Martial God Asura - Chapter 4496

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Chapter 4496: 4496

Chapter 4496: A Familiar Young Lady

Chu Feng was able to roughly figure out the situation based on their discussion .

It appeared to have all started from a place known as the Conquerstar Mountain Villa .

It was said that the Conquerstar Mountain Villa had a cultivation treasure that was passed down through the lineage, and it was known as the Conquerstar Immortal Grass .

The Conquerstar Immortal Grass was usually stowed away on a forbidden cultivation ground of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa, which was tightly guarded and usually off-limits even to their juniors .

Despite the preventive measures the Conquerstar Mountain Villa had taken, someone still managed to barge into the forbidden cultivation ground and steal the Conquerstar Immortal Grass away .

Fortunately, those from the Conquerstar Mountain Villa noticed it in time, and they used the formations they had put in place to seal off the forbidden cultivation ground before the burglars could make their escape, trapping them in place .

But this was where the problem started .

Typically speaking, the Conquerstar Mountain Villa, as a relatively strong power which had a Martial Exalted level cultivator, should have been able to capture the burglars easily since the burglars had already been trapped by the formation they had put in place .

However, it just so happened that the forbidden cultivation ground was a place where only juniors were able to access . The experts of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa were unable to head in themselves to apprehend the burglars, and none of their juniors had the strength to subdue the burglars .

And to make things worse, the formation was unable to keep the burglars trapped for too long .

As such, the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master made a declaration, inviting the heroes of the world over to the Conquerstar Mountain Villa to help them apprehend the burglars . Anyone who managed to catch hold of the burglars would be handsomely rewarded .

The group of cultivators Chu Feng saw at the moment were some of those who were heading over to help apprehend the burglars .

Needless to say, the burglars were no other than Su Rou and Su Mei, or to be more exact, it was the Moon Immortal .

“Is the Conquerstar Mountain Villa such a formidable power, such that even the Moon Immortal is trapped by it?”

Chu Feng frowned a little upon learning about the situation .

To be honest, he wasn’t too surprised to hear that the Moon Immortal had headed to the Conquerstar Mountain Villa to steal its cultivation treasure . She was unscrupulous in her means to raise her cultivation, and she had done such things in the past too .

Chu Feng wasn’t too certain how powerful the Moon Immortal was at the moment, but the last time they fought, the Moon Immortal was far stronger than her . Not to mention, the Moon Immortal was also incredibly talented, which allowed her to raise her cultivation at an unbelievable speed .

While Chu Feng had raised his cultivation quite quickly too, he felt that he still wouldn’t be able to match up to the Moon Immortal yet . In fact, he didn’t think that it was impossible for the Moon Immortal to have already become a Martial Exalted level cultivator by now .

By using the Moon Immortal as a benchmark, it should be safe to assume that the Conquerstar Mountain Villa was a fairly formidable power to have been able to capture her in its formation .

Seeing such a situation, Chu Feng immediately changed his mind once again . He decided to make a trip over to the Conquerstar Mountain Villa first .

Putting aside the Moon Immortal, Chu Feng couldn’t just turn a blind eye to Su Rou and Su Mei’s safety . They were the women whom he loved, one of the most important people to him in his life .

The Conquerstar Mountain Villa was located on this starfield too, so it didn’t take Chu Feng too long to reach his destination .

The Conquerstar Mountain Villa was located on the vast Conquerstar Mountain Range, spanning a huge swathe of land .

As this entire mountain range had been dominated by the Conquerstar Mountain Villa, there were rarely any outsides who dared to venture into this area . However, when Chu Feng arrived, he found this place was swarming with people .

Just like Chu Feng, most of them were juniors and were heading toward the Conquerstar Mountain Villa .

However, unlike Chu Feng, they were here to help apprehend Su Rou and Su Mei whereas Chu Feng was planning on saving them .

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As such, Chu Feng couldn’t help but view them as his potential enemies .

But despite the huge crowds that had come in response to the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s call for help, it would appear that not many of them were granted the right to enter the Conquerstar Mountain Villa .

The Conquerstar Mountain Villa had sent out of a general call for help, but that didn’t mean that just anyone was qualified to help them .

The Conquerstar Mountain Villa had set up a test station right before their main entrance, and only those who had cleared the test would be able to enter the premises .

Needless to say, those who failed the test would be asked to leave right away .

The purpose of the test was to filter away those who were lacking in capability so as to avoid overcrowding within the Conquerstar Mountain Villa, as well as to limit the number of people who were entering their forbidden training ground .

That being said, setting up a test for those who had come to lend a helping hand was exactly what one would deem rude, so the Conquerstar Mountain Villa practiced some tact and offered a reward to those who were able to clear the test .

The reward was a cultivation treasure unique to the Conquerstar Mountain Villa, Conquerstar Dew .

It was said that the Conquerstar Dew was the condensation of the energy of the Conquerstar Immortal Grass, and it had the effect of enhancing the talent of a junior .

Due to precious and rare it was, those who cleared the test would only receive a droplet of Conquerstar Dew each .

The one who successfully eliminated the burglars, however, would be rewarded with another 70 droplets of Conquerstar Dew . And if one managed to capture the burglars alive, they would be rewarded generously with 100 droplets of Conquerstar Dew .

Basically, what the Conquerstar Mountain Villa meant was that they would prefer if the burglars were captured alive, and the burglars should only be killed if there were no other resorts .

This, of course, was good news for Chu Feng .

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At the very least, the danger that Su Mei and Su Rou faced would be lessened significantly .

Chu Feng walked into the test station, which was basically a space created by some sort of treasure .

Within the space was a long passageway, and there was an exit at the end of the passageway . There were obstacles along the way that the challengers would have to overcome, but none of them posed any problem to Chu Feng at all .

Overcoming the obstacles with great ease, Chu Feng soon reached the exit of the passageway .

“That lass…?”

It was at this point that Chu Feng suddenly halted his footsteps .

He saw a few male cultivators from the same organization lynching another cultivator .

Where there were cultivators, there were bound to be fights .

Even within this test, Chu Feng had already stumbled onto too many a time cultivators brawling with one another . Those who were luckier managed to get off with light injuries, but there were also those who were crippled or killed .

This was simply the cruel world of cultivators, where the strong preyed on the weak .

However, Chu Feng didn’t bother interfering in their affairs along the way . After all, they were here to capture Su Rou and Su Mei . To put it in other words, they were Chu Feng’s enemies, so he couldn’t care less about their deaths .

However, the situation was a little different here .

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These male cultivators were lynching a female cultivator .

This female cultivator, around fifteen years of age, was lying on the ground, holding onto her head while begging for mercy .

However, the other male cultivators still refused to stop . They continued to rain blows frenziedly upon her . Even though their attacks weren’t fatal, it was still strong enough to fracture her bones .

They were intentionally torturing this female cultivator .

Chu Feng couldn’t stand men hitting women, let alone a group of men lynching on a single woman .

Such an action did grate on Chu Feng’s nerves, but it was not enough of a reason for him to stop .

Rather, it was because he sensed something familiar from the female cultivator .

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