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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4066

Published at 26th of March 2020 01:00:11 PM

Chapter 4066

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“It’s him? It’s that young man?”

Once Xuan Yihang said those words, a commotion arose amongst the bystanders present .

The reason for that was because they were all able to tell that Chu Feng was still a person of the younger generation, someone who had cultivated for less than a hundred years .

A person of the younger generation possessed such strength?

Not even a rank one Utmost Exalted could contend against him?

Wouldn’t that mean that his cultivation was at least that of a rank one Utmost Exalted, and very possibly that of a rank two Utmost Exalted?

Seeing the dumbstruck looks on the Purple Star Upper Realm’s resident cultivators’ faces, a look that made them appear like they were people lacking real experience, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen felt extremely pleased in their hearts .

One must know that this was the Purple Star Upper Realm, a Lower Starfield .

To be able to make the residents there show such an expression was simply something that they’ve never dared dream of before .

Yet at that moment, they just so happened to have accomplished exactly that . As members of the Chu Heavenly Clan, it was only natural that they’d feel proud .

“Audacious zealot, you dare injure my young master?!”

Right at that moment, an aged voice suddenly sounded .

Looking towards the voice, people could see an old man standing in the sky .

That person was not only very old, but he was also emitting an incomparably powerful aura .

Most importantly, that old man was wearing the Xuanming Family’s attire .

Seeing this person, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen felt their hearts tense up .

They were all capable of sensing that that old man was different from the Xuanming Family’s army .

He was most definitely extraordinary .

“Lord Supreme Elder, save me! Save me!”

Upon seeing the old man, Han Yihang reacted as if he had seen hope, and began to shout frantically .

“He’s actually a Supreme Elder?”

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“I’ve heard that none of the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elders are weaklings . Even the weakest among them are rank two Utmost Exalteds . ”

“This Chu Heavenly Clan is truly unlucky . They first encountered the Xuanming Family’s army, and later encountered their Supreme Elder . ”

“Since they’ve already started fighting, it would appear that not only will the Purple Star Wisterias be snatched, but the Chu Heavenly Clansmen will also suffer miserably . ”

Upon learning that the old man’s identity was that of a Supreme Elder of the Xuanming Family, many people from the Purple Star Upper Realm looked at the Chu Heavenly Clansmen with sympathy in their eyes .

“You’re a Supreme Elder of the Xuanming Family?” asked Chu Feng .

“Humph, trash like you is not qualified to know this old man’s identity . ”

After saying those words, that Supreme Elder directly unleashed his oppressive might .

His oppressive might not only targeted Chu Feng, it was instead aimed at all the Chu Heavenly Clansmen .

Sensing that oppressive might, many people cried out in their hearts .

From that oppressive might, they were able to sense the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder had attacked with ill intentions .

If that oppressive might were to land on the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, they would definitely suffer a disastrous amount of casualties .

“What happened?”

However, right after the oppressive might was released, it suddenly disappeared .

Everyone was puzzled by what had happened .

Right when the crowd was confused, Chu Feng spoke again, “It would appear that you are indeed a Xuanming Family Supreme Elder . ”

“Since that’s the case, it will be even better . ”

Not only that, but he also raised his arm towards the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder in the sky .

“What is he doing?”

Many people were puzzled by his action .

Chu Feng grasped with his hand, and then sent his arm down abruptly .

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“Get the hell down!” His words exploded, and the Xuanming Family Supreme Elder actually really ended up falling from the sky .

He flew down rapidly .

With a loud ‘bang,’ he crashed ruthlessly into the ground .

The force of the impact had even left a giant ravine-like crater on the prairie flatland .

As for that Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder, he grimaced in pain and vomited blood .

But, he was a Supreme Elder . How could he possibly tolerate such humiliation?

Furious, he attempted to get up .


However, right at that moment, another figure fell into the giant crater and smashed onto him .

The impact of the smash was not light at all . That Supreme Elder sprayed out a mouthful of blood from the impact .

He had originally wanted to curse out loud . It was only when he turned over to look that he found out that the person that had smashed into him was their young master, Xuan Yihang .

Immediately afterward, another figure appeared at the edge of the crater .

That person was Chu Feng .

Standing at the edge, Chu Feng looked like he was enjoying a show as he looked at Xuan Yihang and the Supreme Elder . A ridiculing gaze filled his eyes .

“My apologies . I only wanted to toss him down to accompany you . It was truly not my intention to smash him into you,” said Chu Feng .

Hearing those words, that Supreme Elder nearly fainted from anger .

‘Your apologies? Not your intention?’

‘Was it not you who pulled this old man down from the sky?’

‘Were my bones not shattered because you smashed me down into the ground?’

The more the Supreme Elder thought about it, the more furious he became .

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He looked to Chu Feng and spoke furiously, “Audacious zealot, you dare attack my clan’s young master?!”

“Do you know who we are?!”

“I know who you are; aren’t you all from the Xuanming Family?” said Chu Feng .

“Arrogant creature, you know we’re from the Xuanming Family, yet you dare to attack us still?! The way I see it, your Chu Heavenly Clan has grown tired of liv… Wuuahhh!”

Before he could finish his words, he let out a scream .

The crowd were all alarmed to see this .

They were surprised to discover that the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder had left the crater he'd been lying in and had appeared before Chu Feng .

Furthermore, his throat was being tightly grasped by Chu Feng .

Chu Feng had grabbed him up from the crater .

“That’s right, I am beating up the people from your Xuanming Family . ”

“If you dare to spout bullshit again, I’ll take your lousy life . ”

After saying those words, Chu Feng clenched the hand that he had grabbed that Supreme Elder’s throat with .

As his hand tightened, the complexion of the Supreme Elder grew increasingly ugly .

Everyone present was capable of sensing the killing intent emitted by Chu Feng .

He was not joking around . He was really planning to kill .

“Wuu~~~ stop, stop . ”

Seeing that Chu Feng had unleashed his killing intent, the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder began to struggle violently .

Only after seeing that did Chu Feng bother to wave his sleeve, and smash that Supreme Elder into the ground .

“A misunderstanding . Young friend, this is a misunderstanding . ”

“What happened between us must be a misunderstanding . ”

That Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder no longer had his previously threatening attitude . Instead, the tone that he spoke to Chu Feng with became very humble .

This Supreme Elder had perfectly played out what it meant by being able to submit or stand tall as required before the crowd .


“Earlier, that young master of yours wanted to plunder my Purple Star Wisterias . ”

“All the people present witnessed his behavior . Yet, you dare say that it’s a misunderstanding?” asked Chu Feng .

“This…” That Supreme Elder was surprised . Then, he looked to the crowd present . “Such a thing truly happened?”

The people from the Xuanming Family all grew quiet .

Actually, even without asking them, the Supreme Elder knew that their Xuanming Family was more than capable of doing something like that . It would be even more so for the people led by their young master Xuan Yihang .

“Young master, there must be some sort of misunderstanding in all this . ”

“The people from our Xuanming Family wouldn’t possibly do such a thing,” the Supreme Elder said with a smile on his face .

“Even now, you’re unwilling to admit it?”

Chu Feng narrowed his brows . The surrounding air turned threateningly chill .

Seeing that, the Supreme Elder’s aged face immediately grew stiff . He didn’t know what to do .

“Forget it . You haven’t managed to steal my Purple Star Wisterias, and I, Chu Feng, am not someone who would bicker over things either . ”

“How about this: you all give me a slight amount of compensation, and I’ll drop this matter,” said Chu Feng .

“Yes, yes, yes . We’ll compensate you, we’ll compensate you,” said that Supreme Elder .

“Hand over all the treasures you all have on you . Then, go and bring back ten Incomplete Immortal Armaments . Do that, and I’ll consider this matter dropped,” said Chu Feng .


Hearing those words, not to mention the Xuanming Family, even the cultivators of the Purple Star Upper Realm and the Chu Heavenly Clansmen were thoroughly shocked .

Demanding all their treasures was already very excessive . To demand ten more Incomplete Exalted Armaments on top of that?

Those were Incomplete Exalted Armaments of all things; they were extremely precious items .

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