Martial God Asura - Chapter 4067

Published at 26th of March 2020 01:00:10 PM

Chapter 4067

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Hearing the compensation Chu Feng spoke of, the people from the Xuanming Family were simply gobsmacked .

How could this be considered a slight compensation?

This was simply a demand for their lives!

Seeing that the Xuanming Family members were hesitating, Chu Feng’s gaze turned increasingly hostile . “What’s this? You’re unwilling to compensate me?”

“Young friend, it’s not that we’re unwilling . It’s just that, the Purple Star Wisterias are completely undamaged . You’ve actually suffered no losses at all . For you to demand such an enormous payment as compensation, it seems a bit…” said that Supreme Elder .

“Completely undamaged? Do you know how precious Purple Star Wisterias are?!”

“Your clansmen damaged countless Purple Star Wisterias as they smashed down from the sky!” Chu Feng lashed out .

“Eh… there doesn’t seem to be a single smashed Purple Star Wisteria?”

The Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder surveyed the area around him . Even though the entire Xuanming Family’s army had crashed into the ground and were completely battered, not a single person had landed on a Purple Star Wisteria .

“With so many people falling from the sky, the impact and commotion is simply too extensive! Even though none of the flowers were smashed, they were still frightened!” Chu Feng said loudly .


Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the Xuanming Family members cried in their hearts

It was the first time in their lives that they’d heard that flowers were capable of being frightened .

Besides, ignoring whether the Purple Star Wisterias were capable of being frightened or not, was it not Chu Feng who'd pulled them down from the sky?

The people from the Xuanming Family felt completely wronged .

Was this not extortion?

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Yet, although they were furious, none of them dared to voice their anger .

“It would appear that you all are unwilling to part with your treasures . ”

“Actually, I, Chu Feng, am a reasonable person . Since you are unwilling to part with your treasures, I won’t make things difficult for you either . ”

Hearing those words, the Xuanming Family members all heaved a sigh of relief .

They thought to themselves, ‘this malignant star is finally acting like a human’ and were all about to thank him .

Yet, at that moment, Chu Feng spoke again .

“Let us change the method of compensation then . I’ll take your young master’s life as compensation . ”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng extended his hand and grabbed . Immediately, wind appeared, and a massive suction rushed forth .

With a scream, Xuan Yihang, who was lying in the deep crater, was pulled out into the air by Chu Feng .

Chu Feng’s hand had firmly clenched his throat .

“Lord Supreme Elder, save me, save me!”

Having his throat clenched by Chu Feng, Xuan Yihang was not only in pain, but he was also so scared that his tears and mucus flew everywhere .

He was truly terrified . Even though he had always been considered a malignant star, he knew very well that he had always relied on the backing of his father to boss people around .

Unfortunately for him, he had ended up encountering an actual malignant star .

He had no choice but to cry for help .

Else, he would really end up losing his life .

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“Don’t! Don’t do anything to our young master! I’ll compensate you, we’ll compensate you!”

Seeing Xuan Yihang’s suffering, how could that Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder care about anything else? He immediately took out his Cosmos Sack .

Not only that, but he also removed all the treasures he had on him and brought them to Chu Feng .

“Why are you all still standing there?!”

“Quickly, hand over your treasures!” The Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder shouted angrily at the other Xuanming Family members .

Seeing that, the other Xuanming Family members, even if they were unwilling, no longer dared to hesitate .

One by one, they dragged their sorry-looking bodies up from the ground, removed all the treasures they had on them and brought them to Chu Feng .

In only a short period of time, the Xuanming Family had piled up a mountain of dazzling treasures .

Seeing the mountain of treasures, the eyes of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen shone .

They were still unable to see what the treasures inside those Cosmos Sacks were . But, merely the treasures that were gathered before them were enough to stun them .

The treasures that were gathered before Chu Feng, into a mountain, were simply even more robust than the wealth that had been gathered by their Chu Heavenly Clan over the years of their existence .

If those treasures were truly going to all be theirs, the wealth of their Chu Heavenly Clan would increase enormously .

With a great amount of wealth and treasures, their Chu Heavenly Clansmen would also find themselves with a better environment to cultivate in . Naturally, their clansmen’s cultivation would also increase .

Thinking of all that, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen were simply overjoyed .

However, compared to the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, Chu Feng did not even bother to glance at the mountain of treasures .

It was as if he were completely uninterested in them .

Chu Feng’s behavior worried the Xuanming Family . They looked at each other and began to feel very uneasy .

They could tell from the way he was reacting that he still didn't plan to let them off .

“Young friend, we’ve compensated you as you wanted us to . ”

At the crucial time, it was the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder who spoke up .

However, the Supreme Elder was also trembling in fear as he spoke to Chu Feng . He didn’t even dare to speak in too loud a voice .

“Apart from you, everyone else is to slap themselves a thousand times,” Chu Feng said as he looked at the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder .

The tone Chu Feng spoke with was particularly grave .

Even though Chu Feng hadn’t acted friendly with the Xuanming Family earlier either, the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder felt even greater oppression from his current attitude .

Confused, the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder asked, “Young friend, this… why?”

“Because your clansmen are unable to keep their mouths to themselves,” said Chu Feng .

“Unable to keep their mouths to themselves?” The Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder was still confused .

Before Chu Feng said anything, the cultivators from the Purple Star Upper Realm all began to speak, “It must be about your Xuanming Family insulting the Chu Heavenly Clansmen for no reason at all . ”

“Right, we all witnessed it . ”

“Without any reason or cause, they began to say all sorts of offensive things about the Chu Heavenly Clan . Then, they even wanted to plunder the Purple Star Wisterias that had been discovered by the Chu Heavenly Clan . ”

“Their behavior was simply too excessive . This was simply something that has never been seen before in our Purple Star Upper Realm . ”

“Right, it was simply bullying people too much . ”

They were simply unable to tolerate the behavior of the Xuanming Family anymore .

Although they were only spectators, they’d never seen people bullying others like that .

When even the bystanders said such things, the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder knew that their Xuanming Family members must’ve acted extremely excessively .

It was no wonder Chu Feng would extort them .

They were indeed the ones in the wrong first .

“All you disgraces! Slap yourselves now!” The Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder shouted angrily at his clansmen .

After his words left his mouth, firecracker-like sounds began to echo .

Those were no firecrackers at all . Instead, they were the sound of the Xuanming Family members slapping themselves .

All their slaps were very powerful .

After slapping themselves a thousand times, all the Xuanming Family members’ cheeks were covered in blood, and their faces were swollen to the size and appearance of pig heads .

“Young friend, is this fine now?” asked the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder .

Chu Feng didn’t say anything . He simply released Xuan Yihang from his grasp .

Seeing this, the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder immediately rushed forth to catch him . Then, he turned around and intended to leave .

But, he only took a couple steps before Chu Feng spoke, “Wait . ”

Once Chu Feng spoke, the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder and Xuan Yihang’s bodies trembled in fear .

They both felt that Chu Feng most definitely did not have any good intentions .

Yet, they do not dare to ignore his command . They could only allow themselves to be ordered around by Chu Feng .