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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4434

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:13:32 AM

Chapter 4434: Chapter 4434: Immortal Lake In a Desert

Chapter 4434: Immortal Lake In a Desert

Meanwhile, Yin Daifen, Fu Feiyue, and Yu Yin, who entered the other spirit formation gate, found themselves transported to a place filled with yellow sand too, and they underwent the same lightning punishment as Yu Hong, Bao Yue, and Kui Wudi did .

Yu Hong, Bao Yue, and Kui Wudi were fortunate to have Chu Feng around to set up a formation and lessen their pain, but Yin Daifen and the others weren’t so lucky .

They had to tolerate the full brunt of the lightning punishment from the start to the end . The only blessing to them was that the duration was relatively short .

Nevertheless, from how they were gasping for air after the ominous clouds dissipated, it was apparent that they suffered severe damage from the lightning .

To uphold their faces, Yin Daifen and Fu Feiyue immediately got up as soon as the lightning punishment ended .

On the other hand, Yu Yin didn’t even want to crawl up at all . He simply lay on the floor as he swallowed a pill and recuperated from his injuries .


All of a sudden, a silhouette appeared in midair . It was the old woman again .

Upon seeing the old woman, delight appeared on the pale faces of the trio . Even Yu Yin also quickly climbed to his feet to greet the old woman .

They thought that they had just gone through was just another trial from the Godwish Grandmother, and now that they had cleared it, they should be able to obtain some benefits now .

Contrary to their expectations, the old woman simply waved her hand, and a spirit formation gate appeared before their eyes .

“The punishment has ended . You may leave now,” the old woman told Yin Daifen and the others .


The trio was stunned to hear those words .

“Elder, what did you just say? I’m having some difficulties grasping what you just said,” Fu Feiyue asked carefully .

“You can’t even understand such basic human speech? I’m telling you that your punishment has ended, and you can leave now . Hurry up and get lost . The spirit formation gate will disappear soon . Unless you wish to be fed a lifetime of lightning, you would do well to leave before that,” the old woman said .

“But elder, we cleared the examination and passed the trial! Shouldn’t we be bestowed with a fortuitous encounter now? Why are you asking us to leave?”

Yin Daifen widened her eyes as she looked at the old woman as if she had been wronged .

Any men who saw her current expression would surely feel deeply sorry for her . It was just a pity that the old woman before her didn’t fall for it .

“You want a fortuitous encounter? What cheek do you have to ask for a fortuitous encounter? You failed the examination, so you aren’t qualified to train in the Godwish Palace! What you faced earlier is a punishment!” the old woman replied sternly .

“Punishment? Failed the examination? Elder, did you remember wrongly? How could we have failed the examination? We were the ones who cleared the examination! That’s why we were sent here, isn’t that right?” Yin Daifen replied indignantly .

“I remember it very clearly . All of you here are failures . There are only two people who cleared the examination, and they are Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao!” the old woman replied .

“What? I can’t accept this! How did they even clear the examination?”

“Weren’t they eliminated earlier?”

The old woman’s response immediately incurred the dissatisfaction of Yin Daifen and the others .

“That’s because they fulfilled the most important criterion of the examination—relinquishing . Overcoming the inner demon is only a part of the examination . The true key lies in the willingness to give up the key to another person . That’s also why only one person is able to clear the examination in each pair,” the old woman told them .

“Relinquish? We are supposed to relinquish the key?”

Yin Daifen and the others were utterly flabbergasted to hear this . Having been tossed this fact out of the blue, they found it hard for them to accept this .

“So, Chu Feng intentionally gave his key to me, and he intentionally asked Long Xiaoxiao for her key too?” Yin Daifen asked .

“What else do you think? Do you really think that he’s such a foolish person?” the old woman replied with a tone dripping with scorn .

“That bastard… That bastard!!!” Yin Daifen roared furiously .

The vicious look on her face was entirely different from the gentle exterior she usually tried to put on before others .

And seeing how furious Yin Daifen was, Yu Yin and Fu Feiyue immediately realized that she had lied earlier on .

The key she had was given to her from Chu Feng . It didn’t belong to her .

However, they weren’t too bothered by whether Yin Daifen had lied or not .

They failed the examination because they weren’t able to fully decipher the stone monument, so they could only blame themselves for failing the examination .

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Yin Daifen, on the other hand, was far more pitiful .

Chu Feng had used her in order to gain the opportunity to undergo the training, and yet, all this while, she thought that she was the one who managed to triumph over him .

How would she feel when the trophy that should have already been right before her eyes was suddenly snatched away?

She felt like she was really been made a fool of .

“Chu Feng, this isn’t over yet . I, Yin Daifen, swear to heaven that I’ll slaughter you with my own hands!” Yin Daifen bellowed furiously as tears of agitation streamed down her cheeks .

She was so angry that she felt that her innards were going to explode from sheer rage .

However, it was already all meaningless at this point . She had been eliminated, and Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao were going to be the only ones who would be undergoing the training .

Chu Feng brought Long Xiaoxiao all the way into the depths of the desert .

A man and a woman, walking in the midst of this vast desert, looked extremely insignificant, but yet again, it felt like a sight that could have come right out from a painting or a poem .

The man had a hideous appearance, but the woman exuded a beautiful charm and a gentle disposition .

It was a sight that was rarely seen in this world .

A sandstorm raged within the desert, battering down on the man and the woman . There was no clear path in sight, and there was no guide to lead the two of them .

But somehow, Chu Feng seemed to know the path which they had to take . He continued trudging on a path decisively while Long Xiaoxiao followed him obediently .

Long Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, seemed to be in a really good mood . She would twirl around like a butterfly at one moment, only to prance around vibrantly like a rabbit in the next . It almost seemed like she was free of worries from the world .

She was confident that she would be able to reach the training ground just by following Chu Feng, so she was able to set herself free .

This was what it meant to have a sense of security .

As a woman, one of the things that she wanted the most was to have a sense of security, and Chu Feng gave her such a feeling .

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The two of them journeyed for quite a distance before finally arriving before a lake .

Despite being in the middle of the desert, the water in the lake was clear and glistening, such that it was hard not to doubt that it was a mirage .

More importantly, the lake harnessed great martial power and energy from the world .

The medicinal aroma that was emanated from the lake explained it all .

The water within the lake was no ordinary water . Most likely, it was concocted through using a unique formula of medicinal herbs and precious treasures .

“Is this the training ground?” Long Xiaoxiao asked Chu Feng .

“Based on what was written on the stone monument, this is our destination . This should be it,” Chu Feng replied .

“I was still wondering what kind of training it would be, but it turns out to be this… Well, this works fine too . It saves time anyway . Little benefactor, turn around for a moment,” Long Xiaoxiao said .


Chu Feng was a little confused as to what was going on .

“I can’t possibly have you watching while I take off my clothes, right?” Long Xiaoxiao replied .

“You want to take off your clothes?”

Chu Feng’s expression immediately changed upon hearing those words .

“Judging from the purity of the water, it’s obvious that the lake is no ordinary treasure . If we want to cultivate inside the lake, it’s only natural that we have to take off our clothes, or else we would be sullying its purity .

“Are you intending to watch me strip? It’s not like I’d violently object to you seeing my body, but you’ll have to take responsibility for it . ”

As Long Xiaoxiao spoke, her eyes curled into beautiful crescents that gave her smile an adorable touch .

“Go ahead and strip then . However, you are doing it on your own accord, so you shouldn’t expect me to take responsibility for you,” Chu Feng replied as he gestured for her to continue on .

“I’m taking off my clothes then . ”

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As Long Xiaoxiao spoke, she really began to undo the knots around her robe with her gentle hands . She slipped the robe lightly off her body, revealing her fair shoulders which seemed to glow under the radiance of the sun .

This lass really had good skin . Even her shoulders were more than enough to entrance most men .

However, Chu Feng simply continued staring at Long Xiaoxiao without even blinking his eyes .


Faced with such an unblinking Chu Feng, Long Xiaoxiao, who was planning to tease Chu Feng, ended up getting embarrassed herself, so she quickly pulled her robe back up and fastened the knots .

“This isn’t fun! Little benefactor, why don’t you blush at all?” Long Xiaoxiao complained as she puffed up her cheeks .

This wasn’t what she expected at all .

“I never said that I was a gentleman . Have I ever told you that I believe in taking advantage of every small convenience that comes my way? Since you insist on showing it to me, it would be a grave disrespect to you if I were to avert my eyes,” Chu Feng replied with a chuckle .

“Little benefactor… you are really a horrid person . Hmph, I won’t play with you anymore!”

Long Xiaoxiao glanced at Chu Feng with a pout before she turned around and leaped into the lake .

Needless to say, she was completely clothed when she entered the lake .

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