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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4333

Published at 2nd of August 2020 04:45:06 PM

Chapter 4333: 4333

Chapter 4333: A Weird Demand

Even though the slit had appeared, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist didn’t stabilize the formation right away to maintain it . Instead, he continued to drive the formation even after that .

Soon, he had already spent more time at this phase than the time it took for him to open up the slit, but it didn’t seem like he had any intention of moving on anytime soon .

What left everyone perplexed was how even though the slit had already appeared, why hadn’t the Ox-nosed Old Daoist allowed Chu Feng to enter so that they could coordinate with one another to open up the Dragon Vein Source for good?

Despite this, none of them dared to question the Ox-nosed Old Daoist about it . After all, whether the Dragon Vein Source could be opened or not this time around hinged entirely on him .

Other than believing in the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, there was nothing else they could do .

Of course, the crowd wouldn’t be idling about during this period of time either . They tried ways to look beyond the slit in the hopes of uncovering the situation within the Dragon Vein Source .

However, the slit was pitch-black, and no matter what kind of means they tried, they were unable to peer into the situation within it . It was as if the slit was just a decoration sitting there, and that it didn’t really lead into the Dragon Vein Source .

Just like that, six hours ticked by .

It was at this moment that the Ox-nosed Old Daoist finally turned his head over to look at Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao .

“The two of you can head in now . Chu Feng, follow my instructions once you’re inside,” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said .

“Understood . ”

Just like that, Chu Feng, together with Long Xiaoxiao, walked through the slit .

To the astonishment of the two of them, right after passing through the slit, they found themselves plunged into a world of darkness . Despite having passed through the slit, they didn’t arrive at the Dragon Vein Source right away .

Everything was dark in here . Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao could see nothing but each other .

Furthermore, Chu Feng could sense that there was a surge of energy that was sealing them within a small, confined space .

If they wanted to proceed any further, they would have to release this seal first .

However, the energy behind this seal was rather peculiar, such that Chu Feng actually found himself helpless before it .

However, what was fortunate was that within the energy that was sealing them, there were some vague, moving runes that appeared to be clues .

So, Chu Feng quickly released his spirit power to perceive the content of these moving runes .

A moment later, however, deep furrows appeared on Chu Feng’s forehead .

The moving runes weren’t too difficult to understand . He was able to decipher their meaning with great ease .

The seal that was blocking them was a sort of yinyang spirit formation .

It was very easy to break this spirit formation . In fact, the method of doing so was recorded within the moving runes as well .

It was as if he had encountered a locked gate in his path, but the key was hanging on the wall right next to the locked gate .

That being said, this was where the tricky part came in .

To breach this formation, it would require two people to harmonize their powers together . On top of that, an ordinary harmonization wouldn’t work . Those two people would have to bare their bodies to one another .

This left Chu Feng feeling incredibly awkward . Just what kind of darned condition was that?

If he were to tell Long Xiaoxiao this, the latter would surely think that he was a deviant pervert!

Chu Feng subconsciously shot a glance at Long Xiaoxiao .

Even though it was pitch-black in here, he was still able to see her clearly somehow . The latter’s face was beet-red, and her head was lowered . She wasn’t saying anything or moving at all .

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Seeming to sense Chu Feng’s gaze, Long Xiaoxiao’s already reddened face became even redder .

“Ahh… By any chance, is it possible that Princess Xiaoxiao has also discovered the method to breach the formation?” Chu Feng asked .

“Mn,” Long Xiaoxiao nodded awkwardly .

“The method to breach this formation is simply too weird . It might be a prank . Let’s try to set up a formation normally and see if we can breach it first,” Chu Feng proposed .

“Alright,” Long Xiaoxiao expressed her approval .

Having come to an agreement, the two of them immediately began to set up a formation based on what they understood of this yinyang spirit formation .

It had to be said that the formation they had set up while coordinating with one another was truly extraordinary .

Ordinary formations were shrouded in a layer of gold light, but this formation actually had white and blue lights interweaving with one another .

These two different types of energies harmonized with one another, complementing each other . Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, but it also emanated a sort of mysterious power .

After they successfully set up the formation, Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao unhesitatingly activated the formation, hoping to use it to tear through the energy that was trapping them .

However, it was ineffective .

Despite the formidable might of their formation, they were unable to breach the yinyang spirit formation .

“Why would this be? Do we really have to…”

Before Long Xiaoxiao could finish her words, her face had already turned red yet again .

“Let me head back to ask my master about this . ”

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As Chu Feng spoke, he prepared to return through the slit to ask the Ox-nosed Old Daoist about this, only to find that the slit had vanished too .

He immediately tried all of the means he had, but he was unable to find the slit at all .

They were really trapped here .

Seeing the tight frown on Chu Feng’s face, Long Xiaoxiao asked, “What’s wrong?”

“The slit has disappeared . We won’t be able to return anymore,” Chu Feng replied


Right after Chu Feng said those words, another surge of energy gushed in from the surroundings .

This was oppressive might coming from the yinyang spirit formation . It was extremely strong, such that it suffocated both Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao .

“It’s actually true?”

As soon as Chu Feng felt the pressure, he immediately knew that things were bad .

Other than the method to breach the formation, he had also received another piece of information from the moving runes too—they only had an incense stick’s time to breach the formation .

If they failed to breach the formation within that time, the energy within the formation would kill them .

“Let me think about it, there must be a way out of this!”

Chu Feng didn’t blindly follow the solution that was given to him from the moving runes .

From the very start, he had already known that the formations he knew of wouldn’t be able to overcome the energy that had trapped them . He had to calm down and think of another alternative method in order to overcome this crisis .

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However, as time ticked by, Long Xiaoxiao seemed to have made up her mind .

“Little benefactor, why don’t we… just do as was stated in the runes?” Long Xiaoxiao asked .

“No, that won’t do . How can we do that?” Chu Feng shook his head vehemently .

“Little benefactor, you can just turn your eyes away from me . Given your capabilities, you should be able to set up a formation even with your eyes closed, right?” Long Xiaoxiao asked .

“Princess Xiaoxiao, this won’t do . It’s not appropriate,” Chu Feng replied .

“Do you scorn me? Or are you afraid that I’ll see your body?” Long Xiaoxiao asked .

“I am a man, what do I have to fear? If you really want to see it, I can show it to you right now . But Xiaoxiao, you are a lady . I can’t take advantage of you,” Chu Feng said .

However, Long Xiaoxiao simply pouted her lips and said, “You’re obviously scorning me . Forget it then, let’s just die in here together!”

That lass was actually angry at him!

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