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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4335

Published at 3rd of August 2020 10:25:06 AM

Chapter 4335: 4335

Chapter 4335: Massive Bones of a Dragon

“What are you dazing out for? Aren’t you going to do as I instructed?”

A voice suddenly sounded in Chu Feng’s ears . It had come from his master, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist .

“Master, do I do it now?” Chu Feng asked .

“Long Xiaoxiao’s part is already over . She won’t be able to help you with anything here . All she has to do is to sit there and be enriched by the energy the Dragon Vein Source is providing her . You only have yourself to depend on if we want to open the Dragon Source Vein permanently,” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said .

“I understand, master . ”

Chu Feng took a look at Long Xiaoxiao, who was absorbed in taking in the energy from her surroundings . He didn’t want to disturb her, but he was also worried that she would panic if she didn’t see him after she opened her eyes .

So, he left a message on the ground telling her to wait for him here .

After this was done, he began making his way toward the center of the Dragon Vein Source .

Along the way, other than appreciating the beautiful sights within the Dragon Source Vein, he didn’t encounter any danger at all . The entire journey was strangely smooth .

Soon enough, Chu Feng arrived at his destination . There, he saw the golden lake that the Ox-nosed Old Daoist had told him about .

Golden waves swept across the lake, reflecting a brilliant glint . It was almost as if it was a lake of molten gold .

This golden lake was massive, such that it seemed to stretch to the extremity of this world . Even though there wasn’t any wind around, huge waves still rose and fell within the lake .

Rather than a lake, it felt more appropriate to call such an expanse water body an ocean instead .

This golden ocean wasn’t just simply golden in color . The aura that it emanated was extraordinary too .

If he really had to describe it, the aura emanated by the golden ocean was actually quite similar to that of the Heaven-devouring Qilin egg .

It was the same energy as Long Xiaoxiao was currently absorbing into her body, the only difference being that the energy in the ocean was at least several hundred times more potent .

It was to the extent that Chu Feng had a feeling that the energy suffusing the entire world had originated from this golden ocean .

In other words, this golden ocean was the true Dragon Vein Source .

Chu Feng didn’t make a move right away . Instead, he observed the golden ocean with his Heaven’s Eyes instead .

Under the gaze of his Heaven’s Eyes, everything became clear to him . Chu Feng could see that in the depths of the Dragon Vein Source, there was a skeleton .

The skeleton looked humble in comparison to the massive ocean it was in . Yet, Chu Feng felt a jolt in his heart when he saw it .

The skeleton was actually over ten thousand meters long . It was the skeleton of a dragon .

It was just that this skeleton was incomplete . There was a part of it missing, but rather than it being stolen away, it looked as if it had been bitten through instead .

Other than the bite mark, there were also many claw scratches on it as well .

Based on the looks of it, the scratches seemed to have been made before the creature’s demise .

The aura of powerful cultivators would continue to linger even after their deaths, and the same went for monstrous beasts as well .

In Chu Feng’s point of view, even if this skeleton wasn’t a real dragon, it was likely to have once been an incredibly powerful existence .

And to actually be able to pierce through its scales and flesh and leave marks on its bones, the opponent this creature was fighting before its death was likely to have been an extremely terrifying existence too .

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It was just that there was no sign that indicated who its opponent was within the golden ocean .

“Could it be that the Dragon Vein Source comes from it?” Chu Feng guessed .

If the origin of the Dragon Vein Source was really this dragon skeleton, the latter’s strength back then must have been unfathomably great, far beyond what Chu Feng could imagine .

“What are you staring in a daze for? If you don’t hurry, you won’t be able to make it in time!” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s voice sounded at this moment .

“Master, how are you able to send voice transmissions to me even though I’m so far away from you?” Chu Feng asked in astonishment .

He couldn’t sense the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s presence previously, but as soon as the latter’s voice transmission came in, he could suddenly perceive where the latter was at once more .

This meant that the Ox-nosed Old Daoist was able to accurately perceive Chu Feng’s location despite being outside the Dragon Vein Source, and this was an amazing feat .

“Quit talking and quickly get to work, or else we won’t be able to make it in time anymore!” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist urged .

From the tone of his voice, it seemed like he was feeling very anxious at the moment .

Given that, there was no way Chu Feng would dare to hesitate any longer . He quickly took out the black bottle and set up a formation on the exterior of the bottle, just like how the Ox-nosed Old Daoist had taught him .

After setting up the formation, he finally uncorked the bottle .

Surprisingly, nothing abnormal occurred after he opened the bottle . Chu Feng couldn’t even smell the scent of the medicine fluid inside .

Nevertheless, he still directed the opening of the black bottle toward the golden ocean and activated the formation .


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In the next moment, from the bottle that was only the size of a finger, a torrent of black water flowed out with terrifying momentum, though it only lasted for a brief moment .

As soon as the black water came into contact with the golden ocean, it seemed to come to life . It morphed into a black serpent that dove right toward the depths of the golden ocean .

Its target was none other than the dragon skeleton .

In the blink of an eye, the black serpent had already arrived before the dragon skeleton and began feeding on it .

Soon enough, the dragon skeleton was completely devoured by the black serpent .

Following that, there was a resounding explosion, and the black serpent suddenly dissipated amidst black flames before fusing as one with the golden ocean .

After the fusion, the golden ocean suddenly became incredibly choppy .

Great waves several hundred meters high rose up and wreaked havoc all around .

Following that, a spiraling pillar of water reminiscent of an imposing water dragon rose from the center of the golden ocean before abruptly surging into the distance .

“This is bad!”

Chu Feng was appalled to see this situation . He realized that the water dragon was gushing in Long Xiaoxiao’s direction .

Realizing that things might have gotten out of control, he quickly got up and rushed over too .

However, by the time Chu Feng returned to where Long Xiaoxiao was, it was already too late .

The water dragon that had risen from the golden ocean dissipated into energy upon arriving in Long Xiaoxiao’s vicinity before surging into her body . The sudden massive influx of energy caused Long Xiaoxiao’s face to warp in pain .

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She had taken in far more energy than she could endure .

One had to know that the energy within the golden ocean was hundreds of times more concentrated than that in her surroundings, and the water dragon that had surged into Long Xiaoxiao’s body was morphed from the golden ocean .

Given the tremendous amount of energy that was pouring into Long Xiaoxiao at this moment, it wouldn’t take too long for her to reach her limit .

And despite it all, Chu Feng found that he was completely helpless before this situation . There was nothing he could do to stop it .

“Why did this happen?”

Chu Feng felt deeply uneasy inside at this turn of events, and he also felt guilty toward Long Xiaoxiao .

He had poured the black medicinal fluid into the golden ocean in order to prevent the clan members of the Dragon Clan from harming him and his master, but the water from the golden ocean was flowing right into Long Xiaoxiao’s body now .

In other words, the fearsome black medicinal fluid was currently entering Long Xiaoxiao’s body as well .

Putting aside whether Long Xiaoxiao could endure the overwhelming energy from the golden ocean, if the black medicinal fluid was truly dangerous, that would mean that Chu Feng had sabotaged Long Xiaoxiao this time around .

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