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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4360

Published at 14th of August 2020 11:55:07 PM

Chapter 4360: 4360

Chapter 4360: Asking For a Beating

Seeing how Lian Xi was behaving at this very moment, Chu Feng’s lips curled up in disdain .

He could still recall how arrogant Lian Xi had acted that day in the Red-dress Holy Land . It was as if he thought himself as a lofty god of the high heavens, gazing down at the mortals below in disdain . It was as if Chu Feng and those people from the Red-dress Holy Land were ants before his presence .

Yet, he was showing so much fear right now that it was almost hard to think fo them as the same person .

This verified one thing for Chu Feng .

Some people were only able to put on an imposing front before those who were weaker than them . As soon as someone stronger than him arrived, he would put on a cowardly and fearful front .

And Chu Feng really looked down on such people .

“This wasn’t what I saw from you back then at the Red-dress Holy Land,” Chu Feng mocked coldly .

“Red-dress Holy Land? How would you know of the Red-dress Holy Land? How are you related to them?” Lian Xi exclaimed in shock .

He did remember what he did in the Red-dress Holy Land, but never in his wildest imagination did he expect to meet someone here who knew about the Red-dress Holy Land .

That was why he was so astonished .

“It hasn’t been that long, but you have already forgotten about me? Oh, how could it have slipped my mind? I used another identity that day . ”

With a snap of his finger, spirit power burst out from Chu Feng’s body and formed a figure before him .

It was the appearance of Asura .

Even though the figure only appeared for an instant, it was more than enough for Lian Xi and the others to tell who it was .

“You are the world spiritist, Asura?”

A complicated expression appeared on Lian Xi’s face .

It went without saying that he recognized Asura . Back then, the latter had taunted him, and this had left him feeling deeply displeased .

If not for the experts of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect stopping him, he would have surely viciously taught Chu Feng a lesson that day . Perhaps, Chu Feng might have even lost his life .

For that reason, he had a deep impression of Asura .

However, when he realized that the person before him was actually that Asura, his mind suddenly fell into a state of confusion .

He couldn’t understand how in the world would he meet Asura here, and even more so, he didn’t comprehend just how that Asura had the guts to look for him .

But regardless of what was going on, after learning who Chu Feng was, while his fear hadn’t fully vanished yet, he was able to rein it in . He was no longer that afraid of Chu Feng anymore .

Nevertheless, he still didn’t make a move on Chu Feng yet . From this, it could be seen that he still had his own hesitations regarding this matter .

“Looks like your memory is still alright,” Chu Feng said with a smile upon seeing that Lian Xi still remembered him .

“Why are you here?” Lian Xi asked coldly .

“I left an imprint on you that day . As long as you’re within a certain area around me, I’d be able to sense you . It sure is a coincidence . I wasn’t able to find you anywhere in the Holy Light Galaxy, but somehow, we ended up meeting one another here at the Nine Souls Galaxy,” Chu Feng said .

“You left an imprint on me? Could it be… that time?”

Lian Xi was initially skeptical of what Chu Feng said, but soon, he recalled something that made him doubt himself .

Back then, when Chu Feng provoked him, he ended up coming into physical contact with him for a short moment .

“It’s just as you thought,” Chu Feng replied with a smile .

“You were intentionally trying to provoke me the other day… Who in the world are you?” Lian Xi bellowed furiously upon learning of the truth .

If Chu Feng hadn’t admitted to it, he would have never known that Chu Feng actually managed to pull one over him that other day .

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He was furious that Chu Feng dared to challenge him the other day, so he went to teach Chu Feng a lesson so as to vent his rage . Yet, it was only at this moment that everything had gone according to Chu Feng’s plan . The latter was aiming to make use of the opportunity to leave an imprint on him!

In the end, he was only made a fool of .

The more he thought about the matter, the more furious he felt .

But even though he was infuriated, he didn’t charge at Chu Feng just yet . Instead, he chose to scan his surroundings warily first .

He was aware of how powerful Chu Feng was . Even though the latter was an exceptional world spiritist, in terms of fighting prowess, the latter was beneath him .

Thus, he wasn’t afraid of engaging Chu Feng in a fight, or rather, he didn’t even view him as a threat at all .

The only reason why he had been hesitant to make a move was because he was worried that Chu Feng had reinforcements with him .

Seeing through Lian Xi’s thoughts, Chu Feng said, “There’s no need to look around, I’m alone . ”

“You’re alone?”

Lian Xi was skeptical to hear those words from Chu Feng . He scoffed coldly, “If that’s the case, do you dare to swear in the name of your parents that you have come alone?”

Chu Feng was speechless to hear those words, He hadn’t expected Lian Xi to be so childish .

Thinking about it, Lian Xi was probably feeling extremely uncertain at the moment . He was using such a method to alleviate the uncertainties in his heart .

So, Chu Feng decided to go along with him . He raised his hand and said, “I swear in the name of my parents that I’m alone right now . ”

“He’s actually serious?” Lian Xi muttered to himself in astonishment .

He was surprisingly naive to take Chu Feng’s word for it just because the latter had sworn on the name of his parents . The fear and anxiety that was on his face vanished right away .

“I have to admit that you do have some means . Even though what you did the other day made me extremely unhappy, in view that you still do have some capabilities, I’ll let you off for today . As long as you release your imprint on me, I’ll let you leave with your life,” Lian Xi said with a vastly different tone from before .

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He had become the high and mighty expert he had been the other day at the Red-dress Holy Land yet again, though he had toned down his attitude by a little .

“Lian Xi, I can erase that imprint from you, but I have a condition,” Chu Feng said .

“Condition? You aren’t worthy of talking about conditions with me!”

As Lian Xi spoke, he suddenly flitted toward Chu Feng with incredible speed as his forceful hands clawed forward to grip Chu Feng’s neck .

On top of that, he even released his oppressive might as a rank five Utmost Exalted level expert unreservedly!


It was just that right before his claw could reach Chu Feng, he suddenly released a deep cry of agony . Right after that, his entire figure began retreating hurriedly .

When he finally landed on the ground once more, he quickly grabbed the hand he had used to attack Chu Feng earlier with a pained look on his face .

The other two that was with Lian Xi was initially confused by the situation, but when they took a closer look, their mouth opened agape in astonishment .

The five fingers on Lian Xi’s hand had actually fractured!

That was why he was in such deep pain .

However, what that truly shocked them was how everything happened so quickly that they hadn’t even managed to process what was happening yet .


In their moment of incomprehension, a powerful wind suddenly blew in their direction . The towering trees inside the forest swayed vigorously along with the wind, looking almost as if they were going to uproot in the next moment .

Lian Xi and the other two men suddenly felt an incredibly pressurizing energy gathering around them .

They took a closer look and realized that it was an accumulation of spirit power, an incredible amount of it . It was swirling around Chu Feng to form a frightening hurricane of energy that swept across the land .

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Standing in the face of such great spirit power, Lian Xi’s face swiftly paled . He could sense that the spirit power released by Chu Feng was far above his .

It was actually comparable to that of a rank six Utmost Exalted level expert!

“Lian Xi, it looks like you are asking for a beating,” Chu Feng’s voice suddenly sounded in the air .


In the next moment, a powerful burst of spirit power descended from the sky, and with a loud ‘plonk’, Lian Xi collapsed to the ground .

Under the tremendous force from the burst of spirit power, the ground collapsed and the surrounding trees snapped . Lian Xi was pushed into the depths of the ground, unable to move at all .

Even though this burst of spirit power was only aimed at Lian Xi and thus didn’t harm the other two, they still trembled fearfully under the tremendous display of force .

At this moment, they had already realized that the person standing before them was an opponent they couldn’t hope to defeat!

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