Martial God Asura - Chapter 3811

Published at 20th of November 2019 09:05:09 PM

Chapter 3811

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“That guy escaped?”

“What a coward . I merely crippled a single arm, yet he was actually so terrified as to flee?”

“It would appear that his previous display of fearlessness was merely a disguise . In the end, he’s still a brat, and only knows how to put up a pretense . ”

After sweeping his gaze across the plaza, the Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist began to insult Chu Feng with a mocking tone .

“Ayaya, have you turned stupid from excessive anger?”

“That brat managed to dupe you . He must’ve guessed that you would return . That is why he fled . If I were him, I would’ve fled too . What does this have to do with cowardice?”

“That’s right . What you’re doing is simply trying to find a way out of your embarrassment . Do you know how disgraceful that is?”

The ten people behind that man were not ones to keep their mouths shut .

They simply did not give way to allow that man to get out of his embarrassment . Instead, they began to mock and ridicule him .

“Humph . The hell do you all know? Perhaps the World Spirit Jade in the stone pillar was fake to begin with . ”

“Otherwise, how could you all also have failed to notice that it was fake?” said the duped world spiritist .

“Now that you mention it, that is indeed possible . ”

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t it mean that Yuan Shu was the one deceiving us? Motherfucker! That old fox is truly despicable . ”

Those ten men actually immediately agreed with that man’s theory .

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Their reactions were understandable . After all, what the man had said was very reasonable . Earlier, it was not only that man who had failed to notice that the World Spirit Jade was fake; they also had not managed to determine it to be a fake .

As such, they were actually giving themselves a way out of their embarrassing situation by agreeing to it .

“Milord, this junior does not wish to offend . However, you were truly duped . ”

Right at that moment, a person of the younger generation suddenly stood out .

That person was Wang Guangchen .

Although Wang Guangchen had knelt to Chu Feng in fear, he was actually rather courageous . At the very least, he was more courageous than the other younger generations present .

Otherwise, he wouldn't have dared to stand forth knowing full well that those eleven world spiritists were all very powerful, shameless and despicable .

“What did you say? You’re but a mere Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, the fuck do you know?”

Sure enough, after Wang Guangchen stood forth, he was immediately reprimanded by that Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist .

However, Wang Guangchen did not cower . Instead, with a lowly attitude, he continued, “Milord, after you all left, that guy’s arm immediately returned to normal . Furthermore, a World Spirit Jade appeared in his hand . Not only that, but he even had an extremely complacent smile on his face . ”

“What? That guy was actually smiling?”

Hearing those words, the eleven men were all surprised and embarrassed .

After hearing those words, they knew that they had truly been duped by Chu Feng .

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“Not only was he laughing, but he was laughing heartily . He was laughing with conceit and arrogance, like a vile man who had managed to flourish . ”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask them . All of us witnessed it . ” Wang Guangchen gestured with his hands .

“Right, right, right . Milord, we’ve all seen it . ”

After Wang Guangchen spoke, the other people of the younger generation all began to speak too . They confirmed what Wang Guangchen had said to be the truth .

They were actually displeased with those eleven world spiritists . Because of that, they wanted to seize the opportunity to embarrass them .

Besides, they had not lied . All the things they'd said were true .

Sure enough, their words caused the eleven world spiritists to feel very embarrassed .

They’d lost even their final way to get out of their embarrassment . Those eleven world spiritists could only accept the truth that they had been duped by Chu Feng .

The Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist duped by Chu Feng became particularly furious . “Damned bastard! You dare to dupe your daddy?!”

“Fucking brat, you’d best wish I don’t catch you! Otherwise, I’ll make you suffer a miserable death!”

“Kid, did you manage to see which spirit formation gate that brat entered?”

“No . He was too fast . We were simply unable to tell . ” Wang Guangchen and the other younger generations all shook their heads in a wave .

It was true that they had no idea where Chu Feng had gone . However, even if they'd known, they would not have told them .

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“Damned brat! You dare to toy with your daddy?! Don’t think you’ll live past it!”

With a raging temper, that Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist walked out of the plaza and began to set up a spirit formation that sealed off the entire plaza . He was trying to seal off Chu Feng’s escape .

“The hell are you all standing there acting like you’re watching a show for?! I’m not the only one who got duped, you were also duped! Get the hell out here and help me!!” He shouted to the ten behind him .

Logically, since he was a Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, a sealing formation set up by him should be able to easily block an Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist .

However, he had fought against Chu Feng earlier . At that time, Chu Feng had managed to trick him right before his eyes . Because of that, he knew that Chu Feng was truly not an ordinary Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist .

Thus, he no longer dared to show any carelessness . Only by giving his all to set up the spirit formation did he have any confidence that he would be able to stop Chu Feng .

However, if he were to set up the sealing formation by himself, it would take a very long time . That was why he called for the other ten to help him .

The ten men realized what his intention was . They did not refuse him, and started to help him set up the sealing formation .

This time around, they did not conceal their spirit power . Thus, the ten others all revealed their spirit power as well .

It turned out that all eleven of them were Saint-cloak World Spiritists .

Furthermore, apart from the earliest Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist defeated by Chu Feng, the remaining ten were all Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists .


Seeing such a scene, those people of the younger generation were unable to keep themselves from gasping with shock .

They realized that that person of the younger generation by the name of Asura had not only offended a single Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, but he had offended a total of ten of them .

Inside the World Spirit Mansion Gate where one could only use world spirit techniques, it was definitely not good for a person of the younger generation to offend ten Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists .

Even though the eleven Saint-cloak World Spiritists were working together, it still took them two entire hours to finish setting up the sealing formation .

It could be seen that they were truly enraged . Otherwise, they would not have gone through such effort all so that they could seal off Chu Feng’s escape .

After they finished setting up the spirit formation, the eleven of them returned to a spirit formation gate located deep within the plaza .

Wang Guangchen looked to the sealing formation and sighed . “That fellow by the name of Asura will end up suffering miserably . ”

“That spirit formation doesn’t seem to be very powerful," the other people of the younger generation said in a confused manner .

“The hell do you all know? Those are eleven Saint-cloak World Spiritists . Furthermore, ten of them are Snake Mark . The eleven of them joined hands and took two entire hours to finish setting up this spirit formation . It is simply impossible for you all to imagine what level of spirit formation it is . ”

“I can only tell you this . Although this spirit formation appears to be very simple, it is actually extremely dangerous . Make sure to not approach it . Otherwise, you will not know how you died . ”

“Not to mention you all, even if it’s that Asura, he will still suffer enormously should he come into contact with that spirit formation . " With his hands behind his back, Wang Guangchen spoke with dead earnestness .

Hearing those words, the people of the younger generation that had rushed toward the spirit formation with the intention of observing it immediately stepped back in fear and began to distance themselves from it . They were deeply afraid that they would be implicated by it .

“I truly thank you for being so considerate of me . ”

Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind the crowd .

The crowd looked back . Upon doing so, their expressions all changed enormously . Wasn’t the person standing behind them the fellow by the name of Asura?

Could it be that he had been in the plaza the entire time?