Martial God Asura - Chapter 4515

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Chapter 4515: 4515

Chapter 4515: The Embrace of the Moon Immortal

Chu Feng was standing very close to the Moon Immortal, such that he could sense the Moon Immortal’s cultivation .

The Moon Immortal’s cultivation was indeed above his, but her progression was much slower than what Chu Feng expected .

Her cultivation was only at rank seven Utmost Exalted level at the moment .

It was no wonder why she would frown when faced with the threat posed by Hun Lei .

Faced with such a situation, Chu Feng began wondering what they should do in order to safely escape from the Conquerstar Mountain Villa . Given the Moon Immortal’s current cultivation, even though she had indeed grown significantly from back then, it was still not enough to stand against the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master .

And Chu Feng, even when exerting his full strength, could only deal with cultivators beneath Martial Exalted level . He wouldn’t be a match for the true experts of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa .

They were still safe in the forbidden cultivation ground since the experts of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa couldn’t get in, but there was a good chance that they would be killed right away as soon as they walked out of this place .

Unless the Divine Deer in Chu Feng’s body was willing to help them, or else the chances of them getting away with their lives were really slim .

However, the Divine Deer was not a power that Chu Feng himself could control . Whether she was willing to help him or not depended on her mood .

A tight frown formed on Chu Feng’s forehead . This wasn’t an optimistic situation for him at all .


It was at this moment that a brilliant burst of light shone within the Divine Cavern . Astonished, Chu Feng turned his gaze over, only to see that the light was coming from no other than Su Rou and Su Mei .

Or to be more exact, it was the Moon Immortal .

A blinding glow harnessing immense power was emanating from the Moon Immortal, as if two glaring suns had manifested within Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies . If not for Chu Feng’s superior spirit power, it would have been hard for him to look at the Moon Immortal right now with his limited cultivation .

“The Conquerstar Immortal Grass actually harnesses such great power?” Chu Feng was a little astonished .

Chu Feng had seen many natural oddities, and he had benefited greatly from them too . However, he had never seen one which could induce such a great change within a person like the Conquerstar Immortal Grass .

He could sense that the Moon Immortal’s cultivation was growing rapidly .

Rank eight Utmost Exalted Level…

Rank nine Utmost Exalted level…

Rank one Martial Exalted level!

It only took a blink of an eye for the Moon Immortal to surpass that supreme realm of Martial Exalted level, and her cultivation was still continuing to rise!

However, after reaching Martial Exalted level, it felt like the cultivation of the Moon Immortal had been concealed by some mysterious force, preventing Chu Feng from sensing her cultivation anymore .

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However, Chu Feng could tell from how quickly her cultivation was rising that she wouldn’t just stop at rank one Martial Exalted level .

And all of this was the credit of the Conquerstar Immortal Grass . That was the cultivation treasure that had bestowed such great power to the Moon Immortal .

“If the Conquerstar Immortal Grass harnesses such great power, the Conquerstar Demon Flower would surely be no ordinary treasure either . It’s no wonder why it leaves me with such a dangerous feeling even when it’s inside my body…”

Chu Feng thought as he began introspecting his own body .

There was a pitch-black flower that was black from its petals down to its stem in his body at this very moment . Its flower petals looked like sharp fangs, and it was constantly emanating a black aura .

A look was all it took for one to know that the flower spelled danger .

And this was the Conquerstar Demon Flower .

After entering the Demon Cavern, Chu Feng noticed that there was a terrifying power suffusing the entire area, and the deeper he advanced into it, the more concentrated that terrifying power became .

And at the very heart of the Demon Cavern, he stumbled upon the Conquerstar Demon Flower .

By then, the terrifying power had grown so powerful that it would have been hard for him to remain there for too long, let alone approach the Conquerstar Demon Flower .

But what was bizarre was that as Chu Feng slowly made his way in, the terrifying power actually began to recede away from him, allowing him to approach the Conquerstar Demon Flower successfully .

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And as soon as he consumed the Conquerstar Demon Flower, it immediately reacted .

Even though Chu Feng didn’t assimilate the Conquerstar Demon Flower, the latter still released a tremendous amount of natural energies as soon as Chu Feng swallowed it . Even without having to channel the natural energies, they fused together with his soul on their own accord .

Just like that, Chu Feng’s cultivation rose in the blink of an eye . Even without summoning a Lightning Tribulation, he had already made a breakthrough to rank six Utmost Exalted level .

It was due to this that he was able to rush over so quickly to save the Moon Immortal .

Nevertheless, Chu Feng still felt very wary of the Conquerstar Demon Flower, which was also the reason why he didn’t place it into his dantian .

It gave him a very unsettling vibe . Just as its name suggested, the Conquerstar Demon Flower was flowing with demonic energy .

Chu Feng was afraid that once he placed it into his dantian, not only would he be unable to assimilate it, it might even bring about negative influences toward him .

However, at this very moment, seeing the benefits that the Conquerstar Immortal Grass brought to the Moon Immortal, Chu Feng felt deeply moved .

After all, the Conquerstar Demon Flower was known to be a counterpart to the Conquerstar Immortal Grass . If the latter harnessed such great power, the former would definitely be a formidable treasure too .

If he could really tap into the power of the Conquerstar Demon Flower, his cultivation could very well soar just like the Moon Immortal .

Finally, the light on the Moon Immortal finally receded, and they rose back to their feet .

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“Chu Feng, wait here for a moment . ”

The Moon Immortal said as they made their way out of the Divine Cavern .

Everything happened so quickly that the Moon Immortal had already vanished before Chu FEng could say a word at all .

But very soon, the Moon Immortal returned back to the Divine Cavern .

“Elder, where did you head off to?” Chu Feng stood up and asked .

However, the Moon Immortal didn’t say a word at all . Instead, controlling Su Mei’s body, she took a swift step forward and leaped into Chu Feng’s embrace .

“Elder, you…”

To be hugged by the Moon Immortal all of a sudden like this, Chu Feng found himself at an utter loss as to what to do .

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