Martial God Asura - Chapter 4279

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Chapter 4279: 4279

Chapter 4279 - Settled

Although the Compliance Mirror was still suspended in midair, it was no longer emitting a dazzling light .

Because of that, the black dragon was no longer screaming in pain .

That said, one could tell from its reaction that it was still extremely afraid of the Compliance Mirror . Thus, even though the Compliance Mirror was no longer attacking it, the black dragon did not dare attempt an escape . Instead, it stood there obediently .

“Hand it over,” said Old Man Compliance .

“This Exalted is able to hand it over to you . However, you must spare this Exalted . ”

“After all, this Exalted didn’t really do anything to you all today . ”

“There’s no need to insist on eradicating this Exalted, no?” said the black dragon .

“Hand out the antidote and young friend Chu Feng’s possession . ”

“This old man will spare you,” said Old Man Compliance .

“Very well, that’s a deal then . ”

The black dragon did not hesitate . It slowly raised its giant dragon claw . Strange fluctuation began to circulate through its body . The fluctuation ultimately gathered on its claw . Then, a small body of energy was released out from the claw .

“This is the antidote . He merely need to assimilate with it,” said the black dragon .


Once he said those words, the antidote was sucked into the Ancient Compliance Castle .

Old Man Compliance carefully examined the antidote . After confirming that it was a reliable antidote, his facial expression finally eased up .

Then, he said, “No wonder it’s so special . So the poison in your body and this antidote are both part of it, part of this flood dragon . ”

After saying those words, Old Man Compliance pointed with his finger and the antidote entered Chu Feng’s body .

Once the antidote entered his body, Chu Feng could sense the poison within him was being neutralized .

“Young friend Chu Feng, how are you feeling?” asked Old Man Compliance .

“Thank you senior . ”

“This is indeed the antidote . The poison in my body has been neutralized,” said Chu Feng very gratefully .

Old Man Compliance smiled . Then, he turned his gaze back to the black dragon . He said, “Are you going to return young friend Chu Feng’s possession or not?”

Hearing those words, the black dragon’s expression changed slightly . It was hesitating .

Soon, Old Man Compliance noticed a cunning look in its eyes . It was the look of someone wanting to flee but was hesitating .

But, that black dragon had clearly not handed over the Heaven-devouring Qilin’s egg yet .

It would appear that the black dragon was planning to back out of the deal .


Because of that, the Compliance Mirror started shining again .

Even though the Compliance Mirror did not attack the black dragon, it was emitting a terrifyingly powerful might .

“If you try to flee, you shall suffer the consequences,” said Old Man Compliance .

“No, no, no . This Exalted will give you it, I will give you it . ”

Seeing the Compliance Mirror shining with light again, the black dragon does not dare hesitate anymore . It immediately took out the Qilin’s egg and handed it over .

The black dragon had a look of reluctance to part as it looked to the Qilin’s egg .


Old Man Compliance did not give it the chance to back out on the deal . He directly sucked the Qilin’s egg into the Ancient Compliance Castle .

“Young friend Chu Feng, please examine it carefully . Is this your possession?” asked Old Man Compliance .

“Senior, this is it . There’s no mistake . ”

“This is my possession . ”

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Chu Feng confirmed the Qilin’s egg to be his .

That said, Chu Feng doesn’t know what other uses the Qilin’s egg possesses apart from being able to devour evil spirits .

Compared to him, the black dragon seemed to be much more knowledgeable about this Qilin’s egg .

Thus, Chu Feng asked Old Man Compliance, “Senior, do you know of this egg?”

“This egg should be something extraordinary . There’s a very powerful creature inside that egg . ”

“If it really is a Qilin’s egg, then it would mean that it’s the egg of a Divine Beast . ”

“But, Qilin’s bloodline has spread throughout the world . Only those with sufficiently pure bloodline are qualified to take on the name of a Divine Beast . ”

“Not to mention an egg, even if it’s an actual living Qilin, we still cannot confirm if it’s a Divine Beast level existence . ”

“Take that flood dragon for example . It is most likely in a process of evolution . Its final goal is to become a true dragon, a true divine beast . But, at least for now, it is still not yet a divine beast . Furthermore, there is still an enormous gap it must surmount to become a true dragon,” said Old Man Compliance .

“Senior, is it possible for you to allow me to talk to that black dragon?”

“I wish to ask it about this Qilin’s egg . ”

Chu Feng was very curious about the Qilin’s egg . Seeing that Old Man Compliance didn’t know much about it, Chu Feng wanted to ask the black dragon .

“Of course . ”

As Old Man Compliance spoke, he opened a spirit formation gate .

Chu Feng knew that as long as he cast his awareness into the spirit formation gate, his voice would be transmitted outside .

“Could you explain exactly what the egg is?”

“Why did you call it the Heaven-devouring Qilin?” Chu Feng asked the black dragon .


Hearing those words, the black dragon chuckled before saying, “Brat, so you actually had no idea what that egg is . ”

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“Let this Exalted explain things like this . That Heaven-devouring Qilin is an extremely vicious creature . ”

“It possesses a very proud nature and a ruthless disposition . For the sake of power, it is willing to kill its kins . If you want to tame it, it’s simply impossible . ”

“Keeping it with you will be very dangerous . ”

“This Exalted possess a special method to tame that beast . Why don’t you leave it to me? Once I tamed it, you can come and retrieve it then . ”

It was clear that black dragon’s words harbored ill intentions . Chu Feng does not possess the slightest amount of trust for a monster that tried to seize his body earlier .

Thus, Chu Feng ignored its words and continued to ask, “Tell me the origin of this Heaven-devouring Qilin and what sort of ability it possesses . ”

“Humph . Who did you take this Exalted to be? You think I’m your servant?”

“Why must this Exalted answer what you wanted to know?”

“I’ve already removed the poison from you and returned your possession back to us . The loan between you and I has been settled . ”

As that black dragon spoke, its body turned around and began to fly toward the depths of the underground .

Old Man Compliance did not stop it .

But, he was staring at the direction the black dragon left in the entire time .

“Senior, could you tell exactly what sort of place this is?”

“According to rumors, located in the depths of the Nine Dragons Upper Realm are Nine Dragons Aura . That Nine Dragons Aura seemed to be something very powerful . ”

“That black dragon has also mentioned a Nine Dragons Sage . I wonder, could that Nine Dragons Sage be the true master of this place?”

Chu Feng was very curious about this place . Unfortunately, his ability was limited . Thus, he wanted to see if Old Man Compliance could determine anything .

After all, Old Man Compliance was even more powerful the black dragon .


Suddenly, Old Man Compliance sprayed out a mouthful of blood .

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Then, he began to totter and was unable to continue standing .

“Senior, are you alright?!”

Chu Feng was greatly alarmed . He immediately went up to support Old Man Compliance .

Supported by Chu Feng, Old Man Compliance sat onto the ground . Only then did he smile and waved his hand at Chu Feng .

“I’m fine . I merely need to rest a bit . ”

“Young friend Chu Feng, that flood dragon is extremely dangerous . Not only is it vicious, it is also very cunning . ”

“Normally, it would be best to eliminate it . Else, it will cause no end of trouble . ”

“Do you know why this old man did not attempt to eliminate it?” asked Old Man Compliance .

“Why?” asked Chu Feng .

“Although that thing is only a flood dragon, it is very powerful and its bloodline has undergone an evolution . ”

“Had this old man not utilized the Compliance Mirror, I will not be able to suppress it . ”

“But, the Compliance Mirror consumes a great amount of power . If I continue on with using it, then, before I am able to kill that flood dragon, this old man might run out of power first . ”

“Fortunately that flood dragon cowered first . Else, it will us who will lose this showdown today,” said Old Man Compliance with a forced smile .


Hearing those words, Chu Feng realized that the black dragon seemed to be even stronger than he imagined .

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