Martial God Asura - Chapter 4404

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Chapter 4404: Chapter 4404: Princess Miaomiao

Chapter 4404: Princess Miaomiao

Another matter that was rather major was that they realized that the fruits here had the power to restore Chu Feng’s appearance .

The effects were slight, such that there wasn’t any significant improvement to Chu Feng’s appearance, but putting aside how slight the effects were, it was definitely working .

At this rate, he might just be able to fully recover his appearance within decades .

That being said, what that really delighted Chu Feng was that the situation wasn’t as absolute as what the Lady of Dao Sea said . It was not entirely impossible for him to recover his appearance .

Since even the fruits in here could do it, surely there should be something that would be effective in recovering his appearance out there in the massive world of cultivators .

He would need a great deal of patience and effort to find it, but it was at least not all hopeless .


It was at this moment that the spirit formation gate that had been tightly shut for the past three months suddenly opened .

Seeing this, Chu Feng and Wang Yuxian quickly headed out .

Even though they had spent three months on this mountain, in truth, it had only been a single day in the real world .

As soon as they got out, they saw the Lady of Dao Sea waiting for them outside .

“Master, Lele misses you!”

Without any hesitation, Wang Yuxian leaped right into the embrace of the Lady of Dao Sea .

Chu Feng would have been surprised by this gesture from Wang Yuxian before, but after getting close to her, he had already gotten used to this . Wang Yuxian, at her core, was a mischievous and adorable lass .

It was just that, for some reason, she wasn’t willing to show this side of her to others easily .

“Lele, it looks like you have succeeded?” the Lady of Dao Sea asked with a delighted look on her face .

“I’ve long succeeded! It took me only six hours to clear that trial! A lot of the credit goes to Chu Feng though . If not for him, I wouldn’t even have been able to find the entrance to the trial . ”

As Wang Yuxian said those words, she shot a glance toward Chu Feng .

“Young friend Chu Feng, it has been hard on you . ”

The Lady of Dao Sea stepped forward and passed a glowing sphere over to Chu Feng . The black streak was sealed within the glowing sphere .

“I’ve already removed the malevolent nature inside the item and sealed its cultivation . You should face no trouble handling it in any way anymore,” the Lady of Dao Sea said .

“Thank you, elder . ”

Holding the light sphere in his hands, Chu Feng couldn’t help but tremble in agitation . He had finally obtained the key needed to save the Ox-nosed Old Daoist .

After that, Chu Feng bade farewell to the Lady of Dao Sea and her disciples, and the latter even walked him out personally .

One thing that surprised Chu Feng though was that there was actually a teleportation formation that traversed across galaxies in the Dao Sea too . In other words, he could return straight to the Holy Light Galaxy from here .

“Young master Chu Feng, you must visit us often!”

There were looks of reluctance on the faces of most people as Chu Feng said his farewells, but to the astonishment of most people, there was a wistful look on Wang Yuxian’s face too .

“Chu Feng, will you be coming back?” Wang Yuxian asked Chu Feng .

“If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll surely come by to visit you . ”

Upon hearing those words, a sweet smile bloomed on Wang Yuxian’s face . It was a smile so moving that it made a person’s heart throb .

“It’s a promise then,” Wang Yuxian said with a chuckle .

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“I’ll see you all . ”

Chu Feng waved everyone goodbye one last time before entering the teleportation formation .

Even after Chu Feng left, Wang Yuxian continued staring at the teleportation formation for a long while .

“Little junior, it can’t be that you fell in love with young master Chu Feng?”

“This is the first time I’m seeing our little junior treating a man so amicably!”

Seeing this, Song Feifei and the others couldn’t help but tease Wang Yuxian .

“Seniors, you’re thinking too much into it . I’m just friends with young master Chu Feng,” Wang Yuxian replied with a chuckle before reverting back to her usual self .

She was neither cold nor lofty . Despite being a famed genius, she treated everyone politely .

However, those who were closer to Wang Yuxian knew that that was not the real her .

With such thoughts in mind, Song Feifei and the others couldn’t help but turn to take another look at the teleportation formation . Envy could be seen deep in their eyes .

This envy was, of course, directed toward Chu Feng .

They had been trying to get their little junior to open up to them and treat them the same way how she treated their master, but despite years of efforts, they were still unable to accomplish it .

Yet, Chu Feng actually managed to do it .

“Little junior, someone is here to see you . It’s Princess Miaomiao,” a figure suddenly flew over and reported .

Shortly after those words were spoken, a war chariot appeared at the horizon of the sky, and it was flying in their direction .

The war chariot was massive . There was a palace, mountain, and even lakes on the war chariot, such that it might be more apt to call it a mobile city instead .

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And the creatures pulling such a war chariot were no ordinary beings either . They were white steeds with massive wings, and they seemed to emanate a sacred glow beneath the rays of the sun .

Each of these white steeds boasted a huge physique, having a height of over a hundred meters tall .

And there were over ten thousand of them pulling the war chariot .

Such was the grand sight that was approaching the disciples of the Dao Sea from afar!

The flag that was on the war chariot was particularly eye-catching as well—it was the flag of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan!

Even Song Feifei and the others, who usually stood tall and proud before others, couldn’t help but clenched their fists tightly in agitation before the war chariot .

Such a reaction was perfectly natural, especially since the Nine Souls Sacred Clan was the ruler of the Nine Souls Galaxy .

The war chariot eventually halted a short distance away from the island . Following that, a beautiful figure leaped down and ran over to where Wang Yuxian and the others were .

It was yet another rare beauty, whose appearances caused even Song Feifei and the others to appear lacking in contrast .

The only one who could match her beauty here was only Wang Yuxian, though their charms were very different from one another .

The guest had blonde hair and sharp ears, which made it seem as though she was from the Beast Tribe . Her blue eyes were filled with spirit that it seemed to draw people in .

If Wang Yuxian’s charm lay in her pureness, this woman’s charm was her adorable cuteness .

Nevertheless, upon seeing this woman, Song Feifei and the others still quickly bowed deeply and greeted her, “Paying respects to Princess Miaomiao . ”

As it turned out, this woman was the princess of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, and her full name was Jiuhun Miaomiao .

“Didn’t I tell you that there’s no need for you to be so courteous with me? How distant is that? Look, Lele doesn’t treat me in such a way . That’s how sisters should be like!” Jiuhun Miaomiao remarked cheerfully .

“Miaomiao, what brings you here all of a sudden?” Wang Yuxian walked forward and asked .

There was a sweet smile on her lips .

Most likely, Jiuhun Miaomiao was the third person that Wang Yuxian refused to tell Chu Feng that she was willing to open her heart to .

“I missed you, so I came here to see you,” Jiuhun Miaomiao said with a chuckle .

However, she suddenly began sniffing around with her nose, and the more she sniffed, the more forceful she became .

It was almost as if she was searching for something .

“Miaomiao, what are you doing? Does your nose feel uncomfortable?” Wang Yuxian asked concernedly .

“No, why do I smell a very familiar scent here? But somehow, I can’t remember what it is anymore . Did you have a guest here?” Jiuhun Miaomiao asked .

“Yes, but that person just left,” Wang Yuxian replied .

“Who is it?” Jiuhun Miaomiao asked .

“He’s called Chu Feng, and he came from the Holy Light Galaxy . Miaomiao, do you know him?” Wang Yuxian asked .

“Holy Light Galaxy? I have never been to that rundown place before, so how could I know anyone there?”

However, upon hearing those words, Jiuhun Miaomiao shook her head vehemently and denied it as she scrunched her nose in disdain .

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