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Martial God Asura - Chapter 3933

Published at 19th of January 2020 03:55:07 AM

Chapter 3933

However, that semi-bald man replied with a smirk on his face, “Do you all think that this path is that easy? That strange oppressive might is simply too powerful . I’m already having a great deal of difficulty making this journey on my own . If I’m to bring someone along with me, I could very well miss the golden opportunity . ”

“I’m only demanding an Immortal Armament from him . I feel my demand isn't excessive at all . ”

“Very well . I accept your condition . As long as you bring me with you, regardless of how far you can reach, I will give you an Immortal Armament,” said Chu Feng .


The crowd all revealed sluggish expressions after hearing Chu Feng’s words .

Furthermore, they all looked at him like he was a fool .

Following that, the crowd burst into roaring, mocking laughter .

It was not only the bystanders that were laughing . Even the bald man who'd spoken to Chu Feng was laughing . Furthermore, he was laughing more frantically than anyone .

From this, it could be seen that he’d never believed that Chu Feng would be able to take out an Immortal Armament from the very start . He was merely trying to mess with him .

“Boy, you said you have an Immortal Armament? Come, bring it out and show it to me,” said the bald man with a ridiculing tone .

“Right, take it out and show us it . ”

The friends of that bald man also began to heckle .

In fact, even the passers-by stopped and were looking over with curiosity .

Without saying anything, Chu Feng placed his hand on his Cosmos Sack .

Perhaps Immortal Armaments were priceless treasures to people like them, but to Chu Feng, they were nothing more than a pile of junk .

It wasn’t that Chu Feng was being arrogant . It was simply that he had too many Immortal Armaments in his Cosmos Sack .

Besides, Immortal Armaments were completely useless to him . Thus, not to mention demanding a single Immortal Armament, Chu Feng would not find any issue even if he were to demand ten Immortal Armaments .


However, when Chu Feng’s palm touched his Cosmos Sack, he was suddenly stunned .

He was able to sense the possessions in his Cosmos Sack .

However, he was unable to retrieve anything .

It was the strange power from that place .

That power had not only sealed Chu Feng’s spirit power, but it had even sealed his Cosmos Sack .

“What’s wrong? Where’s the Immortal Armament?” asked the bald-headed man .

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“Brother Zhang, it’s enough to just watch a bustling scene . Did you really think that this person here would be able to take out an Immortal Armament?”

The friends of that bald man started laughing and ridiculing again .

“It’s not that I do not have an Immortal Armament . It’s just that the power of this place has sealed my Cosmos Sack . If you don’t trust me, you can check your own Cosmos Sacks . See if you can take out something from them,” said Chu Feng .

Hearing those words, although the crowd continued to laugh and ridicule Chu Feng, they also placed their hands on their Cosmos Sacks . Upon doing so, they discovered that what Chu Feng had said was true .

“Oh-ho, I really can’t take anything out . ”

“This fellow is truly capable . He actually knew that the strange power of this place seals away even Cosmos Sacks . That’s why he’s here scamming people . ”

“No wonder he was able to reach this place with his rank one True Immortal-level cultivation . It would appear that he has scammed quite a lot of people . ”

However, after verifying Chu Feng’s claim to be true, they not only refused to believe Chu Feng, but they instead began to insult him .

“I only need help . If you’re willing to help, I will reward you . If you’re unwilling to help, you can scram . Don’t stay here and ruin this young master’s mood,” unwilling to bother arguing with them, Chu Feng sat back down .

“Motherfucker! You’re nothing but a damn scammer, is this how you talk to your daddy?!”

Chu Feng’s words incurred the anger of that bald man .

“Boy, apologize to your daddy right away . Otherwise, today, your daddy will beat you up till you’re crippled!” said the bald man as he pointed at Chu Feng .

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“Do you have a death wish?”

Chu Feng suddenly stood up . Even though his expression did not change in the slightest, the bald man shivered, took several steps back and nearly stumbled when Chu Feng’s gaze landed on him .

Although Chu Feng no longer possessed his Rank 8 Exalted-level cultivation, the killing intent of his gaze remained as sharp as ever .

It was Chu Feng’s killing intent that had scared the bald man like that .

“Brother Zhang, what’s wrong? You couldn’t possibly be scared by that scammer, right?”

“Haha, you were actually scared by a rank one True Immortal-level scammer? Brother Zhang, you’re truly useless . ”

Seeing the bald man taking several steps back in fear and nearly stumbling to the ground, his friends began to ridicule him .

“Bullshit! How could I fear him?!”

The bald man was actually slightly panicky .

After all, he had truly felt terrified by Chu Feng’s gaze earlier .

He carefully sensed Chu Feng’s cultivation, and once again confirmed that he was only a rank one True Immortal .

Thus, being incited by his friends, he decided that it was impossible to stop midway, and it would be completely humiliating if he didn’t teach Chu Feng a lesson .

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As such, he grabbed Chu Feng by his collar and lifted him up from his sitting position .

“Boy, I’ll repeat myself . Apologize to me immediately! Otherwise, your daddy will cripple you!”


However, right after his words were finished, Chu Feng opened his mouth and spat a mouthful of spit on his face .

“Motherfucker! I’m going to cripple you!”

Chu Feng’s action completely enraged that bald man . As he spoke, he raised his hand with the intention to attack Chu Feng .

Although Chu Feng’s cultivation had been reduced to that of a rank one True Immortal, he showed no fear towards that bald man .

Although his cultivation had decreased, his body’s constitution had not . His body remained as tough as before .

That man was merely a Heavenly Immortal . If he were truly to strike Chu Feng with his fist, not only would Chu Feng not sustain any injuries, but he himself would instead find his hand shattered from the impact .


However, at the moment the bald man planned to attack Chu Feng with his fist, a palm suddenly appeared and grabbed the bald man’s fist .
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