Martial God Asura - Chapter 4292

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Chapter 4292: 4292

Chapter 4292 - This Level Of Contribution

Ya Fei, Yan Ruyu and Murong Wan were all looking at Chu Feng with complicated expressions .

Even though it seemed like they wanted to say something to Chu Feng, they didn’t say anything the entire time .

It seemed as if they wanted to talk about a lot of stuff to Chu Feng yet doesn’t know how to begin .

But, that was actually not surprising . After all, their relationship with Chu Feng was rather complicated to begin with .

But, one thing could be certain -- no matter what sort of grudges they had in the past, there was no longer any hatred in their eyes as they looked to Chu Feng .

“It’s been a long time . ”

After a period of silence, Chu Feng was the first to speak .

After Chu Feng spoke, the three women’s eyes grew red . Then, ‘putt,’ all three of them kneeled onto the ground .

“What are you all doing?”

Chu Feng was surprised by this . He immediately stepped forward and supported them back up .

“Chu Feng, thank you for what you’ve done for us . ”

While the three women stood back up, their eyes were still filled with gratefulness toward Chu Feng .

It was as if Chu Feng did something astonishing for them .


“I didn’t do anything . ”

“What’s going on with the three of you?”

Chu Feng was completely confused by their reactions .

“Chu Feng, we knew everything . ”

“If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have returned to how we were . ”

“We wouldn’t have been able to obtain this sort of opportunity,” said the three women thankfully .

After a simple conversation, Chu Feng learned why the three women were so grateful of him .

Turned out, it was because of that terrifying existence .

The terrifying existence decided to officially take them as its disciples .

Furthermore, that terrifying existence told them that the reason why it granted them powers and decided to take them as its disciple was all because of Chu Feng .

Even though it was clearly that terrifying existence that brought upon this transformation of their fate, that terrifying existence gave all credits to Chu Feng .

While Chu Feng doesn’t understand why that terrifying existence did that, his status had, undoubtedly, undergone a massive change in the hearts of the three women again .

After all, they were all martial cultivators .

They also longed for greater power .

But, with their own talent, it was impossible for them to reach their current level of achievement .

It was especially true for the current them as they possess great power that originated from the Ancient Era within their bodies now .

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If that power awakens, their talent will undergo an intrinsic metamorphosis . Their future accomplishments would be unimaginable .

The three of them believed that a grace like this was simply akin to being given a new life .

As for this life-altering grace, it was bestowed to them by Chu Feng .

As such, it was only natural that they will be very grateful toward Chu Feng .

“Please don’t misunderstand . I am not familiar with that person either . ”

“Your transformations had nothing to do with me . If you must thank someone, you should be thanking that person . ”

Chu Feng felt that he owed the three women to begin with . While he had always wanted to make up to them, he had never really done anything to make up to them .

Chu Feng doesn’t dare to falsely claim a contribution as great as this . If he did, he would feel very disturbed by his actions .

But, no matter how Chu Feng tried to explain things, the three women’s attitude toward him did not change .

The three of them continued to believe that if it wasn’t for Chu Feng, that existence wouldn’t have helped them .

It was all due to Chu Feng’s contribution . Their metamorphosis was given to them by Chu Feng . It was because of Chu Feng that they were able to become princesses of the Galewind Hunting Clan and a future that they could look forward to .

No matter how Chu Feng tried to explain things, they were all useless . Annoyed, Chu Feng decided to reveal the truth as to what happened to them and stopped attempting to explain things anymore .

While the powers within the three women were very powerful, they will only be truly utilized once they’re awakened . But, awakening those powers required guidance . Because of that, the three of them will definitely have to continue to stay in the Galewind Hunting Clan .

But, that terrifying existence had promised that once the powers within their bodies awakened, they would be allowed to leave the Galewind Hunting Clan at any time . No one will dare to stop them .

At that time, they could do whatever and go wherever they wanted .

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This sort of treatment could be said to be superb . It was no wonder that the three women would be this joyous .

That said, what Chu Feng was more curious about was exactly what sort of power that terrifying existence bestowed the three of them .

Thus, after chatting a bit, Chu Feng asked, “Exactly what is the power within your bodies? You three should be able to sense that power, no?”

“Regarding that, we’re not certain either . But, we’re able to sense that power to be very strong . Furthermore, it is currently dormant . Once it awakens, we will definitely undergo a transformation . ”

While the three women did not provide Chu Feng with a clear answer, they had looks of anticipation and even excitement on their faces as they said those words .

Even though they also do not know exactly what the power within their bodies were, one could tell from how much they looked forward to it that those powers will definitely be no small matter the moment they awaken .

After that, Chu Feng and the three women continued to chat for some more . Then, Chu Feng left .

Finding out that the three of them were fine and had instead received such an opportunity, Chu Feng was now at ease .

But, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist and others who didn’t know what was going on with Chu Feng were still extremely worried about Chu Feng .

Because of that, Chu Feng must quickly return to them and ease their hearts .

After converging with the Ox-nosed Old Daoist and others, Chu Feng did not mention the terrifying existence because that terrifying existence did not wish to reveal itself to others .

Instead, he roughly informed them that Yan Ruyu, Murong Wan and Ya Fei had obtained an opportunity and were in no danger .

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist and others were actually not worried about Yan Ruyu, Murong Wan and Ya Fei .

They’ve only come here for the sake of helping Chu Feng .

Seeing that Chu Feng had returned safely, they’ve eased their hearts .

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Even though they all felt that the Galewind Hunting Clan’s sudden change in attitude was simply too fishy, they didn’t bother to think much about it .

Later on, as Grandmaster Tang Chen also needed the Ox-nosed Old Daoist to help him with something, they all proceeded to return to the Seven Suns Mountain Range .

“That is?”

When they arrived outside the Seven Suns Mountain Range, they discovered two people .

Those two people were standing outside the Seven Suns Mountain Range’s entrance gate .

Turned out, two guests had come to the Seven Suns Mountain Range to pay Chu Feng a visit .

They were Fumo Shaoyu and Fumo Xin’er .

Chu Feng was pleasantly surprised to see the siblings . But, more than anything, he did not expect for them to be there .

After all, he had never mentioned to them about the Seven Suns Mountain Range .

Chu Feng doesn’t know how they managed to find this place .

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