Martial God Asura - Chapter 4188

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Chapter 4188: 4188

Chapter 4188 - Zhuge Yuankong

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“Descendant of the Yu Family, Yu Ting, pays her respects to senior Zhuge . ”

Yu Ting knelt at the foot of the mountain and began kowtowing respectfully towards it .

After that, she didn’t ascend into the sky again . Instead, she began slowly walking along the mountain path . Step by step, she started climbing the mountain .

Seeing that, Chu Feng came to a sudden realization .

It was no wonder that Yu Ting knew of Zhuge Yuankong’s old residence .

It would appear she had an extraordinary relationship with this Zhuge Yuankong .

Since Zhuge Yuankong was someone that Yu Ting respected, Chu Feng would naturally have to show respect towards him too .

As such, he also descended from the sky . Like Yu Ting, he began climbing the mountain step by step from the bottom .

As they were climbing, Chu Feng asked, “Miss Yu Ting, exactly what sort of person is senior Zhuge Yuankong?”

“For him to know a way to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, he must be someone remarkable, no?”

“You really don’t know about senior Zhuge?” Yu Ting looked to Chu Feng with a slightly astonished expression .


“I really don’t know,” Chu Feng said with embarrassment .

“Well, you can’t be blamed for that either . After all, senior Zhuge has been dead for thousands of years . ”

“The world of martial cultivators is a cruel one . People will only look up to the grace of the current experts; very few people will bother to respect the experts of the past . ”

“Even when they do pay their respects, it’s because they want the treasures and martial skills left behind by those experts,” said Yu Ting .

“That’s true,” Chu Feng nodded in agreement .

Soon afterward, he said, “If you know about him, you should tell me about this senior Zhuge Yuankong . ”

“You know about the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted?” asked Yu Ting .

“I do . ”

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Of course Chu Feng knew about him .

After all, he was the current strongest world spiritist in the Holy Light Galaxy .

He was an existence that had grasped rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation .

As for rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation, that was a power on par with Martial Exalted .

In other words, the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted was so powerful that he could use his world spirit techniques to fight against Martial Exalted-level experts .

“Before the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted, Zhuge Yuankong was the Holy Light Galaxy’s strongest world spiritist . ”

“He was also the first world spiritist in the Holy Light Galaxy to grasp rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation,” said Yu Ting .

“So senior Zhuge was actually that powerful . No wonder…”

Chu Feng finally realized why Zhuge Yuankong knew about secrets that no one else did .

The reason for that was because he had stood at the apex of world spiritist’s back then .

As such, it was only natural that his interactions were not things that ordinary people could compare to .

It was possible that he might have cooperated with the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect in the past . Thus, it was reasonable and fair that he knew things that others did not .

“In that case, how did senior Zhuge die?”

“Did he die from old age?” asked Chu Feng .

Yu Ting shook her head . She sighed, “He committed suicide . ”


Chu Feng realized that things were not simple after hearing what she said .

After hearing the rest of Yu Ting’s explanation, Chu Feng learned that Zhuge Yuankong’s death had something to do with the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted .

Back then, Zhuge Yuankong was the Holy Light Galaxy’s strongest world spiritist .

He was also the only world spiritist that had grasped rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation .

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The Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted was an up-and-coming new talent .

Once the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted grasped rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation, he had immediately issued a challenge to Zhuge Yuankong .

Due to the fact that the two of them had prior conflicts, the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted had issued an extremely excessive demand .

That was, the loser would cripple their own cultivation!

It just so happened that Zhuge Yuankong had accepted the demand .

Unfortunately, the end result was Zhuge Yuankong’s loss to the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted .

Originally, according to their agreement, Zhuge Yuankong merely needed to cripple his own cultivation .

But, Zhuge Yuankong felt completely humiliated . Not only did he cripple his own cultivation, he had even killed himself on the spot .

Before various experts, he had committed suicide .

From that day on, the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted had become the Holy Light Galaxy’s strongest world spiritist .

As for Zhuge Yuankong, he became a loser .

After thousands of years passed . . .

Only the people of the older generation still knew of Zhuge Yuankong . Very few amongst the younger generation knew about him .

Logically, as Yu Ting was also a person of the younger generation she shouldn’t know about Zhuge Yuankong .

The reason she knew about him was because her forefathers had received his grace .

Zhuge Yuankong had been her family’s benefactor .

Even though the Yu Family had long been ruined and Yu Ting had never met Zhuge Yuankong before, she'd still engraved the grace he had provided her family in her heart .

Back then, Zhuge Yuankong had not only saved the Yu Family, he had also gifted them a treasure .

To Yu Ting, that treasure was something that had instructed her .

It could even be said that if it hadn’t been for that treasure, she would not have achieved her current level as a world spiritist .

It was the reason why Yu Ting Revered Zhuge Yuankong so much .

Finally, Chu Feng and Yu Ting arrived at Zhuge Yuankong’s former residence .

Although the place was covered in dust, things were still organized . This meant that no one had been in there for many, many years .

Yu Ting instantly grew emotional upon arriving at the residence .

She had even started to shed quiet tears .

“Miss Yu Ting, what’s wrong?”

Chu Feng was surprised by the sudden scene .

“My Yu Family had already fallen since I was a child . My grandfather, parents, aunts and uncles had all died in battle . ”

“The only family I had left was my grandmother . ”

“My grandmother had personally witnessed senior Zhuge rescuing our Yu Family . ”

“Although she had only been a child then, she had still harbored gratitude for senior Zhuge her entire life . ”

“Even though many years have passed and the majority of the people of the Yu Family have forgotten senior Zhuge’s grace, my grandmother still remembered it . ”

“My grandmother had told me that should she still be alive, she would come here every year to burn incense for senior Zhuge . ”

When her words reached this point, Yu Ting started crying with even more grief .

Chu Feng also realized the reason for Yu Ting’s reaction after hearing those words .

Her grandmother would visit the residence every year should she still be alive .

Since she would be there every year to burn incense and pay her respects, she would most definitely have cleaned as well .

But, from the look of things, no one had been there in many years .

This meant that Yu Ting’s grandmother had died . It was no surprise that Yu Ting would like that .

After all, that was the only remaining relative she had left .

“Miss Yu Ting, you should take a rest . ”

Chu Feng did not wish to disturb Yu Ting whilst she was feeling sad . Thus, he went ahead and entered a room to search for clues .

Although the residence was a straw hut, it was not a single-room hut .

Even though the straw hut looked ordinary from the outside, it was clearly separated by a spirit formation .

Chu Feng was unable to use his spirit power there . Even if he were able to use his spirit power, he still wouldn't be able to examine the interior of the straw hut .

Because of that, the best way for him to examine the hut would be to enter the rooms directly .

However, after entering two rooms in succession, Chu Feng began feeling frustration and disappointment .

He actually hadn't held much hope before going there, but it remained that he'd held a little bit of hope .

But, after examining the two rooms, he discovered that the things that had been left behind by Zhuge Yuankong were merely ordinary living utensils . There wasn’t even a single treasure, much less clues as to how to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect .

This gradually extinguished Chu Feng’s final hope .

He felt that it would be very difficult to find a way to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect there .


Suddenly, a sharp scream was heard .

Chu Feng’s heart immediately tensed up upon hearing that scream . He rushed out of the room .

He was able to tell that the scream belonged to Yu Ting .

Following Yu Ting’s scream, Chu Feng arrived at another straw room .

Yu Ting had fallen unconscious, and was lying by the door .

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