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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4085

Published at 5th of April 2020 08:40:08 AM

Chapter 4085

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“How could this be?!”

The crowd were all stunned upon seeing this scene .

That was no ordinary rank nine Immortal Technique . Instead, it was a mastered rank nine Immortal Technique with a power approaching an Exalted Taboo Martial Skill .

Yet, an Immortal Technique this powerful was actually easily obliterated by that enormous dragon .

This made the crowd realize one thing .

They seemed to have underestimated Chu Feng .

“Exactly what sort of pleasant surprise will that youngster bring us?”

“How could there be such a powerful monster in this world?”

“I’ve broadened my horizons . I’ve truly broadened my horizons today . This trip has truly been worthwhile . ”

At this moment, many people were shouting like that .

They were endlessly excited, and filled with so much emotion that their voices were trembling .

They all felt that they had witnessed the birth of a genius .

It was very possible that a genius like Chu Feng would be the strongest genius that they’d witnessed in their entire life .

They even felt that they were witnessing the birth of a legend .

A genius of this caliber would most definitely be able to make a name for himself in the Holy Light Galaxy . He would most definitely be able to leave behind a legend of his own .

Chu Feng did not belong in the Abandoned Starfields . In fact, he did not belong in the Lower Starfields .

Practically everyone felt that he was someone whose name could become renowned in the entire Holy Light Galaxy .

“This guy…”

While the others were feeling joyous at the sight of Chu Feng’s might, the people from the Constellation Immortal Isle looked miserable .

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As matters stood, they had to admit that this young man from the Chu Heavenly Clan was a monster .

Yet, it just so happened that a monster like that was their enemy .

This brought them enormous fear .

In fact, seeing the current Chu Feng, even the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master narrowed his brows .

He had thought that his rank nine Immortal Technique would be able to defeat Chu Feng .

Never did he expect that his rank nine Immortal Technique would not be able to withstand a single attack from Chu Feng .

When he saw that bright and life-like dragon coiling around Chu Feng like a guardian, he realized that his battle power was stronger than he had imagined .

“Interesting . ”

Suddenly, a look of determination appeared in the eyes of the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master .

Then, he tossed his Incomplete Exalted Armament into the sky .

Reaching the sky, the Incomplete Exalted Armament suddenly changed .

As if it had released its own innate ability, Chu Feng could sense that the Incomplete Exalted Armament was unleashing its own oppressive might .

The being within the Incomplete Exalted Armament had awakened!

“Woosh, woosh, swoosh~~~”

The Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master overlayed his hands and formed multiple hand seals .

His body also began to change .

It was just that Chu Feng was unable to determine what sort of change it was .

Suddenly, the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master opened his mouth .

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Purple lightning shot out from his mouth .

Once the purple lightning emerged from his mouth, it actually moved toward the Incomplete Exalted Armament .

The lightning coiled around the Incomplete Exalted Armament, and caused it to transform again .

With the Incomplete Exalted Armament as the foundation, a giant purple dragon rose forth .

This giant purple lightning dragon was actually also tens of thousands of meters long . Furthermore, the might it was emitting was even stronger than Chu Feng’s giant golden dragon .

Standing behind the giant dragon, the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master appeared far inferior to it .

“That is the Constellation Immortal Isle’s strongest technique, the rank two Exalted Taboo: Purple Lightning Attachment!”

Someone recognized the origin of the purple lightning .

It turned out that it was the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Protection Martial Skill, their strongest martial skill .

The Exalted Taboo: Purple Lightning Attachment was originally a martial skill to attach to one’s body like armor that greatly increased both the offense and defense of its user .

However, the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master had attached it to his Incomplete Exalted Armament instead .

Incomplete Exalted Armaments were living weapons to begin with .

Because of that, the Exalted Taboo: Purple Lightning Attachment was able to greatly strengthen the power of his Incomplete Exalted Armament .

Back then, the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master had relied on precisely this Exalted Taboo: Purple Lightning Attachment to defeat the six overlords .

His usage of the Exalted Taboo: Purple Lightning Attachment meant that he was serious .

This was his strongest technique . If he failed to defeat Chu Feng even with this, it would mean that he was no match for him .

“Will Chu Feng be able to take on that attack?”

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This question appeared in the minds of the crowd . At the same time, they were all deeply looking forward to what was about to happen

To the majority of the crowd, this battle had nothing to do with them .

That said, after having witnessed the battle, many of them hoped for Chu Feng’s victory .

After all, this was a battle concerning life and death .

As the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master was the person who had committed a wrong first, his death would be justified .

The death of Chu Feng, on the other hand, would represent the fall of an exceptional genius .

… . . .

Inside the Purple Star Variance Realm . Chu Feng was also observing that enormous lightning dragon .

When the enormous lightning dragon took form completely, the sky above Chu Feng’s head had changed .

While the shining golden dragon Chu Feng had formed with his world spirit techniques was life-like and incomparably divine, its might didn't seem to be a match for that enormous lightning dragon .

After the giant lightning dragon appeared, the sky was not only covered densely with dark clouds, but purple lightning was also flickering between them .

Chu Feng could sense the might of the dragon .

This Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master was indeed someone with some skills .

“World spirit techniques are nothing more than tricks . ”

“It is martial power that is real . ”

“Weak is weak and strong is strong, martial power will not lie . ”

“Else, this world would not be known as the vast cultivation world . ”

“Did you really think that you’d be able to defeat this old man just because you possess outstanding world spirit techniques?”

“Today, this old man will have you realize that no matter how powerful your world spirit techniques might be, you’ll still not be able to contend against martial cultivators . ”

“World spiritists will forever be unable to surpass martial cultivators . ”

“In the end, this world is a world where martial cultivators rule . ”

“World spiritists like you only play a minor role . ”

After saying those words, the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master let out a loud shout and sent his palms forward .


The enormous lightning dragon opened its ferocious mouth wide and roared nonstop as it rushed toward Chu Feng .

Chu Feng was not to be outdone . With a single thought, the giant dragon of light that coiled around him also rushed forth to confront the incoming lightning dragon .


Dragon roars sounded nonstop as violent winds blew away the clouds . The two enormous dragons collided .

The entire region was covered by purple lightning and dazzling light .

A scene that shocked everyone occurred .

The purple lightning was gradually weakening, whereas the light was growing more and more vigorous .

Soon, some experts managed to realize what was going on .

Although the two enormous dragons were locked in battle, it was Chu Feng’s giant dragon of light that was winning .

Like two real dragons, the two giant dragons were fighting in the sky in the most primitive manner .

The lightning dragon was not only overwhelmingly powerful, but its attacks were also extremely fierce . Yet, all of its attacks were dodged by the giant light dragon .

It was instead the light dragons’s talons and fangs that managed to strike down at the lightning dragon’s body repeatedly .

Because of that, the lightning dragon’s scales were falling off repeatedly, and its aura was growing weaker by the second .

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