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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4444

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:13:27 AM

Chapter 4444: Chapter 4444: Outstanding Talent

Chapter 4444: Outstanding Talent

“Brother Chu Feng, reveal your means . ”

Yu Lie didn’t make a move right away after raising his cultivation . Instead, he gestured with his hand to indicate for Chu Feng to prepare himself too .

He knew that Chu Feng had some kind of means to raise his cultivation too, so he was intending to wait for Chu Feng to finish raising his cultivation before clashing blows .

“Very well,” Chu Feng replied with a slight nod .


In the next moment, a surge of lightning gathered on Chu Feng’s forehead to form the Lightning Mark .

“He cultivated the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique too?”

While there were some present who were aware that Chu Feng had cultivated the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, most people were still ignorant of the matter .

Putting aside how precious the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique was, it was renowned to be an extremely difficult technique to master . If a cultivator whose talent was lacking were to attempt to forcefully practice it, he would be courting his own doom .

In fact, the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique was commonly used as a test to gauge the talent of a person who possessed the Heavenly Bloodline .

The ability to cultivate the Heavenly Punishment Mysterious Technique was proof that one was a top-notch prodigy with top-notch talent .


All of a sudden, a slight groan escaped from Yu Lie’s lips, and his face contorted slightly in pain .

Even though the contorted look only lasted for a brief moment, it didn’t escape the notice of the experts present .

This sight left them feeling slightly stunned . Why would he be feeling pain when he hadn’t even crossed hands with Chu Feng yet?

Just what was going on here?

“Quick, take a look at the Lightning Mark on Yu Lie’s forehead!”

A person suddenly pointed to Yu Lie’s forehead as he exclaimed .

Hearing those words, the crowd quickly did as they were told, and they realized that the brilliant ‘Divine’ character on his forehead had dimmed significantly .

They quickly moved on to look at the Lightning Mark on Chu Feng’s forehead, and it was still as radiant as before .

The two Lightning Marks formed a stark comparison to one another .

“Bloodline suppression! That’s bloodline suppression!!!”

Everyone, be it the elders or the juniors, exclaimed in astonishment .

“How could this be? Chu Feng’s grasp over the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique is actually above that of Brother Yu Lie?”

Both Yu Hong and Yu Yin couldn’t accept what they were seeing .

They knew that Chu Feng was no ordinary cultivator . His mastery of world spiritist techniques itself was already beyond ordinary .

However, they didn’t expect Chu Feng to be so formidable in terms of martial cultivation too! Not only was he able to cultivate the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, but his grasp over the technique also surpassed that of Yu Lie!

“No, that’s not right . His cultivation is only at rank six Utmost Exalted level right now . That means that his true cultivation is only rank five Utmost Exalted level . Given such, how is he going to fight against Yu Lie?”

Someone amidst the crowd remarked in incomprehension .

Indeed .

Even though Chu Feng’s Lightning Mark was more than enough to prove his talent, that still didn’t change the fact that his base cultivation was only at rank five Utmost Exalted level .

Even if he raised it to rank six Utmost Exalted level under the effects of the Lightning Mark, he still wouldn’t stand a chance against Yu Lie at all!

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It was at this moment that lightning crackled around Chu Feng’s body once more, and the lightning swiftly morphed into the form of a plate mail .

Along with the appearance of the Lightning Armor, Chu Feng’s cultivation raised once more to rank seven Utmost Exalted level .

“My gosh! He… actually managed to develop his Heavenly Bloodline to such a level?”

“He managed to unlock both the Lightning Mark and the Lightning Armor despite only being at Utmost Exalted level?”

Upon seeing this sight, those from the Yu Heavenly Clan rose to their feet in astonishment .

Being members of the Heavenly Clan themselves, they were well aware of the difficulties in unlocking two different types of bloodline abilities at Utmost Exalted level .

Such a feat was practically on the brink of impossibility . In their entire clan, there was not a person who had managed to do it .

“That Chu Feng is more formidable than I thought! But if it’s just this much, he still wouldn’t be a match for Yu Lie . Does he still have other means up his sleeves?”

Even the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster began nodding contemplatively too .

After witnessing everything thus far, he had a feeling that Chu Feng didn’t just accept the fight out of recklessness . Rather, he was confident that he could achieve victory .

“Could it be that he still has some kind of treasure that could raise his cultivation by a rank?” the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster remarked .

“But those kinds of treasures are extremely rare . Is it really possible for him to have something like that?”

The Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster was right .

One must know that not even the Monstrous Herd Temple had a treasure that could raise a person’s cultivation by a rank in Utmost Exalted level . Given so, it was hard to believe that Chu Feng would have such a treasure in his possession .


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It was at this moment that a series of furious roars sounded in the air . It sounded as if it had come from wild beasts, but it was far more savage than that .

And what was the most shocking was that the roars were coming from Chu Feng’s body .


While everyone was still trying to figure out what was going on, four massive beasts suddenly appeared in the air .

These four beasts were humongous in size, and they were the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise .

The Sacred Beasts carried a divine aura with them, as well as the energy of a Divine Power .

“This feeling… It’s a Divine Power . Could it be that Chu Feng…”

Everyone noticed that the Divine Power carried a similar aura as Chu Feng, which hinted that the four Sacred Beasts were summoned by him .

But this was ridiculous . As someone who possessed the Heavenly Bloodline, how could Chu Feng grasp a Divine Power too?


Amidst furious roars, the four Sacred Beasts circling in the sky morphed into four streaks of light that fused together with Chu Feng’s body .

In that instant, the silhouettes of the four Sacred Beasts seemed to overlap with Chu Feng, and with that, his cultivation rose all the way up to rank eight Utmost Exalted level .

“It really is his Divine Power… Just what kind of monster is that fellow?”

Putting aside the younger generation, even those from the older generation were bewildered as well .

Everyone present seemed to feel a chilling wind blowing on them, such that their goosebumps had all risen up .

This definitely had to be the most shocking moment they had in their life .

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They had never seen a person who possessed the Heavenly Bloodline having a Divine Power too .

Not to mention, Chu Feng was a person who had managed to draw out the strength of his Heavenly Bloodline to an extremely high level . He was someone who managed to unlock both the Lightning Mark and the Lightning Armor at Utmost Exalted level!

With the combination of both prowess, he managed to raise his cultivation by three ranks at once! This was definitely a feat that no one else was able to achieve in the Holy Light Galaxy .

Without a doubt, Chu Feng was definitely the first!

“Xiaoxiao, you really have a good eye for people!”

Even the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief was praising Long Xiaoxiao with a beaming smile on his face .

Initially, he felt extremely burdened by Long Xiaoxiao’s feelings for Chu Feng . Chu Feng was a talented world spiritist, but his daughter was someone who had managed to fuse with the Dragon Vein Source, a person who would lead the Dragon Clan to the top of the Holy Light Galaxy one day!

So how could Chu Feng possibly be worthy of his daughter?

However, at this very moment, he realized that he had been mistaken . With just the prowess he had displayed today, Chu Feng was definitely qualified to become his son-in-law .

In fact, he felt that there was no one other than Chu Feng in the entire Holy Light Galaxy that was worthy of becoming his son-in-law!

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