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Martial God Asura - Chapter 4558

Published at 27th of November 2020 04:30:08 AM

Chapter 4558: 4558

Chapter 4558: Black-robed Young Man

“Little benefactor, the Storm Combat Dragon Ring is known to be the place where the Rampaging Storm Clan cultivated at . ”

Long Xiaoxiao quickly explained the background of the Storm Combat Dragon Ring to Chu Feng .

The previous ruler of the Storm Realm was the famous Rampaging Storm Clan, and the Storm Combat Dragon Ring was a relic left behind by them .

Those who knew about the Rampaging Storm Clan would know how callous they were even to their own clan members . As long as one’s talents didn’t meet the mark, one would be killed right away .

Similarly, the training that the Rampaging Storm Clan imposed on their juniors was equally callous too . It was at an intensity unimaginable to most cultivators, such that it was worthy of being dubbed as hellish .

The Storm Combat Dragon Ring was one of the places that were used by the Rampaging Storm Clan to train their juniors .

Typically speaking, there should have been no reason why Long Xiaoxiao and the other juniors would look forward to heading to such a place . On the contrary, it should have been a place to be feared .

Naturally, there was another reason why they were so excited about this .

There had been rumors for a long time that the secrets and martial skills of the Rampaging Storm Clan were concealed inside the Storm Combat Dragon Ring .

What was the Rampaging Storm Clan?

Back in that era, even the Holy Light Clan, who was now ruling the entire galaxy, would dare not confront the Rampaging Storm Clan face-on . From such a perspective, it could be said that the Rampaging Storm Clan was stronger than the Holy Light Clan .

A martial skill left behind by such a clan was bound to be a huge deal . It could easily be passed down through the generations as a precious family heirloom!

And that was the reason why Long Xiaoxiao and the others were looking forward to it .

“There’s no reason to be looking forward to the Storm Combat Dragon Ring . On the contrary, I think that you should prepare yourselves to face adversity . After all, that’s a place which the Rampaging Storm Clan use to train their juniors . ”

The Clodusky Immortal Sect’s sectmaster spoke up to warn the crowd .

Everyone felt that his warning made sense .

Ever since the Holy Light Clan became the overlord of the Holy Light Galaxy, it took over the territories that were previously dominated by the Rampaging Storm Clan . If the Rampaging Storm Clan had really left any treasures behind, it would have already been found and taken away by the Holy Light Clan .

Of course, as the Storm Combat Dragon Ring was a place where only juniors could enter, if the juniors of the Holy Light Clan were lacking in strength or talents, they might be unable to decipher the secrets hidden there . If so, there might still be treasures lurking around .

As such, the attitude the crowd took toward this matter was cautious hopefulness . They were hoping that there would be a chance that there were still treasures there, but if there wasn’t, so be it .

Rather than being concerned with the possibility of obtaining something good from the Storm Combat Dragon Ring, it would indeed be better for them to focus on the dangers that they would face instead .

Shengguang Jin’an was speaking the truth .

Shortly after the whole incident, the Holy Light Clan announced the location of the tournament to be the Storm Combat Dragon Ring .

In order to achieve a good result in the tournament, the juniors began preparing themselves for the battle ahead .

This included the Yin Clan Manor’s Yin Buyu too .

However, Yin Buyu was in an advantageous position compared to others because he managed to find an exceptional cultivation ground in the Storm Realm .

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While massive crowds had gathered in the Storm Realm, there were still many unoccupied lands due to how vast the Storm Realm was .

The Yin Clan Manor was simply planning to set up their camp at somewhere quiet and peaceful, but a stroke of coincidence led them to discover a space that was suffused with mystical energy . This mystical energy was even more condensed and potent than natural energies, making it an ideal cultivation resource .

However, this space could only be entered by juniors .

Initially, the Yin Clan Manor sent all of their talented juniors in to cultivate, but they soon realized that the mystical energy was limited in its amount . Its concentration decreased continuously as they cultivated . So, after great consideration, the Yin Clan Manor decided to withdraw its other juniors out of the space .

As a result, this place ended up being monopolized by Yin Buyu .

Yin Buyu was cultivating in this place at this very moment, but just as he was reaching a crucial phase, the mystical energy lingering in this space suddenly swiftly grew thin .

“Damn it, did I finish using up the energy at this moment? I was on the verge of making a breakthrough! Am I to watch helplessly as Chu Feng makes a name for himself and overshadow me?”

Yin Buyu berated out of sheer frustration .

All this while, the only enemy that was in his eyes was the Windmounting Sect’s Jiang Changkong . But the other day, when he saw the commotion Chu Feng induced in the Niantian Gambling Formation, his target changed to Chu Feng .

As long as he defeated Chu Feng, he would be able to take over his place . The latter’s reputation as the greatest prodigy would be all his .

And the mystical energy in this place was supposed to allow him to make a breakthrough and push him a step closer to his goal . However, the mystical energy in the surroundings was on the verge of disappearing entirely, which meant that he was swiftly straying away from his ultimate gate .

Given so, he couldn’t help but feel deeply exasperated .

“You keep mentioning Chu Feng . Is he a strong person?”

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A voice suddenly resounded in this space .

“You scoundrel!” Yin Buyu bellowed in rage .

He had already ordered that no juniors were allowed to be in this space other than him .

For another voice to sound here meant that a junior had disobeyed his orders and sneak in here to cultivate . No wonder the mystical energy would vanish so quickly!

The furious Yin Buyu was just about to start hurling curses when he turned around and suddenly froze up .

The person who had appeared in this space was a black-robed young man with long black hair . The young man had a very ordinary appearance .

Yin Buyu didn’t recognize the other party, and from his dress-up, it was apparent that he wasn’t from the Yin Clan Manor .

“Who are you? Who allowed you in here?”

Even though Yin Buyu didn’t recognize the other party, it didn’t hinder him from questioning him .


The black-robed man chuckled softly after hearing Yin Buyu’s words .

“You were the one who was stealing my energy for your cultivation, and you still have the cheek to question me?”

As the black-robed man spoke, he flicked his wrist and took out a black lotus . The black lotus began to blossom, and an intangible energy flowy flowed forth from it .

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Upon getting a closer sense of the intangible energy, Yin Buyu’s eyes widened in delight .

It was the mystical energy that he had been absorbing!


As soon as Yin Buyu realized that the mystical energy in here had all come from the black lotus in the black-robed man’s hands, he chargedtoward the latter to snatch the black lotus over .


But before Yin Buyu could even come close, a pained groan had already escaped from his throat .

The black-robed man didn’t even move a step at all, but Yin Buyu was already pinned in mid-air, clutching his neck frantically as he struggled in pain .

It was a black whiff of aura that flowed forth from the black-robed man, morphed into the form of a hand, that was strangling Yin Buyu by his neck .

“You are a rude fellow . ”

The black-robed man said as he gazed at Yin Buyu with wintry eyes .

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