Martial God Asura - Chapter 4078

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Chapter 4078: 4078

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The crowd felt disbelief upon seeing the abnormal sign that hid the sky and covered the earth .

However, as the abnormal sign continued to hang in the sky, they soon had no choice but to believe it to be real .

Even though they were still shaken by it, the shock in their hearts was gradually suppressed .

They began to stop pondering why the abnormal sign would appear to focus on the circumstances within the Purple Star Variance Realm .

Soon, the crowd discovered that the person that mysterious blue-gowned old man was boasting about the entire time, Chu Feng, was not in the Purple Star Variance Realm at all .

In fact, not even the Chu Heavenly Clan was present in the Purple Star Variance Realm .

This made the crowd feel very puzzled .

Could it be that the Chu Heavenly Clan had not entered the Purple Star Variance Realm?

At the time when the crowd were confused, the upper echelon of the Purple Star Realm gave permission, and the people from the Purple Star Realm began to mention what had happened to the Chu Heavenly Clan .

Upon learning that the Chu Heavenly Clan had escaped from the Purple Star Variance Realm immediately after they encountered dangers, and that Chu Feng had pretended to be ill and never once showed himself, the crowd’s impression of Chu Feng fell enormously .

The Chu Heavenly Clan and Chu Feng soon became the target of the crowd’s criticism .

Even that blue-gowned old man who had proclaimed that Chu Feng was an extraordinary genius was being verbally attacked by the crowd .

The crowd felt that the blue-gowned old man was deliberately deceiving them .

They felt that Chu Feng was no genius at all, and the Chu Heavenly Clan was out-and-out trash .

… . . .

It had been over a dozen days since the ten overlord powers entered the Purple Star Variance Realm .

It had been over twenty days since Chu Feng lost consciousness .

Finally, Chu Feng gradually regained his consciousness .

When he regained consciousness, the poisonous substance that had been affecting him disappeared completely, and his mental state was even better than before the poison flared up .

Furthermore, there was even a look of joy on Chu Feng’s face .

‘Truly never would I have expected to actually profit from a disaster,’ Chu Feng gasped in his heart .

He had indeed profited from a disaster .

When Chu Feng was first being tormented by the poisonous substance, he was unable to handle it because of how intense the poison was, so much so that he'd ended up losing consciousness .

During that period of time, Chu Feng lost his connection with everyone around him . Pain was the only sensation he felt .

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However, later on, the world spiritist bloodline within him actually emerged to protect him . His bloodline began to fight the poison .

The confrontation between his bloodline power and the poisonous substance was intense, but not only did it not endanger Chu Feng’s life, but it instead slightly suppressed the poisonous substance’s power .

That said, the poisonous substance was simply too powerful . Acting on its own, while his bloodline power was able to suppress the poisonous substance, the effect was not particularly good .

That said, it still managed to allow him to gradually regain consciousness .

When Chu Feng realized that his world spiritist bloodline was able to take on the poisonous substance, he began to control his world spiritist bloodline to contend against it . He wanted to suppress the poisonous substance completely .

During this period of time, a strange thing happened .

Chu Feng felt that special existence again .

That existence was concealed deep in Chu Feng’s spirit world .

He had only sensed it when he'd broken through to Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist .

That existence had the appearance of a dragon . Yet, it was not a dragon . It emitted a very sacred aura, and contained enormous power .

Most importantly, Chu Feng felt an enormous enticement from it .

When Chu Feng had first discovered it, he had wanted to link up with it . Yet, he was immediately attacked and was nearly paralyzed the moment he had touched it with his spirit power .

Ever since that happened, Chu Feng no longer dared to attempt to sense it, much less connect with it .

He never would’ve expected that mysterious existence to suddenly appear while he was controlling his bloodline to suppress the poisonous substance .

This brought great panic to Chu Feng .

However, a scene that surprised Chu Feng occurred .

That mysterious existence no longer only appeared faintly discernible, but instead approached Chu Feng of its own accord . Furthermore, it no longer had any hostility, and was instead filled with goodwill .

Because of that, Chu Feng realized that the mysterious existence could very possibly be planning to help him .

With that, Chu Feng decided to take a risk .

He decided to attempt to link up with the mysterious existence again .

Surprisingly, the attempt was a smooth success . He really managed to link up with that mysterious existence .

With the help of that mysterious existence, Chu Feng began to suppress the poisonous substance completely .

When the poisonous substance was completely suppressed, the mysterious existence actually fused with Chu Feng and became a part of his world spiritist bloodline .

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When Chu Feng fully regained consciousness, he was able to sense how powerful that mysterious existence was .

That mysterious existence not only aided him in suppressing the poisonous substance, but it had also strengthened his entire body .

Ordinary Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists only had a battle power on par with a rank one Utmost Exalted .

However, Chu Feng now possessed battle power on par with a rank two Utmost Exalted .

Adding on the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak and his bloodline power, Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques now possessed a battle power on par with a rank four Utmost Exalted .

The reason for this change was all because Chu Feng had assimilated with that mysterious power .

But, if it wasn’t for the poisonous substance torturing him that caused his bloodline power to protect him autonomously, then perhaps the mysterious power would not have come to his aid at the crucial time .

In turn, it would’ve been impossible for him to gain control over that mysterious power in such a short period of time .

“What’s going on?!”

However, right after Chu Feng regained consciousness, he immediately closed his eyes again .

The reason for that was because he sensed the existence of that mysterious power again .

Like the time when he first discovered it, that mysterious existence was still very imposing and divine, so filled with mysteriousness and only faintly discernible, like it could disappear at any moment .

“What’s happening? I’ve clearly grasped it . I’ve clearly fused with that power . Why would it suddenly appear here? Could I have failed? Could it have escaped from my body?” Chu Feng had a scare .

He thought that he had failed to grasp that power .

However, he soon discovered that the power he had grasped and assimilated was still inside his body .

But, since that mysterious power had assimilated with him, what was the mysterious power that appeared now?

“Wait, this mysterious existence is many times more powerful than the one I’ve assimilated with . ”

“Even its shape is different . It’s more immense than the one I assimilated with . ”

“Could this be a completely new power?”

“If that’s really the case, then if I’m able to assimilate with this new power, wouldn’t it mean that my battle power will increase again?”

“Could this be the true power of Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists?”

“The battle power of Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists is not confined to being on par to a rank one Utmost Exalted at all . Instead, they’re able to gain even stronger power?”

When this thought came to his mind, Chu Feng began to carefully examine things .

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Finally, Chu Feng confirmed his guess .

This made him extremely excited .

Naturally, he wanted to grasp this even stronger power .

The battle power of his world spirit techniques had increased after he had grasped a single mysterious power .

Chu Feng wanted to know how far his world spirit techniques’ battle power would increase should he grasp another mysterious power .

Even though Chu Feng had reached a bottleneck in terms of his martial power, and was unable to make a breakthrough, he would be equally happy should he be able to increase his world spirit techniques’ battle power .

Faced with such enticement, Chu Feng decided to act .

Using his spirit power, he carefully attempted to connect with that mysterious power .

Furthermore, after experiencing the lesson from the first time around and the experience from assimilating with the mysterious power, Chu Feng felt that his bloodline power might possess great attraction toward the mysterious power .

As such, Chu Feng not only released his spirit power, but he also integrated his bloodline power into his spirit power . Using that, he attempted to connect with the even more powerful mysterious power .


Yet, Chu Feng was attacked the moment he came in contact with it .

Not only did he find his entire body feeling paralyzed, but even his soul was attacked .

At that instant, Chu Feng felt that he had touched the fringe of death .

Due to things being too painful, Chu Feng even let out a scream of pain .

The impact of the attack this time around was much fiercer than last time .

It was so strong that Chu Feng lost consciousness . . .

After a long time passed, Chu Feng gradually regained consciousness .

When he regained consciousness, a familiar voice sounded by his ears .

“Chu Feng, what happened?”

“Are you alright?”

Chu Feng immediately opened his eyes when he heard that voice .

That was when he discovered that he was lying inside a bedroom, and Chu Hanpeng was standing before him, looking at him nervously .

“Lord Supreme Elder, I’m fine,” said Chu Feng .

“You’re fine now? That’s great! Chu Feng, you’ve finally woken up . ” The cold and detached Chu Hanpeng was actually weeping .

“Lord Supreme Elder, don’t cry . Didn’t I wake up?” Chu Feng comforted him .

“Right, I’ll stop crying . I’m too old, I’ve grown useless . ” Chu Hanpeng wiped his tears away and forced a smile .

Perhaps even he didn’t know how enormous of a pressure he was under during this period of time .

That was why he ended up losing control of his emotions when Chu Feng woke up .

“Lord Supreme Elder, how long was I unconscious for?”

“Are we in the Purple Star Hall now?” Chu Feng asked questions in rapid succession .

During the time when he was unconscious, Chu Feng had been focused on using his world spiritist bloodline to contend against the poison the entire time . As such, he had no idea what was happening around him .

Not only did he find the place he woke up in unfamiliar, but he didn’t know what had happened during the time he was unconscious, or what anyone might’ve said to him while he was unconscious .

“It’s great that you’re fine now, it’s great that you’re fine now . ”

Seeing that Chu Feng had recovered, Chu Hanpeng was filled with emotions .

Afterwards, roughly informed Chu Feng of what happened during the time he was unconscious .

Of course, Chu Hanpeng only told Chu Feng the good news, and not the bad news .

For example, he informed Chu Feng of the Xuanming Family causing trouble for them, and the Red-dress Holy Land coming to their aid and disgracing the Xuanming Family completely .

He also informed Chu Feng of their Chu Heavenly Clan entering the Purple Star Variance Realm to train .

But, the bad things that had occurred, for example how dangerous the Purple Star Variance Realm was and how their Lord Clan Chief was seriously injured, he kept to himself .

“Where’s Lord Clan Chief?”

“Is he still inside that Purple Star Variance Realm now?” asked Chu Feng .

Chu Feng asked those questions without thinking much .

However, he noticed that Chu Hanpeng’s expression changed after hearing those questions .

Even though the change in Chu Hanpeng’s expression lasted but an instant, Chu Feng caught it, and realized that something was amiss .

Thus, he immediately stood up and looked to Chu Hanpeng with a serious expression . “Lord Supreme Elder, tell me the truth . Did something happen to Lord Clan Chief?”

“Chu Feng, you…”

Seeing Chu Feng like that, Chu Hanpeng knew that he could not keep it hidden from Chu Feng .