Martial God Asura - Chapter 4207

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Chapter 4207: 4207

Chapter 4207 - Such Ability

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Seeing the incoming attack, Long Shengbu immediately tried avoiding it .

Unfortunately, it was already too late . The spirit formation had arrived above him .

The spirit formation enveloped Long Shengbu . An enormous power was released from the spirit formation . That was an extremely destructive power .

Fortunately, Long Shengbu was very strong himself . Using his own power, he managed to barely resist the spirit formation .

Had it been someone else, even if it was that Elder Ruiyun, they would’ve been obliterated by the spirit formation .

“As expected of Long Shengbu, someone a step away from reaching Martial Exalted . ”

“My spirit formation was actually unable to kill you . ”

“Unfortunately, you shouldn’t be so stubborn,” said the All-seeing Heavenly Master .

“All-seeing Heavenly Master, what is the meaning of this?!” Elder Ruiyun asked angrily . As matters stood, everyone could tell that the All-seeing Heavenly Master harbored ulterior motives .

“How can you not tell what my intentions are?”

“Long Ruiyun, you and I have only met several times . Did you really think you were qualified to request my aid? Did you really think I would be willing to help you solve this remnant left behind by Zhuge Yuankong?”

“Truth is, someone has hired me for your lives . That is why I decided to help you all . ”

“It’s just that I never expected Long Shengbu to be so foolishly devoted as to follow Princess Xiaoxiao the entire time . ”

“I had thought that my plan would end in complete failure . But who would’ve thought that the remnant from Zhuge Yuankong that you all brought me to would contain such power?”

“Truly the heavens are helping me . ”

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“Even the heavens want you all to die here,” said the All-seeing Heavenly Master .

“You damned bitch, I’ll kill you!” Elder Ruiyun shouted angrily after hearing those words . She released her peak Utmost Exalted-level martial power and charged to attack the All-seeing Heavenly Master .

As matters stood, she showed no sign of mercy at all . Her attack not only utilized the power of her Incomplete Exalted Armament, but it was also made using a fatal martial skill .

She knew very well that the All-seeing Heavenly Master was determined to kill them . Furthermore, she had grasped the power of the remnant that they were in .

If she failed to kill the All-seeing Heavenly Master, they would be the ones that ended up dead .


The All-seeing Heavenly Master merely waved her arm . Dark black gaseous flames that contained the power of the remnant’s spirit formation were released from her sleeve .

The power of the spirit formation was earth-shattering and unstoppable .

Not only did it easily neutralize Elder Ruiyun’s attack, it also flung her to the ground .

With only a single attack, Elder Ruiyun had fallen to the ground and was unable to stand up or move . She was already half-dead .

“I know the person you want to kill us is because of me . Spare them . You can take my life,” said Long Xiaoxiao .

However, after hearing those words, the All-seeing Heavenly Master burst into laughter .

“Princess Xiaoxiao, do you take me for a fool? I’m clearly capable of killing all four of you . Yet, you want me to spare them? You want me to release tigers back into the mountain?”

A look of mockery filled the All-seeing Heavenly Master’s eyes as she looked at Long Xiaoxiao .

Seeing that, Long Xiaoxiao narrowed her brows . She asked with a stern voice, “Were the ones that hired you to kill me Long Mumu and her mother?”

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“Princess Xiaoxiao, you’re a clever person . Shouldn’t you know very well who you’ve offended in the Dragon Clan?”

“Why bother asking what you already know?”

Although the All-seeing Heavenly Master did not directly answer Long Xiaoxiao’s question, she has indirectly given her an answer .

The person that had hired the All-seeing Heavenly Master to kill them was none other than her older half-sister from the same father, Long Mumu .

“So it was her . ”

A look of unwillingness appeared in Long Xiaoxiao’s eyes .

She was furious and very unreconciled .

As matters stood, it was clear that she had thoroughly lost the battle .

“All-seeing Heavenly Master, do you not know who Princess Xiaoxiao is?!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard . It was Long Shengbu . “She is the daughter of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief! If you dare do anything to her, even your master, the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted, will not be able to save you!”

Not only did Long Shengbu have a furious look on his face, he was also surging with killing intent .

If he wasn’t being suppressed by the spirit formation and unable to get away, he would’ve most definitely killed the All-seeing Heavenly Master already .

“Long Shengbu, you’re right . ”

“Princess Xiaoxiao used to have status worthy of great respect . Unfortunately, her mother committed a major blunder . ”

“Else, I wouldn’t have dared attempt to take her life either . ”

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“But, that’s how your Dragon Clan is . Those who lose their power lose everything . ”

“Even if Long Xiaoxiao dies, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief would not investigate it . Besides, he would be well-aware of why Long Xiaoxiao died . ”

“That is your Dragon Clan, the cruel and cold-blooded clan . ”

“Besides, no one will know that you all have died here today . ”

“Those two brats will be able to bear witness to it . They can testify that I was never here . ”

“Thus, even if you all are to die here, it won't have anything to do with me . ”

A proud smile appeared on the All-seeing Heavenly Master’s face .

“So you’ve planned all of this!”

At that moment, Long Xiaoxiao came to a sudden realization .

In the beginning, they’d agreed to explore the remnant together .

However, after arriving there, they hadn’t seen the All-seeing Heavenly Master . Instead, they had received a letter .

The letter had been from the All-seeing Heavenly Master . The letter had stated that she was preoccupied with something, and could not come .

Chen Guang, Yue Yang and the two other rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritists had all seen the letter .

But, as she was in a rush to obtain the Triple Dragons Coiling Soul Lock, Long Xiaoxiao and the others did not delay the expedition, and had chosen to directly enter the remnant .

They had only entered the remnant for only a short while before Chen Guang and Yue Yang were attacked by spirit formations . Unable to proceed further, they were forced to withdraw from the remnant to treat their injuries .

After they left, the All-seeing Heavenly Master had suddenly arrived . Furthermore, she began helping them overcome the various crises they encountered .

Because of that, Long Xiaoxiao and the others had not only not been upset about the All-seeing Heavenly Master being late, but they were instead very grateful for her arrival .

Later on, another accident had occurred . The All-seeing Heavenly Master and the other two rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritists had gone to breach a spirit formation . But only the All-seeing Heavenly Master had returned .

The All-seeing Heavenly Master had told them that they had encountered a mishap whilst breaching the spirit formation and that the two world spiritists had ended up dying .

At that time, Long Xiaoxiao and others had firmly believed her words, and didn’t think much of it .

However, after looking back at the situation, they realized that it had all been planned by the All-seeing Heavenly Master .

It was very likely that even when Chen Guang and Yue Yang had suffered mishaps and were forced to withdraw, it had been caused by the All-seeing Heavenly Master . She had wanted them to return alive so that they could testify that she had never been to the remnant .

After all, the All-seeing Heavenly Master had only arrived after they'd left .

As for the deaths of the other two world spiritists, it had most definitely been caused by the All-seeing Heavenly Master .

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