Martial God Asura - Chapter 4077

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Chapter 4077

“Mn . ” The Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master nodded .

The reason why he suspected the blue-gowned old man was because this old man had become famous in the vicinity of the Purple Star Hall in recent days .

That old man wantonly proclaimed that an exceptional genius had appeared in the Chu Heavenly Clan .

Furthermore, according to that old man, even though that Chu Feng’s cultivation had not reached the Utmost Exalted realm, he was a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, and had special treasures on him that allowed his battle power to be so powerful that not even rank three Utmost Exalted would be a match for him .

If that were all, the Purple Star Hall would not be suspecting him .

Most importantly, it was because that old man’s identity was unknown . He was not from the Purple Star Hall .

However, it just so happened that not even the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master was able to see through his cultivation .

Furthermore, that old man was extremely arrogant . Even though he was clearly staying in the Purple Star Hall’s territory as a guest, he did not place the Purple Star Hall in his eyes at all .

The day before, he had ended up arguing with a Purple Star Hall elder and had publicly injured him .

Then, he had even declared that ‘A mere Purple Star Hall was nothing more than a bunch of ants!’

What arrogance was this?!

All the Purple Star Hall’s elders were furious after they learned of the matter .

Even the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master himself had set off personally to take care of the blue-gowned old man .

However, by the time he arrived, the blue-gowned old man had already escaped .

Because of that, the matter ended up getting dropped .

“That man is indeed very suspicious . Actually, this subordinate also suspected him to possibly be the person who is controlling our elders and revealing our secrets . ”

“But, he was afraid of Lord Hall Master, and had fled . ”

“That said, ever since he appeared, he has been praising that person of the younger generation by the name of Chu Feng . The way this subordinate sees it, that man could very possibly have something to do with the Chu Heavenly Clan . ”

“Right, he must be their accomplice . ”

“Who would’ve thought that the seemingly guileless Chu Heavenly Clan would actually be this despicable?”

“This subordinate will go and teach them a lesson right now,” said Pang Youyang as he prepared to leave .

“Wait,” the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master spoke and stopped him .

“The All-seeing Heavenly Master said that we must not attack the ten powers during this period of time . ”

“We must let nature take its course,” said the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master .

“But Lord Hall Master, the Chu Heavenly Clan has already left the Purple Star Variance Realm . They’ve been eliminated . Even if someone is to find the cultivation treasure, it would have nothing to do with the Chu Heavenly Clan,” said Pang Youyang .

“Is there even a need for you to tell me that?”

“How could I not understand that?”

“However, for things like destiny, it is not something that we can see through . ”

“Just in case, it’s better that we wait . ”

“After all, neither the Chu Heavenly Clan nor that blue-gowned man would be able to escape the grasp of my palm . ”

“Mere trash from Abandoned Starfields actually dare to oppose my Purple Star Hall?”

“I will have them know what sort of consequence they’ll be faced with . ”

A concentrated look of confidence was on the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master’s face as he said those words . A look of restless ruthlessness was also present in his eyes .

… . . .

While only the powers from the Ten Abandoned Starfields were able to enter the Purple Star Variance Realm, the people outside, due to how renowned the Purple Star Variance Realm was, were all discussing it .

Their discussions were mainly focused on three topics .

One, which of the ten powers had the greatest chance at obtaining the Purple Star Hall’s generous gift of that rank three Exalted Taboo Martial Skill .

Two, whether or not the ten powers could find the legendary cultivation treasure .

Three, why the Purple Star Hall was suddenly treating the ten powers so well .

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The second topic was actually negligible . Although many people were discussing it, the majority of them all felt that the ten powers would not be able to find the legendary cultivation treasure .

After all, even the Purple Star Hall was unable to find it even after searching for it for so long . Thus, how could the ten powers possibly be able to find it?

As for the third topic, due to being afraid of provoking the Purple Star Hall, the crowd discussed it privately .

As such, what the crowd were discussing the most was the first topic .

Furthermore, as that mysterious blue-gowned individual had spread the information of Chu Feng’s capability all around, everyone felt that the Chu Heavenly Clan might be a dark horse .

Furthermore, that blue-gowned old man was very powerful himself . He had even publicly insulted the Purple Star Hall and injured their elder .

Even though he'd ended up fleeing from the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master, everyone still felt that his words were most likely true .

Furthermore, they all felt that the old man had a deep relationship with the Chu Heavenly Clan .

Otherwise, why would someone as powerful as him proclaim Chu Feng’s past achievements repeatedly?


Suddenly, thunder rumbled and the sky changed color .

An abnormal sign had actually emerged from the depths of the Purple Star Hall .

It was a vast expanse of white clouds .

White clouds were very commonly seen . One wouldn't normally associate white clouds with abnormal signs .

However, it just so happened that the white clouds that appeared were very extraordinary .

Thunderous roars could be heard from within the white clouds . Those roars were extremely ear-piercing . Yet… one could not see any lightning .

Furthermore, the white clouds resembled giant waves rushing out from deep within the Purple Star Hall like a tsunami .

As they soared into the vast sky, wreaking havoc all over, they instantly covered the entire vast sky .

It was common knowledge that cultivators were able to see very far .

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Yet, the white clouds covered all the sky visible to the cultivators .

If that were all, it would not be an abnormal sign .

The reason why everyone felt that it was an abnormal sign was because a sacred aura was being emitted from the boundless white clouds .

Enveloped by the aura, everyone could feel it extremely well .

That sacred aura was simply too powerful, so much so that no one dared to blaspheme the clouds, and their gazes were filled with reverence .

“What’s going on here?”

“Why would such a sacred cloud appear?”

“Furthermore, it’s spreading from deep within the Purple Star Hall?”

The crowd were making guesses nonstop .


Suddenly, the white clouds changed .

A pattern appeared in the white clouds . That pattern was actually moving .

Looking carefully, what appeared on the white clouds was an enormous map .

However, that map was alive . Everything on the map was very vivid and realistic .

There were even people moving and fighting on the map .

“Look! Aren’t those people from the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion?”

“Those people there are the Miao Heavenly Clansmen . ”

“Heavens! Could it be that those are the legendary Purple Star Variance Beasts? They look so terrifying!”

The confused crowd soon burst into a complete uproar .

They finally realized what the map that had appeared on the vast white clouds was .

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It turned out that the map was actually illuminating the Purple Star Variance Realm .

The mysterious Purple Star Variance Realm, the place that the crowd might not be able to see in their entire lives, was being shown to them in such a manner .

“Why would this suddenly happen?”

“Why would the circumstances within the Purple Star Variance Realm suddenly appear from the abnormal sign?”

The crowd all felt very confused, and all turned their eyes to the people from the Purple Star Hall . They wanted to get answers from them .

However, the truth was that even the people from the Purple Star Hall were stunned by the scene before them .

They were completely bewildered .

That said, the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master and Pang Youyang were actually overjoyed .

Even though they were still inside that forbidden area, they were also disturbed because of how enormous the abnormal sign was .

When they looked out from the forbidden area, they were also able to see the abnormal sign that covered the sky .

Looking to the grand formation inside the forbidden area, they discovered that even the grand formation had changed .

The grand formation was emitting the same sort of sacred aura as the abnormal sign .

The sacred aura being emitted came from the legendary cultivation resource .

“The All-seeing Heavenly Master is truly amazing . ”

Both the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master and Pang Youyang were praising the All-seeing Heavenly Master nonstop .

The scene before them was something that had never occurred in the Purple Star Hall since their establishment .

First was the abnormal sign inside the Purple Star Variance Realm . Immediately afterward, that abnormal sign actually rushed out from the Variance Realm and came out here .

They felt that all the changes were related to the All-seeing Heavenly Master .

It was the All-seeing Heavenly Master who had given them this opportunity .

Seeing the abnormal sign, they became even more certain that they were most likely going to be able to find the legendary cultivation treasure .