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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4347

Published at 9th of August 2020 11:40:05 AM

Chapter 4347: 4347

Chapter 4347: Fairy

That ancient teleportation formation was built within an ancient city .

In its prime, the streets of the ancient city were always bustling, be it day or night .

But at present, there was not a single person to be seen in the area anymore . It had become no more than an abandoned ancient city .

Its prosperity was built upon the ancient teleportation formation that existed within the ancient city, but ironically, its downfall was due to the very same ancient teleportation formation too .

Many years ago, the ancient teleportation formation suddenly became dysfunctional . As a result of that, those who had counted on the ancient teleportation formation for a living swiftly left the area .

Of course, the dysfunctional teleportation formation was just one of the reasons behind that . There were also many factors at play that eventually led to the downfall of the city .

For one, the reason why the ancient teleportation formation suddenly stopped working was because someone had tampered with it . In fact, the reason why the entire city became abandoned was also the work of that same person .

And the culprit behind it was none other than the Ox-nosed Old Daoist .

His motive was to make people stop using this ancient teleportation formation .

While this ancient teleportation formation had the power to transport people straight into the Nine Souls Galaxy, its power was actually limited . If too many people were to use it, the power would be expended swiftly .

That being said, given that the ancient teleportation formation had been tampered with by the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, unless another world spiritist of the same level as him were to repair it, no one would be able to use it at all .

Fortunately, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist had imparted the way to repair and activate the formation to him, so it didn’t take Chu Feng long before he was already on his way to the Nine Souls Galaxy .

Chu Feng thought that it would be a very long journey, especially since he would be passing through two galaxies .

But to Chu Feng’s surprise, he arrived at his destination within just ten days or so .

As soon as Chu Feng walked out from the spirit formation gate, he knew right away that the land he was stepping on wasn’t governed by the Holy Light Clan, but the Nine Souls Divine Clan .

It was just that before he could even appreciate the beautiful scenery within the Nine Souls Galaxy, he was already shocked by the scenery around him .

He was currently within an ancient teleportation formation in the Nine Souls Galaxy that led to a Higher Realm .

However, there weren’t any living beings to be seen in the vicinity of the Teleportation Formation .

That was not to say that he was in the midst of barren land; on the contrary, it appeared that there was quite a commotion here a while ago .

He could tell that much from the corpses littered in his surroundings .

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These people had died not too long ago .

Their clothes were still intact, but their bodies looked unnaturally withered, almost as if something had sucked them dry . Their bodies had turned grayish, and there were some bizarre black patterns on the surface of their skin .

Every single one of them had their mouths widened and their eyes flipped over on the top . It looked like they had died very gruesome deaths .

However, Chu Feng was someone who had encountered all sorts of tragic situations before . He had seen corpses that were far more mangled than what he was witnessing .

What that left Chu Feng shocked was not the fact that they were dead, but that he had actually seen something similar to this before .

Back then, when Chu Feng had just returned to the Chu Heavenly Clan in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, there was a demonic being who slaughtered the innocent without any mercy . His victims were all left in the same gruesome state as what he was seeing right now .

Back then, Chu Feng, together with a few other members from the Law Enforcement Hall, saw that demonic being in person .

She was an incredibly gorgeous little girl, but what had left Chu Feng with the deepest impression of her was that she seemed to be inexplicably reliant on him .

In fact, if not for Chu Feng, the little girl might have gone on a massacre and killed every single person from the Heavenly Chu Clan’s Law Enforcement Hall .

He had thought that the existence of the demonic being would bring chaos to the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, but who could have thought that the demonic being would suddenly disappear?

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But right now, these corpses were in the same state as what Chu Feng witnessed from the victims of that demonic being back then .

It was hard for Chu Feng not to suspect the demonic being after seeing such a sight .

“Could it be that the demonic being didn’t go missing, but came here instead?”

Such a guess surfaced in Chu Feng’s mind as he began to examine the corpses once more .


But all of a sudden, a tremendous pressure fell from above, crushing Chu Feng down to the ground, rendering him unable to move .

In that instant, Chu Feng not only felt a power that far surpassed him pushing him down to the ground, but he even felt a threat to his life .

“Demonic being, we have finally found you!”

Following that, Chu Feng could hear several feminine voices sounding one after another .

Soon, Chu Feng was encircled by a group of women . Some of them were surrounding him on the ground, but there were also dozens of them standing in the air, gazing down on him .

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These women were all dressed in white robes . Not only did they have beautiful faces, but they also commanded an aura of divine grace, reminiscent of fairies .

It was just that these fairies had ferocious looks on their faces, and the silver swords in their hands were pointed at him .

The oppressive might that was binding Chu Feng had come from one of those in the air, but she was surprisingly younger than the other fairies . On top of that, she was extremely beautiful as well, exuding an air that none of those around her could compete with .

Even though the ladies all around him were all top-notch beauties, the one who was exerting her oppressive might on him from above still enchanted him .

Even Chu Feng rarely saw beauties at this tier .

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