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Martial God Asura - Chapter 3858

Published at 12th of December 2019 06:55:05 AM

Chapter 3858: 3858

Nangong Yifan had a miserable look on his face as he asked, “Lord Supreme Elder, are we really unable to do anything to him? Must we allow him to run amok in our All-heaven Starfield?”

He naturally did not wish for such a malignant star to appear in their All-heaven Starfield .

After all, such a malignant star would not only cause him to feel very unwell, but it would also cause everyone else from the All-heaven Sect to feel very unwell .

“If that Asura is truly a genius from another starfield and supported by an enormous power or peak experts, we would truly not be able to do anything to him . ”

“However, it remains that the All-heaven Starfield is the territory of our All-heaven Sect . Thus, we naturally cannot allow him to run amok . " said Tuoba Chengan .

“Lord Supreme Elder, in that case, what should we do?” asked an elder .

“As matters stand, there is nothing else we can do besides taking risks to probe things out . ”

As he spoke, a case appeared in Tuoba Chengan’s hand .

After the case opened, a seven-colored medicinal pellet appeared .

“Everlasting Appearance-changing Pellet?”

The expressions of many of the elders present changed upon seeing that medicinal pellet . Then, they seemed to have realized something .

Thus, a look of alarm appeared in their eyes .

No . To be exact, it was a look of fear .

“We’re all people of the All-heaven Sect . It is all thanks to the All-heaven Sect that you all were able to attain your current level of accomplishments . ”

“It is now time for you all to devote yourself to the All-heaven Sect . Or… could it be that you all want to cower from your duty?” Tuoba Chengan said as he looked to the crowd .

“Lord Supreme Elder, even if you plan to probe that Asura, you can totally find outsiders to do the job . There is no need for you to insist on using us, no?”

“Right, that’s right . We can totally have outsiders do the probing . ”

The various elders all began to voice their objections .

The person leading them in saying those words was a rank one Utmost Exalted-level expert .

That person was also a Supreme Elder of the All-heaven Sect . His name was Cheng Hui .

“Elder Cheng, you are, no matter what, a Supreme Elder of our All-heaven Sect . ”

“Let me ask you this: is having an outsider do this sort of secretive thing more reliable, or is it more reliable for us to do this sort of thing ourselves?” asked Tuoba Chengan .

“This… it is naturally more reliable for our own people to do this . " As Cheng Hui spoke, he wiped away the sweat on his face repeatedly .

The palace hall was not hot . Yet, he was sweating profusely . Furthermore, that sweat was cold .

“What Elder Cheng said is correct . It is more reliable for the people from our All-heaven Sect to do this sort of thing . ”

“If my memory serves me rightly, Elder Cheng, you seem to have also attacked Asura earlier, no?”

“If it wasn’t for the prompt arrival of that Han Xiu, you would’ve harmed that Asura and caused a major blunder . " said Tuoba Chengan .

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“This old man was foolish, and nearly caused a blunder . Lord Supreme Elder, please punish me . ”

Cheng Hui immediately acknowledged his mistake . His every action revealed his fear towards Tuoba Chengan .

“Indeed, you were foolish . However, your every action has been witnessed by that Asura . ”

“The way I see it, that Asura is definitely not some sort of benevolent individual either . Instead, he should be someone who holds a grudge deeply . ”

“If he is truly backed by someone or some power, I believe that Elder Cheng will, sooner or later, suffer by his hands . ”

“Rather than that, why don’t we have you take on the heavy responsibility of probing that Asura?”

Tuoba Chengan said those words with a smile on his face . However, he had a cold and gloomy look in his eyes as he said those words .

“Lord Supre…”


Right after Cheng Hui opened his mouth, an enormous oppressive might immediately covered the entire palace hall .

Everyone noticed that Cheng Hui was currently motionless with his mouth open . He had been restricted by the oppressive might .

Whilst Cheng Hui was restricted, Tuoba Chengan stuffed the Everlasting Appearance-changing Pellet into his mouth .

It was only after he forcibly fed the pellet to him that he retrieved his oppressive might .

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“Cough, cough~~~”

Upon regaining his freedom, Cheng Hui immediately used his hand to dig at his throat and tried very hard to cough . He was trying his best to vomit out the Everlasting Appearance-changing Pellet .

However, not only was the Everlasting Appearance-changing Pellet not vomited out, but Cheng Hui’s body also began to emit a seven-colored radiance .

The light was very faint, and was coming from within Cheng Hui . Furthermore, the aura emitted by the light was completely identical to Cheng Hui’s own aura .

It was as if that light and Cheng Hui were one and the same .


At that moment, Cheng Hui was nearly about to cry .

He knew that it was the sign of the Everlasting Appearance-changing Pellet taking effect . He was no longer able to vomit out the medicinal pellet .

“Elder Cheng is truly worthy of being a pillar of our All-heaven Sect . Only you will be able to shoulder such a difficult mission . ”

“Be at ease . Once you accomplish this mission, I will report your meritorious service to Lord Sectmaster . ”

“That said, the effect of the Everlasting Appearance-changing Pellet is limited in time . You must change your appearance whilst it is in effect . ”

“Otherwise, you will have wasted the Everlasting Appearance-changing Pellet . ”

As he said those words, Tuoba Chengan once again revealed a look of ruthlessness in his eyes . At the same time, he unleashed his oppressive might again .

Furthermore, killing intent was present in his oppressive might this time around .

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Because of that, Cheng Hui realized that he must do as Tuoba Chengan had demanded . Otherwise, he would be killed before he could even probe Chu Feng .

In fact, Cheng Hui was not the only one who had realized that . The others present had also realized it .

That was the sort of individual Tuoba Chengan was . He was someone who would disregard even his own family . That was the reason why these elders were so deeply afraid of him .

“Lord Supreme Elder, whose appearance should I change myself into?” asked Cheng Hui .

“Since you’re going to be acting in the Red-dress Holy Land, you'll naturally have to disguise yourself as someone from the Red-dress Holy Land . ”

“Here, disguise yourself as her . ”

As Tuoba Chengan spoke, he released his spirit power and sketched a portrait in midair .

Seeing that portrait, everyone exclaimed in their hearts as to how meticulous Tuoba Chengan was .

The woman in the portrait was named Song Yichen .

That Song Yichen was a Supreme Elder of the Red-dress Holy Land, and possessed a cultivation of rank one Utmost Exalted .

However, she had disappeared several days ago . Even now, no one knew where she was . The Red-dress Holy Land had been searching for her the entire time .

That said, the All-heaven Sect elders present all knew that Song Yichen had not disappeared .

Instead, she had learned of their All-heaven Sect’s secret to eliminate the Red-dress Holy Land and… was assassinated by them .

Nothing could be more ideal than using her identity to take on Asura .
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