are all brimming with the aroma of tea . It is only that tea that has a very faint aroma, so faint that it’s like water . Is this truly the best tea your teahouse possesses?” Song Ge was skeptical .

She was no fool . She was not fond of being associated with those people because she knew that all of them were up to no good .

That was the reason why she was afraid that they would attempt to poison Chu Feng .

As for the tea, Song Ge felt it to be abnormal .

It was not only the tea; the expression of the attendant was also strange .

“This…” The attendant didn’t know how to respond . Panic appeared on his face . After all, he knew that he was doing something bad .

Seeing that things were about to be exposed, Luo Zhi immediately stood up .

“Elder Song Ge, you might not know about this . This tea is famed for its unique characteristic . ”

“To explain things simply, this tea is a treasure of the Cyan Bamboo Teahouse . ”

“That said, not just anyone can enjoy this treasure of a tea . However, I feel that brother Asura is a person of talent . I can tell that he’s no ordinary person from a single glance . Thus, brother Asura must be able to enjoy this tea . That is why I deliberately ordered them to prepare this tea for him . ”

“Brother Asura, you couldn’t possibly be undaring to enjoy the tea, right?”

Luo Zhi looked to Chu Feng with a mocking gaze . He was trying to incite Chu Feng into drinking the tea .

However, before Chu Feng could say anything, Song Ge waved her hand at the attendant .

“There is no need for Asura to try out that sort of tea . Take it back . ”

“Don’t . How could we waste such a good tea?” Chu Feng said with a smile .

As Chu Feng spoke, he raised the teacup before him .

“Asura, do not drink that tea . ”

Song Ge had already realized that Luo Zhi was deliberately making things difficult for Chu Feng . Thus, she wanted to stop Chu Feng from drinking the tea .

However, she was met with a smile from Chu Feng, “This is a rarely available great tea, I must drink it . ”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng drank the entire cup of tea in a single gulp .

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