Martial God Asura - Chapter 3859

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Chapter 3859

“These were that Song Yichen’s possessions . Her aura is present all over them . ”

As Tuoba Chengan spoke, he waved his sleeve . Then, clothes, a Cosmos Sack, a title plate and other materials appeared in midair .

The clothing was the Red-dress Holy Land elder’s attire . As for the title plate, it was a special title plate that belonged only to the Red-dress Holy Land’s Supreme Elders .

All of the possessions, including the Cosmos Sack, had been used by Song Yichen when she was alive .

Cheng Hui received the items that had originally belonged to Song Yichen .

After he placed all those possessions on himself, his appearance started to change enormously .

He was no longer an aged old man . Instead, he had turned into a middle-aged woman .

Although the woman had a mediocre appearance, she emitted an extraordinary air . Most importantly, one could tell by her appearance that she was very amiable .

Naturally, she was Song Yichen .

Unfortunately . . .

Song Yichen had already died . The current Song Yichen was merely Cheng Hui in disguise .

“Remember, you are now the Red-dress Holy Land’s Supreme Elder Song Yichen . ”

“Regardless of the outcome, that will remain your identity for the future . ”

“However, you must remain loyal to our All-heaven Sect . If you ever decide to betray our All-heaven Sect, not only will you die, but your family shall also die with you . ” Tuoba Chengan had a look of ruthlessness in his eyes as he said those words . He was not threatening Cheng Hui . Instead, he was really going to do what he declared he would do .

“Lord Supreme Elder, please rest assured . I, Cheng Hui, will definitely not let down Lord Supreme Elder’s expectations . ”

A look of determination appeared in Cheng Hui’s eyes .

As things had already reached this point, he no longer had any choice . He could only pray that Asura was not protected by powerful backers .

Should that be the case, he would not only be safe, but he would also be rewarded by the All-heaven Sect’s Sectmaster .


Chu Feng was still in Yin Zhuanghong’s residence .

All the other elders and disciples had left . Only Chu Feng was still there .

He had been invited into Yin Zhuanghong’s palace .

After entering her palace, Chu Feng set up a soundproofing formation around it .

He did not wish for anyone to hear the conversation between him and Yin Zhuanghong .

Yin Zhuanghong and Chu Feng had already chatted for a long time .

Chu Feng had informed her of his decision to leave . Naturally, Yin Zhuanghong did not urge him to stay . Instead, she was very grateful towards him .

Not only had Chu Feng helped the Red-dress Holy Land defeat the Mystic Cave Saints, but he had also helped her out of the difficult situation earlier, preventing her from having to expose her cultivation out of helplessness .

“You are simply too bold . ”

“Although I know that you were doing that to save me, you still shouldn’t have injured that Nangong Yifan . You have no idea how tyrannical the All-heaven Sect is . ”

“They will definitely not drop the subject at this . " Yin Zhuanghong was not looking at Chu Feng with blame in her eyes . Instead, her eyes were filled with worry . She was afraid that Chu Feng had harmed himself by coming to her assistance .

“Thus, you were hiding your cultivation because you were afraid of them?” asked Chu Feng .

“Why do you say that?” asked Yin Zhuanghong .

“It is as you said, the All-heaven Sect is extremely tyrannical . A power like them would not allow anyone in the All-heaven Starfield to threaten them . ”

“If the people of the world were to know that your cultivation surpasses Nangong Yifan’s, if they are to know that the title of strongest genius of the All-heaven Starfield would no longer belong to their All-heaven Sect, but the Red-dress Holy Land instead, you will not only become a threat to the All-heaven Sect, but your Red-dress Holy Land will also be viewed as a threat by them . ”

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“That is why you do not dare to reveal your true cultivation . That is why you’ve deliberately concealed your strength,” said Chu Feng .

Yin Zhuanghong turned silent . Although she did not answer Chu Feng, her silence had answered for her .

“If they are to know that you’re from the Chu Heavenly Clan, your Chu Heavenly Clan will also be implicated,” said Yin Zhuanghong .

“We’re already implicated . However, I was not the one who dragged in my Chu Heavenly Clan," Chu Feng had a wry smile on his face as he said those words .

“What do you mean by that? Could it be that something happened?” asked Yin Zhuanghong .

Chu Feng informed Yin Zhaunghong of the All-heaven Sect secretly helping the Linghu Heavenly Clan .

After learning about it, Yin Zhaunghong’s expression changed . She seemed to realize why Chu Feng possessed such deep hostility towards the All-heaven Sect .

It turned out that the Chu Heavenly Clan and the All-heaven Sect were already enemies .

“In that case, what do you plan to do now?” Yin Zhuanghong asked with concern .

“Don’t worry about me . The All-heaven Sect won’t be able to do anything to me . ”

“Don’t forget that I’m able to conceal myself . Not even your master was able to detect me . The All-heaven Sect is naturally also unable to detect me . ”

“Even if they want to take care of me, it will not be so easy . ”

“Furthermore, whilst I’m inside the Red-dress Holy Land, they won’t dare to attempt to kill me, no?”

“After all, I am a guest of your Red-dress Holy Land, and your master would likely protect me too," said Chu Feng .

“You’re quite confident," said Yin Zhuanghong .

“My confidence is not blind . Instead, there are reasons behind it,” said Chu Feng with a smile .

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously . He discovered an ill-intended aura coming from outside the palace .

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By the time Chu Feng reacted to it, the entrance gate of the palace had been kicked open by someone .

Not only was the entrance gate shattered, but the spirit formation Chu Feng had set up was also destroyed .

Then, a powerful aura covered the entire palace .

Both Chu Feng and Yin Zhuanghong were restricted by that aura .

They were unable to move at all .

The reason for that was because that aura belonged to an Utmost Exalted .

“You are?”

Chu Feng was able to see that there stood a person at the entrance .

That person was not from the All-heaven Sect . Instead, she was from the Red-dress Holy Land .

That person was an elder of the Red-dress Holy Land . However, that elder was currently looking at him with eyes filled with killing intent .

Chu Feng was confused as to what was happening .

He was able to understand why the people from the All-heaven Sect would want to kill him . After all, he had provoked them .

But why would someone from the Red-dress Holy Land attack him?

Chu Feng was unable to understand the reason .

At the time when Chu Feng was confused, a voice entered his ears, “Chu Feng, be careful . She is not an elder of our Red-dress Holy Land . ”

That was Yin Zhuanghong’s voice transmission .

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“Not someone from the Red-dress Holy Land?”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng immediately activated his Heaven’s Eyes to carefully inspect that person .

However, no matter how Chu Feng looked at her, he was unable to find any gap in her disguise .

That said, even with that being the case, he still firmly believed in Yin Zhuanghong’s words .

Yin Zhuanghong’s eyes were simply too powerful . Her eyes were able to see through things that not even his Heaven’s Eyes could see through .


Right at that moment, that fake Red-dress Holy Land’s elder arrived before Chu Feng and grabbed him by the throat, lifting him up .

“Asura, you are someone of dubious background . You most definitely harbor ulterior motives . ”

“I already know that you’re not a person of the younger generation . Instead, you’re an old monster that has cultivated for many years . ”

“Disguising yourself as a person of the younger generation to get close to Yin Zhuanghong, and then sneaking your way into our Red-dress Holy Land, I don't care why you did that . ”

“However today, I will kill you here!”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng felt a boundless amount of killing intent pounding his body and soul like a massive tide .

At that instant, Chu Feng felt the aura of death .

That person was truly planning to kill him .

And he… was completely powerless to resist .

Chu Feng was about to be killed .