Martial God Asura - Chapter 3851

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Chapter 3851

After all, the person who had asked that question was no ordinary individual .

He was Tuoba Chengan, someone with a status below only a single individual, and above all others in the All-heaven Sect .

Ordinarily, the people of the younger generation would be afraid to meet someone like that . If they were questioned by someone like that, they would reply with caution .

Yet, Chu Feng’s response was simply one that did not give Tuoba Chengan any face at all . His behavior was very dangerous .

Sure enough, after Chu Feng said those words, the great majority of the people from the All-heaven Sect began to look at him with displeasure in their eyes .

“Haha . Geniuses are truly different, even the way they speak stands out from the masses . ”

“That said, since this is, after all, young friend Asura’s personal matter, we can consider it as this old man having never asked about it since young friend Asura doesn’t want to answer . ”

“Young friend Asura, I’ve heard that you defeated the Mystic Cave Saints on your own?”

“Although the Mystic Cave Saints have bad reputations, they have real ability . ”

“This old man felt deep admiration for young friend Asura after hearing of your magnificent feat . ”

“Might young friend Asura be willing to display his magnificent world spirit techniques?”

Compared to the others from the All-heaven Sect, Tuoba Chengan did not show any displeasure . Instead, he continued to question Chu Feng with a smile on his face .

“My apologies, my world spirit techniques are for usage only, and not for showing off” said Chu Feng .


Once Chu Feng finished saying those words, someone smashed their hand onto the table nearby, stood up, pointed at Chu Feng and shouted angrily . “Are you refusing to return the face that is given to you?! Do you know who you are standing before?!”

The person who stood up angrily to lash out at Chu Feng was an elder of the All-heaven Sect .

He found Chu Feng’s behavior to be intolerable, and became furious .

“Elder, young friend Asura is our Red-dress Holy Land’s honored guest . I hope that elder does not lose himself . ” said the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster .

Her words startled that elder .

The words spoken by the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster made everyone realize that she planned to protect that youngster by the name of Asura .

Although the Red-dress Holy Land was weaker than their All-heaven Sect, the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster possessed strength on par with Tuoba Chengan .

Although the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster was not someone from their All-heaven Sect, her identity and status could not be looked down on .

Thus, the elder that had denounced Chu Feng said no more and instead looked to Tuoba Chengan .

He wanted Tuoba Chengan to uphold justice for him .

“Why are you looking at me? You should be apologizing to young friend Asura . " Tuoba Chengan said coldly .


The people from the All-heaven Sect were all startled .

Their All-heaven Sect was the overlord of the All-heaven Starfield . They were always able to act arrogantly . When had they ever apologized to a person of the younger generation?

“Why are you still standing there? Do you need me to repeat myself?”

Tuoba Chengan’s face became gloomy .

“Young master Asura, I drank too much and forgot my manners . I hope that young master Asura will not take offense to my actions . ”

Seeing that, the All-heaven Sect’s elder did not dare to hesitate anymore . Though extremely unwilling, he immediately bowed and apologized to Chu Feng .

“Forget about it . ”

Chu Feng casually waved his hand at that elder’s apology .

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He was acting as if he did not place anyone from the All-heaven Sect in his eyes at all .

This caused great displeasure to the people from the All-heaven Sect . Even the cold and detached Nangong Yifan was sizing Chu Feng up nonstop . Of course, his gaze was also filled with displeasure .

Afterwards, the banquet officially began .

After the banquet started, the people from the All-heaven Sect attempted to chat with Chu Feng . However, they were only met with coldness from him .

However, when Chu Feng chatted with the people from the Red-dress Holy Land, he was cheerful and lively .

By comparison, Chu Feng’s attitude was completely different .

This caused the people from the All-heaven Sect to become even more displeased . However, no one got angry at Chu Feng .

Ignoring the fact that they had to give the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster face, their own Lord Supreme Elder Tuoba Chengan had even gotten angry at them before . With this, who would dare to provoke that Asura?

That said, Tuoba Chengan was actually not some amiable fellow . He was actually someone with a very violent temper .

The reason why he was able to remain smiling even after being refused by Chu Feng twice, was not because his temper had changed . Nor was it because he was giving the Red-dress Holy Land face .

Instead, it was because he was being considerate toward a very important matter: where was Chu Feng from?

A person of the younger generation with such talent and such a strange temper who refused to give even him face . . .

All of this caused Tuoba Chengan to have no choice but to ponder where that brat by the name of Asura came from .

The Holy Light Galaxy was a place filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers . There were simply too many powerful starfields .

When placed amongst the entire Holy Light Galaxy, their All-heaven Starfield was simply insignificant .

Thus, facing a genius of dubious origin like Asura, Tuoba Chengan did not dare to act carelessly .

If he were to accidentally provoke a huge monster, their entire All-heaven Sect might end up being exterminated .

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Thus, no matter how displeased by Chu Feng’s attitude he might be, he could only endure it .

Not long afterward, Chu Feng did something shocking again .

He felt that the banquet was boring and, after bidding farewell, left .

This caused the people from the All-heaven Sect even greater displeasure . After all, the banquet had been prepared for them .

For Chu Feng to think that the banquet was boring, wouldn’t that be equivalent to him saying that they were boring?

Thus, they were truly furious, and felt like vomiting blood . All of them felt extremely displeased .

However, even though they were extremely displeased and furious, none of them said anything . Just like that, they swallowed their anger .

There were actually reasons as to why Chu Feng dared to act so arrogantly .

Firstly, he detested the All-heaven Sect to begin with . Thus, how could he set aside his own dignity and put on a performance for them?

Likewise, Chu Feng would not laugh and chat merrily with people from the All-heaven Sect .

Secondly, Chu Feng knew that his mysterious identity would cause some restraining fear to the All-heaven Sect .

That was why Chu Feng was so confident .

If he were to act arrogantly, the All-heaven Sect might feel more fear in provoking him .

On the contrary, if Chu Feng decided to act petty and low, they might look at him with contempt .

“Brother Asura, are you present?”

To Chu Feng’s surprise, right after he returned to his residence, someone came to pay him a visit .

Furthermore, to Chu Feng’s greater surprise, the person who came to pay him a visit was the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints .

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“Why did you come to find me?”

Seeing the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints, Chu Feng immediately narrowed his brows .

The Mystic Cave Saints were not good people .

Those men were extremely vile . Despicable and shameless would be the best description for them .

And now, the Mystic Cave Saints’ Eldest had decided to seek him out of his own accord . Furthermore, he addressed Chu Feng as brother Asura . This made Chu Feng realize that the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints had come with ill intentions .

After all, the Mystic Cave Saints gnashed their teeth every time they encountered him, and would always address him as ‘little brat’ or ‘damn brat . ’

The change in the Eldest’s attitude was simply too unexpected .

This was truly a typical case of a suspicious person bearing gifts with ill intentions .

“Brother Chu Feng, as the saying goes, visitors are guests . You couldn’t possibly be planning to have me stand out here the entire time, right?” the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints asked with a beaming smile .

Chu Feng let out a faint smile upon hearing those words . Then, he invited the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints into his residence .

It wasn’t that Chu Feng never thought of the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints possibly being a danger to him .

After all, the Mystic Cave Saints had truly concealed their strength very well .

Even when they were facing the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster, they showed no sign of fear . Chu Feng didn’t know if they were putting up a pretense of being fearless, or if they truly possessed the ability to contend against the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster .

Since the Mystic Cave Saints had had conflicts with him, how could Chu Feng not wonder when the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints came over?

However, after pondering about it, Chu Feng still decided to invite the Eldest in .

After all, they were in the Red-dress Holy Land . Chu Feng felt that the Mystic Cave Saints would not do anything to him there .

Besides, if they wanted to do anything to him, even if Chu Feng didn’t invite the Eldest in, he would be able to directly attack Chu Feng whilst they stood by the door .