Martial God Asura - Chapter 3799

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Chapter 3799

Chapter 3799 - Useless Loyalty

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“Lord Headmaster, Zuo Ying would not dare neglect such a major event . ”


“Because of that, I’ve come very early," Zuo Ying replied with a clasped fist .


“Very well . Sure enough, our choice was correct . It is our Void Cleanse Monastery’s blessing to be able to obtain a talent like Elder Zuo Ying,” the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster said .


“Everyone, you’ve waited a long time . ”


Right at that moment, a resounding voice suddenly exploded in midair . Then, a figure descended from the sky and landed in the plaza .


That person was Zuo Ying’s father .


“Elder Zuo, we haven't waited long . It is actually still not time yet . If we insist on being precise, you’ve also arrived early . ”


“However, that is fine . Since you’ve arrived, we can begin ahead of time,” said the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster .


“Headmaster, I seem to remember that I still haven’t agreed to become your Void Cleanse Monastery’s nominal elder?”


“Thus, it shouldn’t be up to me, an outsider, to appoint Zuo Ying as the outer sect’s head elder . Instead, you all should be making the appointment yourselves," said Zuo Ying’s father .


Once he said those words, the expressions of the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster and elders all changed somewhat .


“Elder Zuo, what are you talking about? Weren't you the one who stated that you would join our Void Cleanse Monastery?”


“Furthermore, I’ve also personally handed you our Void Cleanse Monastery elder’s title plate," the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster said with great confusion .


“If accepting the title plate is equivalent to agreeing, then I will return this title plate to you . ”


Zuo Ying’s father raised his hand, and a title plate was tossed towards the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster .


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That title plate was precisely the Void Cleanse Monastery’s elder’s title plate .


“What are you…?”


At that moment, the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster was completely at a loss . At the same time, he found himself in a very awkward situation .


It was clearly a day of celebration . Why would things turn out this way?


Had it been before, he would’ve burst into a rage already . However, their Void Cleanse Monastery needed Zuo Ying’s father to strengthen their battle power . Thus, he decided to restrain himself .


However, this matter must be settled . Merely, he was confused as to what the problem was .


Feeling helpless, the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster turned a questioning gaze to Zuo Ying .


“Father, what are you doing?”


Zuo Ying felt slightly unhappy . Even she was confused as to why her father had done such a thing .


What her father had done would make things very difficult for her in the Void Cleanse Monastery .


“Zuo Ying, your father will not become an elder to a sect that bullies you,” said Zuo Ying’s father .


“Bully? Elder Zuo, what are you talking about? Could there be some sort of misunderstanding? No one in our Void Cleanse Monastery has ever bullied Zuo Ying . " said the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster .


“No one?”


“Humph . Are you all planning to discriminate in favor of that woman that much?”


Zuo Ying’s father let out a sneer . Then, he pointed a finger at Song Ge .




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It was not only the bystanders that were completely puzzled . Even Song Ge herself was completely puzzled .


“That woman and my daughter are both elders of your Void Cleanse Monastery . ”


“My daughter showed great concern and care for her, and considered her a close friend . Yet, she plotted against my daughter multiple times using all sorts of despicable means behind her back . ”


“My daughter has suffered this sort of bullying, yet you all pretend that you don't know about it?”


“You actually dare to ask me if it might be a misunderstanding?”


Zuo Ying’s father pointed to Song Ge as he questioned the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster .


“Senior, when did I ever bully your daughter? Where did you hear such things?” Song Ge asked Zuo Ying’s father .


“You shut up! This is no place for you to speak!”



Zuo Ying’s father angrily shouted down Song Ge .


His powerful oppressive might pushed Song Ge back repeatedly . In the end, she lost her balance and fell to the ground .


Seeing that, Chu Feng immediately clenched his fists .


However, he did not reveal himself .


Chu Feng knew that it was still not time . At the very least, this was not the day for him to stand up for Song Ge .




After pushing Song Ge down, Zuo Ying’s father turned his gaze to the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster again . “I am asking you, are you all going to handle this matter or not?”


Hearing those words, the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster came to a realization .

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He was not the only one that reached a sudden realization . Many others present also came to a realization .


Zuo Ying’s father was putting forth a demand .


He was actually strong enough to become a Supreme Elder of the Void Cleanse Monastery .


However, he had a condition: taking care of Song Ge .


Everyone knew what sort of person Song Ge was . Although she was very cold and detached, she would always be there if she was truly needed, and would help with any sort of problem .


Disregarding everything else and considering merely her identity as an elder, Song Ge was most definitely a very good elder in the eyes of the people of the Void Cleanse Monastery .


Since many people knew what sort of character she had, they knew that Zuo Ying’s father was deliberately creating trouble .


However, no one dared to expose him .


After all, compared to Song Ge, the status of Zuo Ying’s father was simply much too strong .


“Elder Zuo, this is indeed our Void Cleanse Monastery’s negligence . ”


“Say, how do you wish to punish this person?” the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster asked .




Hearing that, Song Ge was immediately stunned . Disbelief filled her eyes .


The Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster was actually planning to punish her?


But she clearly didn’t do anything .


“Lord Headmaster, I, Song Ge, joined the Void Cleanse Monastery at the age of ten . I’ve been a disciple of the Void Cleanse Monastery for all these years, and have remained faithful and true to the Void Cleanse Monastery the entire time . Never have I once done anything wrong . ”


“Are you really going to punish me today after hearing the words of an outsider without any proof?”


“I am an elder of the Void Cleanse Monastery . Shouldn’t you be protecting me instead?”


“He has wrongly accused me . Yet, not only did you not speak out for me, but you’re actually going to punish me?”


Song Ge’s eyes were watery as she asked those questions .


Wronged . She felt truly wronged .


However, she did not cry . She was still resisting her tears . She was still trying to set herself to be a model . Thus, she must show that she was strong .


“Look at this! She has clearly done all sorts of evil, yet she’s still pretending as if she’s the one suffering the grievance!”


“However, she is still a woman . Thus, it is best to not be too excessive with her . That said, I believe that someone like her is unworthy of being an elder of the Void Cleanse Monastery . ” Zuo Ying’s father said .


Hearing those words, the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster closed his eyes .


After a while, he opened his eyes again and asked Zuo Ying’s father, “Elder Zuo, are you willing to join our Void Cleanse Monastery if we punish this person?”


“If Lord Headmaster is capable of distinguishing right from wrong, I, Zuo, am willing to serve the Void Cleanse Monastery for the rest of my life . ” Zuo Ying’s father actually bowed respectfully to the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster as he said those words .


Even his attitude had changed from one of rudeness to one of respectfulness .


“Men! Retrieve Song Ge’s title plate and expel her from our Void Cleanse Monastery!” the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster said loudly .


Before interest, the Void Cleanse Monastery’s headmaster had made his decision decisively . He had decided to give up on Song Ge .


Once his words were spoken, someone immediately arrived before Song Ge and forcibly retrieved her title plate .


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