Martial God Asura - Chapter 3803

Published at 16th of November 2019 09:00:08 AM

Chapter 3803

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It turned out that Old Freak Tang was not afflicted with a terminal illness at all .

Instead, he was afflicted with a curse .

Old Freak Tang had placed a curse upon himself .

He had cursed himself to die with his beloved .

It was no wonder his condition deteriorated as Song Ge’s mother’s condition deteriorated .

It was also no wonder that Old Freak Tang died shortly after Song Ge’s mother died .

It turned out that it was all deliberately done by Old Freak Tang .

At that moment, Chu Feng felt extremely shaken .

Song Ge’s mother had deeply loved Old Freak Tang . As for Old Freak Tang, he too deeply loved her .

Love, he naturally loved her . If he only felt guilty and ashamed, he would not have gone so far .

Even though Old Freak Tang and Song Ge’s mother did not say a single word to each other throughout all those years, they had deeply loved one another .

Even though Old Freak Tang appeared to have never accompanied Song Ge’s mother, he had been silently accompanying her the entire time .

Even towards death, something that the great majority of people feared, Old Freak Tang showed no sign of cowardice, and decided to accompany his beloved into death .

This was true love!!!


The following day . Chu Feng bade his farewell to Song Ge .

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That said, Chu Feng did not go far away after bidding his farewell .

The reason for that was because when seven suns were present on the Seven Suns Mountain Range, the entrance to the Seven Suns Mountain Range would finally open .

Compared to when he'd first arrived, Chu Feng’s frame of mind had changed enormously .

In a mere five short days, he'd witnessed a family’s departing journey of love and regret .

Chu Feng felt extremely moved by it . He also started having a whole new level of awareness toward the world . In fact, he even held a new view toward the path of martial cultivation . He felt… a trace of an opportunity to make a breakthrough .

After the Seven Suns Mountain Range’s entrance gate opened, everyone lined up to climb the mountain . Chu Feng was no exception .

However, Chu Feng’s purpose differed from the rest of the crowd .

The others were ascending the mountain for the rich natural energy it contained .

Chu Feng’s goal was not that . His goal was to see the master of the Seven Suns Mountain Range, Yuan Shu .

To Chu Feng’s surprise, although the Seven Suns Mountain Range had opened up, Yuan Shu was still in closed-door training . The guards of the Seven Suns Mountain Range had no idea when he would come out of his closed-door training .

This greatly disappointed Chu Feng .

He had waited so many days in vain . He couldn’t possibly continue to wait there until Yuan Shu exited his closed-door training .

As Chu Feng pondered, he began to descend the mountain .

“Senior Asura . ”

Suddenly a series of shouts could be heard .

Chu Feng raised his head, and discovered that it was actually Yang Shenshen and her father, the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster . Of course, others from the Watermirror Paradise were accompanying them . This included Miao Yu’s grandfather .

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“What a coincidence . You all must’ve come here to train, right?” asked Chu Feng .

“That’s right . Senior Asura, you must’ve come here to train too, right?” asked Yang Shenshen .

“You can say that,” said Chu Feng .

“But, the training location is up there . Why is senior going down the mountain?” asked Yang Shenshen .

“I feel that this place will not provide much assistance to me . Thus, I don't plan to train here,” said Chu Feng .

As there were a lot of people on the mountain, Chu Feng’s words immediately caught countless gazes from the surrounding crowd .

There were mocking gazes, people rolling their eyes, and even furious gazes .

Yang Shenshen arrived beside Chu Feng and said to him using voice transmission, “Senior, you must not say that sort of thing . The people here have all come for the natural energies here . If you say something like that, you’ll end up angering them . ”

“I understand . I misspoke . ” Chu Feng smiled .

Chu Feng naturally understood Yang Shenshen’s intention . He also understood how those people felt .

Countless people were lined up waiting for a banquet to arrive . They were looking forward to it so much that they declared the banquet to be the best in the entire world .

However, when everyone was enjoying the banquet with wild joy, someone suddenly declared that there was nothing great about the banquet . Naturally, that person would be met with displeasure from the people enjoying the banquet .

Furthermore, what that person declared was akin to negating everyone’s taste and aesthetics .

“Strange . I’m not the only one uninterested in cultivating up there . Aren’t those people also staying there and not ascending the mountain?” Chu Feng pointed to some people nearby .

There was an enormous plaza there . There were a lot of people gathered atop that plaza . From a glance, there were at least several tens of thousands .

Furthermore, the number of people on that plaza was still increasing .

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“Senior, they are waiting for the opening of the World Spirit Mansion Gate," said Yang Shenshen .

“World Spirit Mansion Gate? What is that?” Chu Feng asked .

“The World Spirit Mansion Gate is a beneficial gift deliberately prepared for world spiritists . ”

“Inside the World Spirit Mansion Gate are a lot of treasures beneficial to world spirits and world spiritists . ”

“The World Spirit Mansion Gate opens once every year . Because of that, many people did not come for the sake of cultivating . Instead, they came for the World Spirit Mansion Gate . ”

“Senior, you’re also a world spiritist . You can go ahead and sense it . Those people are all filled with abundant spirit power . They’re all world spiritists," said Yang Shenshen .

“Now that you mention it . ”

Chu Feng had already noticed those people were all world spiritists .

Not only that, but he had also discovered that those world spiritists were all people of the younger generation, less than a hundred years old .


Suddenly, an enormous spirit formation gate appeared in the center of the plaza .

Once that spirit formation gate appeared, the world spiritists on the plaza began to leap into the spirit formation gate .

Once the spirit formation gate appeared, Chu Feng’s gaze was immediately captured by it .

The reason for that was because the spirit power behind that spirit formation gate was extremely powerful . Although Chu Feng was unable to tell what level it was, it was definitely not simply Dragon Mark Saint-level .

“Sure enough, that Yuan Shu is more than just a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist . He has indeed concealed his strength . ”

Chu Feng felt secretly delighted . Even though he had made guesses in the past, he now felt even more certain of his guess after seeing the spirit formation gate .

“Girl, are you interested in that World Spirit Mansion Gate?” Chu Feng asked .

He was asking the world spirit in his body, Yu Sha .

“Whatever,” Yu Sha said coldly .

“This girl . We’ve known each other for so long already, yet you’re still so cold?”

“However, since you said whatever, I’ll make the decision . Let us go in and have a look . ”

After making his decision, Chu Feng immediately started walking towards the World Spirit Mansion Gate .

Seeing that, Yang Shenshen and the others followed him .

“What’s this? Are you all also interested in that World Spirit Mansion Gate?” asked Chu Feng .

“No . We merely wanted to accompany senior and have a look,” said Yang Shenshen .

“Right, right, right . ” Yang Shenshen’s grandfather nodded repeatedly .

“It’s boring to look from outside . Let’s go in and have a look,” said Chu Feng .

“Senior Asura, please wait . ”

“You’re implying that you want to enter the World Spirit Mansion Gate?” asked Yang Shenshen .

“That’s right . What’s wrong?” asked Chu Feng with confusion .

“Senior Asura, perhaps you don’t understand this place . However, that World Spirit Mansion Gate actually has a restriction . Only people of the younger generation within a hundred years of age are able to enter it . ”

“Furthermore, they must be world spiritists . The reason for that is because one will not be able to use any martial power after entering the World Spirit Mansion Gate . The only power that one can use are world spirit techniques," said Yang Shenshen .