Martial God Asura - Chapter 4402

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Chapter 4402: Chapter 4402: Training Spot

Chapter 4402: Training Spot

Just as what the Lady of Dao Sea had said, with his current appearance, he had no choice but to put on a mask .

Chu Feng wasn’t worried about how he looked . He just feared that the Ox-nosed Old Daoist and the others would be concerned about him after seeing how he looked .

After all, he would be meeting Zi Ling very soon in the future .

If Zi Ling were to see his current appearance, she would probably be devastated .

“Young friend Chu Feng, the damage of the procedure is permanent, but the time that you are able to enter the training spot is limited . If you miss the timing, you won’t be able to enter the area anymore, and you would have paid the price for nothing,” the Lady of Dao Sea said from outside the cauldron .

She knew that Chu Feng had already finished fusing with the power, so she was hurrying Chu Feng .

Hearing those words, Chu Feng quickly walked out of the cauldron .

At this moment, the Lady of Dao Sea was waiting for him with a robe and mask in hand . The robe and the mask were no ordinary equipment . As long as Chu Feng were to put it on, even world spiritist grandmasters wouldn’t be able to see through his true appearance .

“Put it on . Don’t let Lele know what has happened to you . Otherwise, the guilt in her heart would affect her training,” the Lady of Dao Sea said .

As it turned out, she had specially prepared this items so as to ensure that Wang Yuxian wouldn’t be burdened by this matter .

“I understand . ”

Chu Feng quickly put on the robe and mask before following the Lady of Dao Sea out .

Wang Yuxian had been waiting for them outside all this while .

She already knew that Chu Feng would be helping her to overcome the final trial in her training, and it was under the instructions of the Lady of Dao Sea that she was waiting out here for him .

Her pupils dilated slightly upon seeing Chu Feng, and she asked, “Master, why did you have him put on a mask?”

There was a slightly cheeky smile on her face when she said those words, and it was a ravishing smile .

Chu Feng was a little moved . This was the first time he was seeing such an expression and hearing such a tone from Wang Yuxian .

She felt a lot more endearing than before .

“Typically speaking, you’re the only one who is allowed to enter the training spot . If young friend Chu Feng wants to enter the grounds, he’ll have to undergo some special procedure,” the Lady of Dao Sea explained .

“I see . I understand,” Wang Yuxian replied with a sweet smile .

Seeing her looks, Chu Feng seemed to have understood something .

Wang Yuxian was a person with different faces . She would usually put on a polite, nonchalant face before others, but the way she was currently acting was probably the true her . However, she would only show this side to those who were close to her .

At the very least, she didn’t act in such a way even before her seniors .

After explaining the matter, the Lady of Dao Sea brought Chu Feng and Wang Yuxian out of the island before diving into the Dao Sea . They continued heading deeper and deeper before they finally arrived at the utterly pitch-black depths of the ocean .

At first glance, there was nothing exceptional in the area at all . However, as soon as the Lady of Dao Sea waved her sleeves, everything began to change .

There was a hidden formation here that had concealed the true form of this place, and the Lady of Dao Sea had just removed the hidden formation .

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An ancient stone door surfaced at the seabed .

The ancient stone door was around three meters wide and five meters tall . Those who were of larger physique wouldn’t be able to pass through it .

It was apparent that there was something peculiar about the stone door . Despite being surrounded by seawater, somehow, the seawater couldn’t flow through it . It was as if there was some kind of power pushing the seawater back .

As soon as Chu Feng passed through the stone door, he found himself standing amidst a passageway that was constructed by stone blocks . There was an ancient air in this corridor .

Most likely, there was a very formidable power harnessed in here .

It was no wonder why the Lady of Dao Sea would say that even she was unable to control this training spot .

Once again, Chu Feng found himself impressed by the experts of the Ancient Era .

Their capabilities were really far exceeded that of the cultivators of the current era .

Heading deeper into the passageway, they encountered quite a few formations, but the Lady of Dao Sea was able to easily overcome them .

Chu Feng noticed that while these formations were extremely powerful, such that even he was unable to breach them, they seemed to carry a different air around them as compared to the ancient air in the surroundings .

From this, he deduced that these formations were set up by the Lady of Dao Sea to prevent any outsiders from getting in . It was apparent just how highly the Lady of Dao Sea regarded this place .

Soon, the three of them finally arrived at the end of the passageway .

It was a small clearing that was only slightly broader than the corridor they had just passed through, but they were already at the end of the path .

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In here, Chu Feng could sense that the mysterious power that lingered in this land was more concentrated than before . There were seven stone doors within this clearing that somewhat resembled the stone door he had seen earlier at the depths of the Dao Sea .

What was different about these stone doors were that there were complicated runes inscribed by their edges .

There was one door at the very end that was emanating blue light whereas the other six had completely turned dark . It was likely that Wang Yuxian had already cleared the other six, and the one that was emanating blue light was the final trial which she wasn’t able to overcome yet .

“Chu Feng, when you pass through the stone door, you’ll be put through a trial for three months . Regardless of whether you succeed or fail, you’ll only be able to leave the area three months later,” the Lady of Dao Sea said .

“Three months? It’ll take that long?”

A slight frown formed on Chu Feng’s forehead .

He wasn’t sure whether the Ox-nosed Old Daoist could afford to wait that long . Even though the latter had told him that he would be fine in the short-term, he still wanted to return with the item as soon as possible to avoid any troubles .

Besides, he finally had the qualifications to challenge the teleportation formation leading to the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect now . He wanted to head to the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect as soon as possible to save Zi Ling .

To him, three months was simply too long .

“Young master Chu Feng, time flowed differently within the trial . Three months in there is only around a day in our world,” Wang Yuxian explained .

“Is that so?”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s mind was finally put at ease .

“There’s no time to waste . You should hurry up and enter the stone door . If we delay for too long, young friend Chu Feng might not be able to make it in anymore,” the Lady of Dao Sea urged .

“I understand, elder . We’ll be heading in right now . ”

Chu Feng clasped his fist respectfully before stepping through the stone door .


In the next moment, he found himself standing on top of a mountain, looking down upon large swathes of lush forest .

This trial appeared to be a little different from how Chu Feng visioned it to be, especially because he couldn’t sense any hints of danger around him at all .

“Are you surprised?” a voice sounded beside him .

Wang Yuxian .

And right after Wang Yuxian entered the world too, Chu Feng noticed that the stone door behind him closed shut .

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