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Martial God Asura - Chapter 3937

Published at 21st of January 2020 06:20:11 AM

Chapter 3937

On either side of the valley were mountains .

From a glance, they seemed like two walls guarding that place .

The mountain range of Mount Ivory Valley was made of pure stone and completely bare, with no trace of plants .

However, at that moment, the two mountains that had originally been bare had transformed greatly .

Not only had a large lake appeared deep in the mountain range and submerged the palace, but a large amount of surrounding ground, and vast amounts of flowers, plants and trees had also appeared in the vicinity of the lake .

That vegetation had crawled onto the mountain rocks . They seemed like they had drilled their way out of them .

Because of that, the enormous mountains were filled with cracks .

Although the vegetation was beautiful and magnificent, their barbarous and overbearing way of growth appeared rather strange .

That said, the lake remained to be the most eye-catching thing .

The lake was actually multi-colored . It shone gloriously with multiple colors under the sunshine . It was truly dazzling .

However, the gaze with which the crowd were looking at the lake was filled with fear .

“It’s out again!”

Suddenly, someone pointed to a region of the lake and cried out in alarm .

Chu Feng was able to see ripples on the surface of that lake . Something was about to emerge .

However, when he saw the item that emerged from the lake, he started frowning . Voices of alarm could be heard from the people beside him .

The reason for that was because what had floated to the surface of the lake was a pile of bones . Those were human bones . Furthermore, judging from the appearance of the bones, that person must’ve just died .

Although that person had just died, their flesh was completely gone .

Furthermore, the bones were covered in bite marks . It seemed as if the flesh on the bones had been forcibly gnawed away by something .

Furthermore, that pile of bones was not the only one present on the lake .

From a glance, one could see over a thousand such skeletons .

Evidently, those were the people that had decided to directly enter the lake in order to search for Spirit Spring Water, and ended up having their lives seized by the lake .

“Why would this place become like this?”

Both Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an were shocked . They then turned their gazes to Chu Feng .

Although they’d only joined the Whiteclothes Nunnery for a short while, this was not their first time coming here .

Because of that, they knew what that place used to look like .

It was precisely because they knew what it used to look like that they were so astonished . The changes it had undergone were simply too great .

Furthermore, they were extremely abnormal .

“The lake water is poisonous . However, while the poisonous water is capable of killing people, it will not nibble away one’s flesh . ”

“The reason for that is because there’s some sort of creature inside the lake,” said Chu Feng .

“Creature? How could there be a creature inside?” Linghu An’an was confused .

“Do you think the Spirit Spring Water was able to unleash that oppression from before?” asked Chu Feng .

“I don’t know . But, normally, it shouldn’t be able to, no?” Linghu An’an spoke with uncertainty .

“Of course it wouldn’t be able to . Thus, ever since the oppression was unleashed from the lake, the change to this place would no longer be limited to the Spirit Spring Water,” said Chu Feng .

“Milord, exactly what is going on?” Linghu An’an asked curiously .

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“If I've guessed correctly, this place must contain Ancient Era’s organisms . Right now, those Ancient Era’s organisms are very possibly trying to break out . However, it seems that it’s not that easy for them to come out . ”

“There should be some sort of obstruction . As for the abnormality that’s happening right now, it’s most likely caused by their confrontation against that obstruction . ”

“Thus, this place is currently very dangerous,” said Chu Feng .

“Ancient Era’s organisms?”

Hearing those words, Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an felt both shocked and uneasy .

The two of them did not doubt Chu Feng at all . Because of that, they realized how dangerous that place was .

“The two of you should leave this place quickly . It’s very dangerous,” said Chu Feng .

“But, we must complete the task from Lady Headmaster,” said Linghu Yueyue .

“That thing seemed to be very important to Lady Headmaster,” added Linghu An’an .

On their way there, Chu Feng had asked Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an about the thing the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster wanted them to retrieve .

The Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster did not have a very strong cultivation . However, she was friends with the Cloudspirit Clan’s Clan Chief .

The item she wanted to retrieve was a treasure . That treasure seemed to provide some assistance with Spirit Spring Water . Because of that, the Cloudspirit Clan’s Clan Chief had borrowed it .

Judging from the reactions of Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an, Chu Feng was able to tell that the treasure should be extremely important to the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster .

“It is a green porcelain bowl, right?”

“I’ll search for it for you two . As for you, return to the Whiteclothes Nunnery and wait for me there,” said Chu Feng .

“But, Milord…” Linghu Yueyue was hesitant .

After all, this was their mission . She did not wish to trouble Chu Feng .

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“The water here is poisonous, and inside it are Ancient Era’s organisms . You two are simply unable to enter it . ”

“Listen to me and return quickly,” said Chu Feng .

“Milord, let us wait for you here,” said Linghu Yueyue .

“Right . What young miss said is correct . We are not afraid of dangers . Milord, let us wait here,” said Linghu An’an .

Chu Feng naturally rejected their proposal .

After all, the reason why he wanted them to return to the Whiteclothes Nunnery was because that place was dangerous .

However, Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an had their own opinions .

They felt that even if that place was dangerous, the danger would be from either inside the lake or deep underground .

Since Chu Feng was going to enter the lake to search for the Spirit Spring Water and the Whiteclothes Nunnery’s headmaster’s item, he would be in even greater danger .

They did not wish for Chu Feng to confront the danger . Thus, they decided to stay there to accompany him .

Should that happen, if danger really arose, they would be able to face it together .

If there was no danger, it would naturally be the best .

“The two of you are really…”

Seeing the stubborn Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an, Chu Feng felt rather helpless .

No matter how he urged them, Linghu Yueyue and Linghu An’an remained determined to stay .


Right at that moment, a commotion arose among the crowd .

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After so many people had died in the lake, the crowd were all keeping their distance from it, and were afraid to get close to it .

However, at that moment, someone was actually walking towards the lake .

Chu Feng could see that the person walking toward the lake was an old lady .

She wore fitting clothes and appeared very dignified . Even her footsteps were very graceful .

Although she had a head of white hair, it was very well-kept and tidy . Not a single strand of silver was left unkempt .

It could be seen that the old lady was a very well-kept person who paid great attention to details .

However, her face happened to be filled with scars .

Burn . Her face had likely been burned . Because of that, her appearance had been completely mutilated . One simply could not make out her facial features . In fact, her facial appearance was even rather scary .

Chu Feng felt slight confusion the instant he saw that old lady .

Judging from her outfit and how well-kept she was, that old lady should be someone who cared about her appearance a lot . Thus, why had she not restored her facial features after they were ruined?

To martial cultivators, changing one’s facial features was not a difficult task .

Even if one’s facial features were unable to be changed, one could still cover one’s face with objects . Yet, that old lady had done neither .

Furthermore, the old lady walked very slowly . Although she was indeed proceeding towards the lake, no matter how one looked at her, she did not seem to be simply planning to enter the lake to look for treasures .

That said, none of the things mentioned were important .

What was truly important was that Chu Feng felt an indescribable feeling when he saw that old lady .

He felt as if he was deeply concerned for her from the bottom of his heart .

But, Chu Feng and that old lady were clearly strangers .
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