Martial God Asura - Chapter 4204

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Chapter 4204: 4204

Chapter 4204 - Familiar Voice

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“Junior Chu Feng pays his respects to senior,” Chu Feng bowed respectfully .

Even though Chu Feng knew that Zhuge Yuankong had died long ago, and that what was before him was nothing more than a spirit formation, the spirit formation still wasn't an ordinary spirit formation .

Not only did the spirit formation contain Zhuge Yuankong’s aura, it also represented Zhuge Yuankong’s final will .

“The path of martial cultivation is one where dangers lurk on every side . This old man has no idea when he died . ”

“This old man is not afraid of death . But, if this world no longer has any marks left behind by this old man upon my death, it would be truly pitiful . ”

“Because of that, this old man has arranged this spirit formation . That’s right, when you see this old man’s image, I will have most likely already died . ”

Sure enough, once Zhuge Yuankong began to speak, it immediately revealed that it was nothing more than a spirit formation .

But, the other spirit formations that represented their masters would oftentimes be deliberately mystifying .

Zhuge Yuankong’s spirit formation was not . He revealed everything from the very start .

He was already dead, and everything there had been left behind for a fated individual .

Furthermore, Zhuge Yuankong did not leave behind too many words . After a brief introduction, he moved on to the main subject .

“Regardless of who you are, since you were able to enter this place and breach the spirit formation I’ve set up, it means that you are very capable, and are qualified to obtain what this old man has left behind . ”

“In the spirit formation behind me are many of my treasures . ”

“Furthermore, you will be able to gain control over this spirit formation . ”

“You will be able to utilize the power of the formation core . ”

“But, I must warn you . ”

“The unimaginable power that this spirit formation possesses all originates from the overwhelmingly giant creature located in the formation core . ”

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“This old man has no idea what that creature is or where it came from . ”

“But, I suspect that the power of that creature surpasses your level of comprehension . Fortunately, it is in a state of dormancy . ”

“Whilst it is asleep, you are naturally able to use its power unhindered . ”

“But, should it awaken and discover that you’ve been using its powers, I believe this old man wouldn’t have to say what sort of consequences you’ll suffer . ”

“As such, you can use this place’s spirit formation for teleportation purposes . You can use all the teleportation entrances that this old man has left behind . But remember, you must not draw more power from that overwhelmingly giant creature for other purposes . ”

“If you end up awakening it by drawing on more of its power, not only will you be killed, but the entire Holy Light Galaxy will likely suffer a calamity because of you . ”

After saying those words, Zhuge Yuankong’s image disappeared .

From the words that had been spoken by Zhuge Yuankong, Chu Feng learned that not even he knew that the Dark Black Monstrous God was nothing more than a housing .

As for Chu Feng, he had never thought about using the power of the Dark Black Monstrous God .

Besides, no matter how powerful the Dark Black Monstrous God might be, it was still only a housing . All the power that it was capable of displaying, had practically all been used up by Zhuge Yuankong .

Even if Chu Feng had the intention to use its powers, he would not be able to do so .

After Zhuge Yuankong’s image disappeared, Chu Feng stepped into the spirit formation in front of him .

Upon entering the spirit formation, he was immediately stunned .

That place was filled with strong auras . Sure enough, there were a lot of treasures inside .

Those auras wouldn’t lie .

But, that was in the past . There used to be a lot of treasures there .

At that moment, the place was completely empty .

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Not to mention treasures, there wasn’t even a single strand of hair to be seen .

Earlier, Chu Feng had been immensely overjoyed . It was as if he was standing at the apex of his life .

However, the look on his face at that moment showed that he was at a complete loss . It was like he had fallen to an all-time low .

What was going on? He had gone through so much, put forth all that effort, for nothing?

“Could it be that someone came here before me and took away all the treasures that senior Zhuge Yuankong had left behind?”

That was the only possible explanation that came to Chu Feng’s mind .

That was also the most reasonable explanation .


Suddenly, gaseous flames appeared from all around the spirit formation .

The gaseous flames were rather strange . They were black . The black color was the power that belonged to the Dark Black Monstrous God .

But, there was dazzling light around the black gaseous flames . That light was spirit power .

Once the gaseous flames appeared, they immediately entered Chu Feng’s body .

In the next moment, Chu Feng was completely shaken .

He had gained all the power of the spirit formation that had been set up with the power of the Dark Black Monstrous God .

He became the person that controlled that powerful spirit formation that extended through multiple starfields and countless worlds .

“Something’s amiss . If someone came here before me, why am I able to inherit the power of this place’s spirit formation?”

“Could it be that whoever it was that came here before me felt it beneath their dignity to inherit the spirit formation, and didn’t bother to do so?”

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“But, that shouldn’t be possible . The inheritance of the spirit formation is forced . Even if they wanted to refuse, they wouldn’t be able to . ”

“Could it be that everyone who sets foot in this place will gain the power of this spirit formation?”

Chu Feng was thinking nonstop . He felt that things were amiss . Yet, he was unable to determine what was amiss .

However, in the next moment, a voice sounded from within the spirit formation .

“Hehe . Never would I expect there to really be someone capable of breaching this grand formation to enter this place . ”

“Unfortunately, it’s a pity . This old man didn’t die, and has also chosen a disciple to take on his legacy . ”

“Naturally, this old man would have to leave all my treasures to my disciple . ”

“As such, this old man wouldn’t be able to leave everything here for you . This old man retrieved everything here to hand over to his treasured disciple . ”

“As for this spirit formation’s power, you can consider it my compensation to you . You are still able to use it . But, remember that you must not awaken that overwhelmingly giant creature no matter what . If you do, you’ll have to take responsibility for your actions . ”

After saying those words, the voice disappeared .

No silhouette appeared . Only the voice appeared .

It seemed as if the person who had said those words was in a hurry . After leaving that message, he had immediately left .

But, after hearing the voice, Chu Feng had a stunned look . His heart was also greatly alarmed .

That voice meant that Zhuge Yuankong was still alive . That was a good thing .

After all, Chu Feng hadn't searched for Zhuge Yuankong for the sake of obtaining his treasures . It was mainly so that he could find a way to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect .

Even if Zhuge Yuankong had left behind treasures, those treasures might not necessarily be able to allow him to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect .

Even if Chu Feng obtained those treasures, the probability of him being able to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was still extremely slim to none .

But, if Zhuge Yuankong was still alive, things would be completely different .

If he could find Zhuge Yuankong, he would most definitely be able to learn the method to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect .

But, that was not the entire reason why Chu Feng was so stunned .

The voice that had appeared earlier had also been created by a spirit formation . It had been left behind in this spirit formation ahead of time .

Furthermore, the person that had left the voice had also been Zhuge Yuankong .

But, the voice from earlier was different from the voice before .

The second voice was extremely familiar-sounding to Chu Feng . It was the voice of someone that he knew .

That voice seemed to be none other than the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s voice .

“Heavens! Could this mean that… senior Ox-nose is Zhuge Yuankong?!”

Although Chu Feng felt great disbelief, this thought still crossed his mind .

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