Martial God Asura - Chapter 4184

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Chapter 4184: 4184

Chapter 4184 - Zi Ling

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“Brother Shaoyu, thank you for all the trouble you’ve gone through for me . ”

Chu Feng became completely relieved upon learning that his clansmen were fine .

It was as Fumo Shaoyu had said . If Chu Feng didn’t have any worries anymore, he would be a lot more relaxed, and would not have to think about the consequences too much when he did things .

“Oh, that’s right . Here is the location where your clansmen are taking refuge . ”

As Fumo Shaoyu spoke, he handed Chu Feng a small scroll .

Chu Feng accepted the scroll and opened it . He discovered that the scroll was actually a map that showed the location of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen had been moved to .

Sure enough, the location was a place one would not notice easily .

However, when Chu Feng began to think of how all his clansmen had been transferred from their familiar homes to a new place, he began to feel slightly uneasy .

“I’ve brought hardship upon my clansmen,” Chu Feng sighed .

The current Chu Heavenly Clan was in charge of the Ancestral Martial Starfield .

People would most definitely discuss their sudden disappearance .

“What hardships do they have?”

“It is their honor to have such an outstanding clansman like you,” said Fumo Shaoyu .

Chu Feng looked to the black-haired girl and asked quietly, “Oh, that’s right . Brother Shaoyu, who is that young lady?”

“She seems to know me?”

“Oh, her? She came to find you,” said Fumo Shaoyu .

“Find me?” Chu Feng was very surprised .

After all, he didn’t know the black-haired girl at all .

“That’s right . She arrived at your clan and declared that she needed to see you . I saw how urgent she looked, and since I knew where you were, I decided to bring her over . ”

“However, she’s been acting very mysterious, and has refused to tell me why she’s searching for you . ”

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“I had thought that she’s some girl that you’ve duped . But, judging from how things look now, that doesn’t seem to be the case,” Fumo Shaoyu said in a whisper .

“Of course not . I don’t even know her,” said Chu Feng .

“Okay, okay . You go talk with her . ”

“You’ll know why she was searching for you once you ask her . ”

After Fumo Shaoyu finished saying those words, he grabbed Fumo Xin’er and left .

The siblings were smiling joyously . Their relationship was truly good .

As for Chu Feng, he arrived before the black-haired girl .

“Young lady, do you need something from me?” asked Chu Feng .

“Let’s find a quiet place to talk . ”

As the black-haired girl spoke, she stepped into the sky and began to walk away .

Seeing that, Chu Feng followed her .

The black-haired girl did not walk far . She stopped upon reaching a place without people .



She raised her arm, and a spirit formation appeared . That spirit formation sealed Chu Feng and her within it .

Her spirit power was Saint-level . Furthermore, it was Dragon Mark on top of that .

Even though Chu Feng’s spirit power was being devoured by the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, his world spiritist’s sharp perception remained . He was able to tell that the girl was no ordinary Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist .

Her spirit power was extremely strong . It was very possible that she was a world spiritist that had grasped the Dragon Transformation Sensation .

Chu Feng was unable to determine her cultivation because it was hidden .

But, merely her world spirit techniques were sufficient to leave a profound impression on him .

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Although the girl appeared rather ordinary, she was someone extraordinary .

“Let me ask you this again . ”

“Are you really Chu Feng?”

“You are the Chu Feng that was abandoned by the Chu Heavenly Clan, the Chu Feng that grew up in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm’s Nine Provinces Continent’s Chu Family?” asked the black-haired girl .

“That’s me . Young lady, who are you?” asked Chu Feng .

He became more and more curious about the girl .

“My name’s Yu Ting . ”

“I came here to find you because of an important matter . ”

As Yu Ting spoke, she took out a little bell .

It was a little purple bell .

Chu Feng’s expression immediately changed upon seeing the little bell . His emotions were immediately sent into chaos .

Excitement and nervousness filled his mind . He became extremely unstable .

It was impossible for Chu Feng to not recognize the little bell . That little bell was something that he had formed using his world spirit techniques . It was a gift he had given to Zi Ling .

“Miss Yu Ting, where did you get that bell?” Chu Feng immediately asked upon receiving the little bell .

Although he was a very calm person, he was in a complete panic at that moment .

Zi Ling was simply too important to Chu Feng .

She was the only person besides Her Lady Queen that had truly gone through trials and tribulations with him . She was a woman who had experienced difficulties and dangers with him .

However, ever since Chu Feng had first left the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm, he had never once seen Zi Ling again .

According to the information that was left behind by his father, Chu Feng knew that Zi Ling was still in the Holy Light Galaxy .

She had deeply wanted to help Chu Feng . But, her talent was simply too lacking . Thus, even though she was being helped by Chu Feng’s father, she still needed to work extra hard .

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Chu Feng knew that Zi Ling was currently training somewhere . But, he didn’t know the details as to where she was .

Ever since Chu Feng had left the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm, he had never seen Zi Ling again .

There was no need to mention the status that she held in Chu feng’s heart .

Zi Ling was one of the few people capable of causing him to lose his senses .

This was especially true now . After hearing some news of Zi Ling after so long, Chu Feng was both excited and nervous .

He was excited because he had finally received news about Zi Ling .

He was nervous because he didn’t know if this news was good or bad .

“It would appear that you are indeed Chu Feng . ”

Yu Ting had been carefully observing Chu Feng the entire time .

From Chu Feng’s reaction to the little purple bell, she was able to tell that he cared greatly for Zi Ling .

“Since you’re Chu Feng, I will speak bluntly . ”

“Zi Ling is in trouble,” said Yu Ting .


Chu Feng immediately grew nervous upon hearing her words .

What he worried about the most was Zi Ling being in trouble .

Yet, the thing that he was worried about the most had occurred .

“You don’t have to be overly worried either . Whilst this matter needs to be solved, it is not that easy to accomplish . ”

“It is no use for you to panic right now . ”

After saying those words, Yu Ting added, “Do you know about the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect?”

“Hidden Dragon Martial Sect?”

“I know about them . ”

Chu Feng had inquired about the structure of the Holy Light Galaxy from Long Daozhi .

Thus, he knew about the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect .

The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was one of the strongest powers in the Holy Light Galaxy besides the Holy Light Clan .

However, the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was rather hidden .

It was said that the Hidden Dragon Starfield that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect existed in was a place that outsiders were unable to enter . Only people from the Holy Light Clan were qualified to pay them a visit .

If other people dared to intrude upon their territory, they would kill them without any hesitation .

Moreover, the Hidden Dragon Starfield was not only a place with concealment and protection formations, its location was also ever-changing .

Very few people knew where it was located .

Even if one wanted to trespass, they would not be able to find it .

Furthermore, it was impossible to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect . Instead, they would personally select disciples .

Only those that they took a fancy to were able to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect .

As for the people that they took fancy to, they would be taken away by the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect regardless of whether or not they were willing to join them .

In short, the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was a powerful, mysterious and tyrannical power .

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