Martial God Asura - Chapter 3847

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Chapter 3847

Upon closer inspection, the light was composed of symbols and runes . The complicated symbols and runes had condensed into a suit of armor .

Seeing the armor, Chu Feng’s brows narrowed .

The armor contained a strange power . Even Chu Feng was unable to tell what sort of power that was . However, Chu Feng felt danger from it .

Furthermore, it should be worth mentioning that the strange armor of symbols and runes had not only appeared on the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints .

Instead, such armor had appeared on all eleven of the Mystic Cave Saints .

Soon, the symbols on the armor started to spin rapidly . With that, they began to shine much brighter . The light emitted by the armor soared straight into the sky .

Not even Chu Feng’s spirit power was able to stop it .

Eleven pillars of light soared into the sky at the same time and turned into an enormou net filled with symbols and runes that covered the sky .

At the same time, a strange aura descended from the sky .

“This sensation?”

At that moment, Chu Feng’s heart grew tense .

When that aura landed on him, Chu Feng felt as if his power was being restricted .

His powerful spirit power instantly grew much weaker .

However, it seemed like he was the only one who was affected by it . The others present were all unaffected .

Upon closer inspection, Chu Feng discovered that a layer of symbols and runes had appeared on his body .

The symbols and runes were exactly the same as the ones on the armor worn by the Mystic Cave Saints .

Merely, those symbols and runes were extremely small . If Chu Feng didn’t use special methods, he would not even have detected them .

At that moment, Chu Feng was certain that even though the spirit formation of symbols and runes in the sky appeared very imposing and vast, it was only targeting him .

This was an ability the Mystic Cave Saints had used solely for him .

However, it did not resemble an ordinary spirit formation . Rather, it seemed more like some sort of treasure .

At the very least, it was not a spirit formation that the Mystic Cave Saints had set up .

“How was it? Little brat, you should’ve sensed it, no?” the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints asked with a beaming smile .

“What is this?” asked Chu Feng .

“This is called the Binding Armor Formation . It is capable of assimilating with one’s opponent . ”

“For example, since your spirit power surpasses us brothers, the Binding Armor Formation will make your spirit power identical to us brothers . ”

“Of course, this Binding Armor Formation was originally prepared for that boy Yuan Shu . ”

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“It could be said that we’re giving you face by using it on you . ” said the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints .

Hearing those words, Chu Feng finally understood why the Mystic Cave Saints were willing to accept this gamble knowing full well that the Red-dress Holy Land would attempt to request the assistance of Grandmaster Yuan Shu .

As it turned out, they were already prepared .

According to them, with their Binding Armor Formation, even if Yuan Shu was a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, he would still be suppressed by the Binding Armor Formation .

The Binding Armor Formation would suppress Yuan Shu’s spirit power to be at the same level as theirs .

It would make Yuan Shu’s superiority disappear .

“Damn it! Those Mystic Cave Saints actually possess such a treasure?!”

“To suppress one’s opponent’s strength with a treasure because one’s own strength is insufficient, this is simply too despicable!”

The people from the Red-dress Holy Land all lashed out at the Mystic Cave Saints .


Right at that moment, the grand protective formation around the Mystic Cave Saints suddenly shattered .

The Mystic Cave Saints all emerged from their previous hideout .

They were the ones that had removed the grand protective formation .

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After Chu Feng’s spirit power was suppressed, they were planning to stop defending, and unleash their attack at him .

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right after they left their grand protective formation, the giant ferocious beasts Chu Feng had created earlier immediately rushed towards them .

Seeing the incoming ferocious beasts, the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints unleashed his spirit power .

His spirit power turned into flames that revolved around them . Although it was also a defensive formation, it was extremely powerful .

Chu Feng’s enormous ferocious beasts were akin to moths flying into the flame .

They immediately let out roars and were destroyed upon entering the flames .

Chu Feng’s ferocious attack that the Mystic Cave Saints were unable to ward off even when defending with all their might earlier was now easily warded off .

Earlier, Chu Feng had held absolute superiority . However, he had now fallen into a complete disadvantage .

“How could this be? According to them, that so-called Binding Armor Formation will be able to suppress young master Asura’s spirit power . However, their spirit power should be identical . ”

“Why would young master Asura’s spirit power weaken this much, whereas the Mystic Cave Saints’ spirit power did not weaken, but has instead strengthened?”

The Red-dress Holy Land’s elders were all discussing spiritedly .

At the moment when the crowd were confused, the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster said, “It’s the treasure in their hand . ”

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Once she said those words, the elders all noticed that the Mystic Cave Saints’ Eldest was holding a horsetail whisk in his hand .

The horsetail whisk was very small, much smaller than an ordinary horsetail whisk . It also did not appear to be special at all . It was so unremarkable that they’d nearly failed to notice it .

The spirit power that was suppressing Chu Feng did not come from the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints . Instead, it was coming from that horsetail whisk .

“It would appear that that horsetail whisk is capable of strengthening your spirit power?” asked Chu Feng .

“You’ve guessed correctly . This horsetail whisk of mine is something I obtained from an Ancient Era’s remnant . It is a treasure from the Ancient Era . ”

“It is also something we prepared for Yuan Shu . ”

“As you can see, my Binding Armor Formation is capable of suppressing your power . ”

“But, at the same time, our own spirit power is also suppressed by it . ”

“Our spirit power is suppressed to a level identical to yours . ”

“Under this sort of circumstance, it would be impossible to determine a victor . At the very most, we’d reach a tie . ”

“However, it’s different with this horsetail whisk in hand . This horsetail whisk is unaffected by the power of the Binding Armor Formation, and can strengthen my spirit power . ”

“With it in hand, you are destined to lose . ”

“Brat, do you know now why your daddy was so confident in being able to defeat you?”

The Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints fiddled with his horsetail whisk . He was extremely pleased with himself .