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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4063

Published at 25th of March 2020 08:05:11 AM

Chapter 4063

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“Young master, it is said that the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s cultivation hasn’t even reached rank one Utmost Exalted . He’s still only an Exalted . ”

Right at that moment, an earnest-looking and pretty powerful old man arrived beside the shabby-looking man .

Once the old man spoke, the crowd realized who the youthful and shabby-looking man was .

He was the Xuanming Family’s young master .

The Xuanming Family had produced many renowned scum .

However, only one of them had such unsightly eating manners .

He would be Xuan Yihang .

Everyone that knew about the Xuanming Clan knew what sort of person Xuan Yihang was .

He was a ruthless character, and was capable of doing all sorts of things .

In anger, he would go as far as to kill even the members of the Xuanming Family .

However, should he be feeling joyous, he would even bestow treasures to the most lowly slaves and servants .

Whilst Xuan Yihang was a notorious scoundrel, he was cherished by the Family Head because of his mother .

Because of that, Xuan Yihang could be said to be the person with the greatest authority amongst the Xuanming Family’s Family Head’s numerous children .

“Hahahaha . He actually really is only an Exalted . ”


“This is truly funny . ”

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“How could there be such a weak clan chief in this world?”

“How weak of a clan must they be?”

“Most laughable of all, a clan like this actually managed to become the ruler of the Ancestral Martial Starfield?”

“The current Ancestral Martial Starfield has truly degenerated . ”

Upon learning that the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s cultivation was in the Exalted realm, Xuan Yihang laughed even louder, and with even greater mockery .

“Young master, although the Chu Heavenly Clan’s overall strength is not strong, I’ve heard that a very powerful genius has appeared in their clan . ”

“That person is named Chu Feng . His talent is very exceptional . ”

“Reportedly, it is all because of that genius named Chu Feng that the Chu Heavenly Clan managed to obtain the Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s favor, and obtain their Ancestral Martial Starfield’s overlord status,” the old man beside Xuan Yihang continued .

“Pah! Bullshit genius I say . ”

“In my eyes, all of those bullshit geniuses are nothing more than mediocre trash . ”

Hearing the word ‘genius,’ the laughing Xuan Yihang became slightly displeased .

Seeing him reacting like that, the old man immediately shut up . He no longer dared to continue talking about Chu Feng .

“Why is this Chu Heavenly Clan stopping here?” Xuan Yihang pointed down and asked with a stern voice .

“Lord young master, this subordinate knows why . ”

Once his question was asked, several voices immediately sounded from below .

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Then, several figures flew up from below . After approaching the Xuanming Family’s army, they immediately knelt outside .

Those people were none other than the Xuanming Family members that had been insulting the Chu Heavenly Clansmen earlier .

They were all Xuan Yihang’s lackeys .

“Let me hear about it,” said Xuan Yihang .

“Lord Young Master, they proclaimed that they had discovered Purple Star Wisterias here . ”

“That is why they stopped here,” said those lackeys .

“Purple Star Wisteria?”

Hearing those words, Xuan Yihang’s gaze started shining .

A rarely seen serious expression appeared in his eyes .

“Where? Where are the Purple Star Wisterias?”

Xuan Yihang looked around .

His current tense behavior was actually understandable .

The reason why he had been roaming the Purple Star Upper Realm with his army was precisely to find the Purple Star Wisterias so that he could return to gain credit for his achievement from his father .

Take those lackeys for example; they were people that he had deliberately dispatched .

He had dispatched tens of thousands of such lackeys all around the Purple Star Upper Realm, all so that they could find Purple Star Wisterias .

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Unfortunately, they had roamed the Purple Star Upper Realm for half a month already .

Yet, even with all the effort and time they’d put into the search, they were unable to even catch the shadow of a single Purple Star Wisteria .

Hearing that there were actually Purple Star Wisterias there, it was only natural that he grew excited .

Suddenly, another old man’s voice sounded, “Young master, how could you believe something said by a clan like this Chu Heavenly Clan?”

Accompanying the voice was an old man in a world spiritist cloak .

The marks on his world spiritist cloak revealed the strength of the old man .

He was a Snake Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist .

Due to possessing a special pair of eyes, the old man was known as Grandmaster Immortal Eyes . He was an expert at seeking out treasures .

That Grandmaster Immortal Eyes was someone Xuan Yihang had hired at a high price all for the sake of finding Purple Star Wisterias .

“Grandmaster, are you saying that there are no Purple Star Wisterias here?” asked Xuan Yihang .

He did not doubt the words of Grandmaster Immortal Eyes at all .

After all, seeking out treasures was the expertise of world spiritists, and that Grandmaster Immortal Eyes was a world spiritist famed for his treasure-seeking ability .

“Young master, this place is small and barren . Not only are sacred medicinal herbs as precious as the Purple Star Wisterias impossible to find here, but any slightly precious medicinal herbs would not choose to grow in a place like this,” said Grandmaster Immortal Eyes .

“Sure enough, they’re a bunch of trash . They actually believe that a small and barren place like this would have Purple Star Wisterias . ”

“The way I see it, they must’ve gone mad with their desire to obtain Purple Star Wisterias . ”

After being disappointed, Xuan Yihang directed his anger at the Chu Heavenly Clan .

After he spoke, his lackeys, for the sake of pleasing their master, all began to insult the Chu Heavenly Clan without holding anything back .

Being publicly insulted like that, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen all felt furious . However, due to the strength of the Xuanming Family, they did not dare to refute the insults, and could only endure them silently .

Seeing this, the resident cultivators of the Purple Star Upper Realm all began to sigh nonstop .

They were all able to tell that this was the first time the Xuanming Family had met the Chu Heavenly Clan .

The Xuanming Family did not have any conflicts or grievances with the Chu Heavenly Clan .

However, due to the Chu Heavenly Clan being too weak, the Xuanming Family began to insult them in a completely unrestrained manner the instant they met . Their insults included all kinds of offensive words .

As for the Chu Heavenly Clan, they did not even dare utter a single fart .

Even when their Lord Clan Chief was being insulted, they still chose to endure .

Even though the Chu Heavenly Clan was inevitably being looked down on by the crowd from the way they behaved, the cultivators from the Purple Star Upper Realm also began to feel sympathetic toward them .

Although being weak was the original sin, the Xuanming Family was also too excessive in their completely uncalled-for bullying and humiliation of the Chu Heavenly Clan .

Wasn’t their behavior an archetype of bullying the weak and fearing the strong?

Actually, had it been before, the Chu Heavenly Clan would’ve long left .

The reason why they were enduring all the insults and humiliation to stay here was all because of one person . Chu Feng .

As the Chu Heavenly Clansmen endured the insults, they all turned their gazes to Chu Feng .

He was their final hope . Only he could protect them .

Because of that, they were all waiting, patiently waiting for Chu Feng to open his eyes .

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